New Music Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix)

December 15th, 2009


An anthem for living life at a dizzying pace, but refusing to slow down, obviously influenced by the legendary rock band THE PIXIES, this bootleg was 1 of the secret weapons of almost every show on the Cozza Frenzy tour, and now its yours for free:

Click here to cop the instrumental from our little music shoppe.

See you all very soon!!!

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  • Snatty

    Snatty wants you to come to Boulder….

  • me

    nothing is downloading!

  • me

    oh! sorrry! : )

  • Ishy

    THanks for the holiday track, keep on killin' it in 2010, only 2 more years to go!!!

  • ScromanPogrimeski

    Thank you man, a Merry Christmas from a fellow Slug, cant wait till NYE!! BWWWOOOOOOOMP

  • Nigel

    woomp woomp woomp great track

  • Nigel

    come to Texas. we know how to wobble

  • Shana

    MISTER Lorin! I see your show every year and you consistently blow my mind. Sheer genius. Knowing how your beats get into my soul and watching them infest those around me, is nothing less than euphoria. I can't even guess what is next for you, but will own it, live it and love it.

    Much Love, Shana

  • Robin Marks

    amazing stuff……..

  • sebasstian

    freaked ny the beat dancing next to the speaker in austin
    “where is my face…”
    “there is the bass…”

  • Dj Gomez

    Thank So Much for sharing this monster remix ^^

  • ian_edward

    By some weird coincidence, this track is exactly 4 minutes, 20 seconds long! What a totally random number!

    • i will; play it 4.2 times on april twentieth and change my name temporarily to cheech.

  • I heard this on Rob da Bank – so awesome. Thanks for the free download!

  • beatbroker

    Love the bone you threw – Cant wait to see you in Black Rock City.

  • DubedTyler

    Yooo. this drack is dope. but you know what other track is dope?? the one you drop live with the sample.. “everybody get down like animals” i believe its just a bunch of samples you have stored and drop live huh. well whatever it is. it gets everybody down like filthy dub headed animals.

    • yah! its a bunch of loops, but it came from my good buddies in S Africa “PH FAT” who wrote the original song (and did the vocals and 1 of the beats” i also have been mashing it with loads of other shit

      • DubedTyler

        No way. You have some good connections. haha. And I'm glad you save it for the live set. As much as i want it, it hits a whole lot heavier as a treat. hahaha.

  • SCalex

    all of your music is by far some of the best i have ever heard, me and all of my friends are looking forward to your show in santa cruz, the last one was raging, cant wai't

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  • llerk11

    Lorin, I was first introduced to your music at Sonic Bloom 2008, since then i've cought many shows and tours. if you remember the Belly Up, Aspen 2009, i was the guy who came through during sound check, we were securing tix, not sure where to go, then i heard the unmistakeable Basssssss! i love what you do!! your mixes are incredible, pullin music from anywhere and any time!!! can't wait to hear your new one Timestretch. Until next time, peace love and bass!!!

  • n_r_d

    you were so amazing at coachella! I felt as if i got to know you better by the end of the set! =]


  • nickbeam


  • blew my mind at coachella

  • and i came all the way from new york and cant wait too see you at bisco and all good!

    • GITTINA ROUND!!!!!

  • matt

    was in the middle of the glowstick war at all goood last year. one of the best experiences of my life thank you sooo much. see you at bisco this year!

  • Asis

    when are you coming back to santa cruz??

  • Come to DENVER! seein u in ST Louis was sickkk but as u said it, security need to back da fuck off!! haha Loved the show and always ur music, it makes my fuckin day! keep them beats comin

  • Come to DENVER! seein u in ST Louis was sickkk but as u said it, security need to back da fuck off!! haha Loved the show and always ur music, it makes my fuckin day! keep them beats comin

  • Pamela

    LORIN – you are making my friday so much better at work!!! love you!! Ears bangin with BASS

  • drod

    i was tripping on shrooms so hard and then this song came on and the shit the went thru my head after that was so unique and the music was so perfect. i actually felt a connection with your music. its hard to explain but you are one musical genus.

  • The Next Ken Block!

    I hate to be really late, but I heard this song on the radio a few days ago and can’t find a download anywhere!!! Please help! PS: The download link doesn’t work..

    • Chris Basscrew

      Download link seems to be working fine! What browser are you using? Try refreshing your cache, but you should be fine 🙂

  • confused

    I’m having a hard time actually downloading the where is my mind remix. Some kind of DNS error using Google Chrome. Has anyone else had this problem? I am dying to have this in my music library but can’t find it anywhere else unless I stream it. HELP PLEASE!!

  • KK

    No worky 🙁

    • KK

      Ha. Nvm