December 29th, 2009



It’s time for our annual major meltdown, and we have 2 VIP passes to give away for Sea of Dreams NYE 2010 in San Francisco. We have no idea how to decide who to give them to, so we are holding a contest for the craziest photo of your most outlandish bass face.

Like Rock, Paper, Scissors: a photo can be topped by a video, and a video can be topped by a check for 17 million dollars made out to Belinda F. Stringleheimer.

Location and Details
December 31, 2009 from 8pm-4:30am
Bassnectar is on @ 1:30, mainstage, but this event is RAMMED with killer lineup all across the board.

@ The Concourse Exhibition Center
635 8th Street, San Francisco 94103


My oh my oh MY!!!!!

It was so much fun to field through all these crazy=ass submissions …you folks are a bunch of ODDBALLS AND FREAKS!!!!! i LOVE it! you know i love it.

Unfortunately whats not fun is having to choose 1 winner, because there were soooooooo many wierd/crazy/amazing/beautiful pictures and videos, how can we possibly say no to people who love bass this much???

Anyhow, so much love and appreciation to everyone who sent in some expression of passion or freakishness. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

The Winner had to be this pic, partly out of love and support and wishes of healing, and partly out of respect for maintaining the fierceness even in times of challenge or pain. WE SALUTE YOU!!!!


Then there are the 2 runner ups, each to receive one General Admission pass, first off to the dude in pink pants… you are SO GRINDCORE! WE LOVE IT!!!! HAHHAHHA! the hands! the pink pants! GO ON!


And then to the freaks who made Turbo Mega Bass Face video…we have no idea what you are doing or who you are but we like it! a LOT! Thank you!!!!


Included below are 5 photos of Honorary Mention (each of these was first choice by one of the judges), just to give you all ideas of what we are searching for next time we have a contest like this. There is a huge stack we arent posting, full of so many beautiful faces, laughing people, contorted folks, lots of oddball photoshop edits (killer job!) and a wide range of disturbing shit!

The NextGEN gallery with ID/slug: 16 does not exist or is empty.



  1. katevonschledorn says:

    hey Lorin! I just made a epic BASS face and that e-mail address isn't working…hmmm. it's really really epic. hopefully I can send it on overrrrr.

  2. katevonschledorn says:

    i figured it out.

  3. wompinbassface says:

    what email?? i want those ticketsss

  4. Zenergy says:

    When will you choose?

    • Lorin says:

      we are swimming through a crazy SEA OF FACE right now…some epic enthusiasm (loving all the live shot 'UGGG-FACE' expressions from shows!!!!)

      right now in the lead is this crazy mofo in pink pants who made the video…

      its just TOOO FACKING CUTE!!!!!!!

      but its not done yet…
      we will know by tonight



  5. bobcatfiore says:

    omg! PLEASE post all the contestants somewhere so I can LMFAO xoxo

  6. Bass face says:

    I cant find where to submit so I'll just put my video here. its at Hopmonk in Sebastopol on Halloween For Freq Nasty, Dr. Dylon is doing his set in this video to open for him. I'm the fatguy danceing on the stage. ENJOY!!! LMAO

  7. camcarmella says:

    This is my friend/DJ Austin..his stage name is DME (Dancing Made Easy) Bassnectar basstastic music is always bumpin throughout his house, and is always thrown into his mixes at pretty sure he almost pissed his pants the day Cozza Frenzy came out, this contest was meant for him!The picture was taken at one of many Dub Nations @ Bourbon street, so you know fo sho thats a serious bass face!..i cant figure out the email, its not working for some reason, so heres a link to view the photo:)

  8. camcarmella says:

    sorry, dont know why the link did'nt show up in my last comment

  9. camcarmella says:

    ugh sorry that link wont work, for some reason i make things alot harder then they actually are…heres the right link, i promise!

  10. zacharyholmes says:

    Whomp diddle whomp doodle whomp deedle do WHOMP!!!!

  11. zacharyholmes says:

    here's last year at sea of dreams a new way to say “UUUUUNGH” 🙂

    don't stay there too long or else your face will be like that FOR EV ER

  12. zacharyholmes says:

    Bassnectar's Sea of Dreams 08/09 found my face in a unnnnggggh warp dilema 🙂

  13. Lorin says:

    Bassfaced winner announced! THANK YOU to all that submitted stuff! We will do this again. Much Love and Happy New Year!!!!!

  14. Bassface says:

    How could this be? I was waiting for my pictures to be developed for this 'bassface' assignment, and of course I got them developed an hr ago via 1 hr process at Walgreens… And now I come home or… to Shraeder streeet and discover that THERE IS ALREADY A WINNER… Well… anyways, maybe you shoud award my efforts if I weere to be entitled to first bass face/place. 🙂 Here you go:

  15. Lorin says:

    Yallz should take yer bassfaces and make em your avatars, at least here on the home turfff. lets see em

  16. ZBuonaiuto says:

    Bassnectar changed my life at Sea of Dreams. Simple as that. UCLA students want to get nectar'd!! Can't wait for the LA show on the 13th!

  17. hans says:

    send your free download link of pixies remix to belgian national radio and they played the track already a few times.great track by the way.

  18. Hello Lorin.

    I am an indie artist who sells prints out of Michigan. I know this may be a little crazy and maybe you will never even see this, but if you by some chance of facilitation see this.

    I was wondering if I could hitch with you to Coachella. I will help you and do a week of solid art for you. FSOSF

    You play on the 9th here and I will be there anyway.

    Odd Hopes may amount to Suprising Realities.

  19. Devin says:

    Lorin. I really need to hear your live set from allgood this year. My friend went into a diabetic coma during the show and I missed out. I've been waitingggg but my womp filled year has only made me more anxious! idk what your doing to us… my friend went into a coma at all good, then I saw you in DC and my other friend had a seizure… but we keep coming back for more… we'll all be there to see you a couple times in april. keep it real. keep it rockin. live fast. play hard. die happy. and try help a homegirl out. ? ? ?

    • Lorin says:

      just finally finished the podcast…it is out tomorrow…there are some mixes i did at All Good on there as well as a bunch of new shiiiiit!
      give your buddy my best wishes!
      please make sure whenever you come out next you travel with a first aid kit. ha!

  20. Natalie says:

    Are you gonna be @ AllGood 2010?!?! I have to know………. and you HAVE to go!!!!! all night every night <3

  21. Richard says:

    NYE WAS SIIIIIIIICKKKK!!!!!! This month (january) has been the longest month of my life waiting for Feb3rd…..

    Psssssssst… Whats up with some soundboards recordings, you could charge for em and I would spend all my money………..Just an idea

  22. sofarrrout says:


  23. victor says:

    so i have one question, and one question only….
    SEA OF DREAMS 2010. bassnectars set was quite good to say the least.
    My question. he played a track that has been haunting my dreams ever since and for the life of me and now 3 months after relentless web trolling i still have not found said track. i can recall the vocal hook… “A Z double E… something about a rocket ship.”
    please someone, anyone, help me out with this one.
    email me if you have the answer to this question that keeps me up at night.

    • Daysha says:

      Hi Victor. Your looking for the Bassnectar mix of Fever Ray's “When I Grow Up.” Its on the latest Cozza Frenzy album!

      • victor says:

        ah yes. thank you. now a much harder question, probably not gonna get an answer to this one unless it comes right from the source, but hell ill give it a try. the song he mixed off of when i grow up? heavy wobbles industrial sounding, alot of mechanical door samples very very very heavy. anyone?

        • Lorin says:

          if it was “when i grow up” thats just my remix, and i was effing with it live with different loops

          • victor says:

            dude, i mean, it very well could have just been you looping over the remix but this was a very intricate looping section if so. it may have been the song you mixed off of into when i grow up. this choon was serious business. i mean HEAVY. if it was you working with loops that just gives me all the more respect for you.

  24. ian_DC says:

    Hey lorin this has been bothering me for a while, what song did you play during the end of NYE (09 into 10) it was one of the last songs with a girls voice singing not fever ray, kinda slower song, gorgeous voice. you may have put it into the set twice if i can recall or maybe different parts i dnno but ive searched all over with no luck can you shed any light? thanks P.S. i'll see you in Pittsburg/Bmore/Cville front row as always!!!

  25. victor says:

    dude, i mean, it very well could have just been you looping over the remix but this was a very intricate looping section if so. it may have been the song you mixed off of into when i grow up. this choon was serious business. i mean HEAVY. if it was you working with loops that just gives me all the more respect for you.

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