IDJ Mixtape 2010

January 22nd, 2010



Welcome to another Bassnectar Transmission.

This episode is 44 minutes and 25 seconds of 10th-generation genre-re-wiring, exploring bass music through an open-minded lens, regardless of tempo, or even beat-structure… this sound clash aims straight for your body, with the intent to melt you down into a fidgeting, wobbling mess of enthusiasm and delight. In addition to some of my favorite old records and samples, this mix features several brand new Bassnectar tracks, heaps of exclusive edits, re-edits, and re-re-re-edits. Lot’s of re. Lot’s of mix. Lot’s of edits. We tore our favorite drum & bass to shreds, injected hip hop with some pogo-stick bass, amped up the tempo of dubstep, freaked out the gypsies, gave a nod to the dreamy 80’s and ended up similar to where we started off: omni-tempo maximalism strikes again.

Enjoy the ride.

– Lorin


1. Azzido Da Bass – Doom’s Night (Timo Maas vs Bassnectar)
2. Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Mix) $1.29
3. Rye Rye – Bang feat. MIA [aca]
4. S.C.A.M. – Let Me Hear You Say
5. Stagga – I Got Bass
6. Seductive Dubz – Hey!
7. Caravan Palace – Starscat
8. AAK & Double Step – (Bassnectar Edit)
9. Bassnectar – Boombox (Bassnectar Remix) $1.29
10. Pixies – Where Is My Mind? (Bassnectar Remix) FREE
11. Nextmen – The Lion’s Den (Sigma vs Bassnectar)
12. Zen – Your Shout ft. Killabeats & Gry (Bassnectar Re-edit)
13. Bassnectar – Teleport Massive (Bassnectar Remix) $1.29
14. Bassnectar – Slam Dunk feat. Dunkelbunt
15. Bazznectar Medley – Tears for Modern English Masher
16. Damian Marley – It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix)
17. Kid Cudi – Day & Night (JOTS vs Crowdrock vs Bassnectar)
18. Malente & Dex – Lions (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix) FREE

  • mattdtheoilking

    what up Lorin. im just chillin listing to the beats still thinking about that throwback show…
    i hope you drop it soon for us beautiful coloradns.. : ]

  • Woooohhhhh, Azzido Da Bass – Doom’s Night (Timo Maas vs Bassnectar) is greaaaaat. Any chance of a release for this one ??

  • dave

    at 8:30 and 29:00, the beats are out of controlllllll, it takes an unbelievable ear for music to incorporate those melodies into rowdy, hard-hitting tracks… you've gotta come out with singles for those songs!!!

    keep up the good work

  • You made the night at Lucent Lamour man. Anna Sia rocked as usual, so did N.A.S.A – but your beats got me down and dirty! Keep it up, I know a lot of people are saying you've gotten too “hard core” but I disagree, you're progressively pushing the boundaries of what is hardcore, softcore, liimp, and weird (I love it).

    Rockin' time dude.

  • Zach

    You know what you NEED to do Lorin, record and release your mix of Fly Like an Eagle. Now THAT would be amazing 😉


  • area13deadzone

    Ty teh download. Please, please do underground sound this year at Camp Zoe. I wasn't to see it last year. Thanks for doing what you do.

    • yo!
      in case we dont, come freak out with us at the pageant in abriiiil

  • kevin



    Yo lorin, Stoked to see u in SLC on the 12!!!


  • e_rye


  • Damian Marley – It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix) -> Kid Cudi – Day & Night (JOTS vs Crowdrock vs Bassnectar) – O M G… sickness dude – I would kill for that edit

    • you mean so you can play it in a set? (killing wont be necesssary) or so you can listen to it? you hav the idj mix, yah?

  • Siiiick…can't wait to see you on April Fool's day! 🙂

  • Cameron

    Yo Lorin, Bring the party to the real dirty south and throw-down in A-town after you melt face in Tuscaloosa.
    The state of Georgia freakin' loves you and we're still bummed that fire set of yours got cut short when you played with STS9 in front of 20,000 in the fall!
    Venue: The Tabernacle…its perfect, you could sell it out for sure too (and it's damn big).

    • yah i've been hearing lotsa goooodness about the tabernacle
      we gotta sit out of the area for a bit cuz of bonaroo (which i am SO HYPED FOR)
      then we will come back propper in the fall

  • emileeash

    Hii Lorin!!
    For starters, i want to tell you that this mix gives me goosebumps… I'm in LoVe!!! You really know how to turn something great into something AMAZING, honestly. And i knoww your always UP for suggestions, which is why i wanted to tell you that while watching Requiem for a Dream last night and hearing the theme song (you know which one im talking about?) i IMEEDIATLYY thought of you, remixing te SHIT outta that song! it would be SIIICKKK!!! pleease take it into concideration, it would completely floor me cause i mean, ive heard differant remix's to it but God knows, nobodyyy does it like you!!!

    Bassnectar= in my heart, and this beat NEVER stops

    muchh MUCHHHH LOVEE!!

  • usernamehasbeendeleted

    i really hope some of these songs come out soon!!!!

    i love the kid cudi remix, the lions den remix, slam dunk, and that bazznectar medley…..

    maybe on the EP?

    …..the world may never know…. o.0

    • lions den is a bootleg remix/edit i did (check out sigma's mix of the nextmen track)
      and that kudi is just a MASH-O-RAMA
      no releasing that (this is how i 'release' that kinda shit

      slam dunk: SO OVERDUE!!!! 5 YEARS OLD!!! (or more?)
      i dont know…SO overdue

      medley: ill egal


  • Wires

    Lorin- You are the man…..when you going to be back in seattle. I want to book you for an event.

  • drdemo

    i should send you a vid of my son gettin down to this…. reminds me of 8 22 09

  • UnknownSpectrum

    Awesome as always bro!

  • CozzaWhat???

    Lorin! SO GOOD! OhMyLanta you bring the heat! Can't wait to see you again at the MontBleu! I sure love this new Bassnectar diet, it's working out great so far hahahaha

    So Much Love!!!!

  • bnotafraid

    I was away from your music for two months and had dreams of it literally! HA

  • tawny6812

    Ah-mazing! Love it! Keep it coming, Lorin (I know you will!)

  • wobblebass

    Lorin there is only one way to say it you are THE SHIT!
    no music gets me movin like the stuff you make and i still get goosebumps every time i hear your songs… first music style that i can honestly feel in my body
    ill be seeing you in bonnaroo when it rolls around. peace

  • Corbin

    that bit with stagga is the shit!

    nectar doing it huge once again

  • noah22

    haha i love the matrix remixes i mixed it in with my stuff too! if you use ableton whats some good equipment to hook up to this program? mixerwise im just gettin started with it and it seems like the possibilities are endless! please write back


  • frank78

    Would it be possible to get Track Times?

  • connor

    god i love this, perfect.

  • lindsey

    I love this whole mixtape! I can not wait until 4/20!! It's going to be the shit and I am going to have a fucking blast! It'll be nuts ladies and gentlemen. 🙂

  • me brain melted. filthy bass

  • well done, more please

  • Ethan

    hey where can i get the kid cudi remix on this set????

    • hey buddy good to hear from you
      that is a live smashup, using loops, effects and re-edits. you can try jokers of the scene, or crowd rock, but it wont have the beatloops or the cozza aca or any of that.

      if yu wanna just DJ with that version, just cut it out of the mix! 🙂

  • paul

    hi lorin, i caught u at summercamp..beautiful, absolutely breathtaking at curious tho , what the title is of that song u did, the lyrics in it are “cant get enough of my sound” or this sound either or ..ive been tryin to find it alll day lol, but yeah, im deff goin to catch as many of your shows as humanly possible..keep it up much love , peace

    • Dakota

      i believe that tune is dj fresh- gold dust (flux pavillion remix)

  • travis

    Dude, you can't be human. You are a god from Bass heaven. Keep rockin' out man. Amazing waka show! So glad you threw out some Caspa!!!

  • Tylar

    My favorite is 13:00 – 20:07

  • Whomppperz

    This is so fuckin dope! My ears are melting with womp keep it up nectar

  • Calicosativa

    Makes my girl parts tingle!

  • greg riv

    is there anyway to download these songs individually? or just number 11. Nextmen – The Lion’s Den (Sigma vs Bassnectar). Is that the song where it goes south west north east every body bounce? if anyone knows this song can they please help me out here..

    • that nextmen one…try itunes, juno or beatport… their original is drum&bass… my edit is all halfstep and isnt released (not mine to sell)

      the other one is “You Shout” by ZEN ft Killabeats & Gry.
      but again, the version on here is my edit where i took it half-time *fullpower* and its not a release, just a re-edit

      • greg riv

        thanks lorin very appreshated worked out perfect. by the way your concerts are honestly ridiclous, best concerts ive ever been to, ever. huge fan you got here haha. went to the 420 show at buffalo which was nasstyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, then went to bonnarroo that was also amaazing as expected. about to go to camp bisco and already know your gonna throw down the illest shit around. if theres any way you can drop a beat to greg or throw a shout out at bisco would be greatly appreshated.
        either way thanks again for the help!!

  • Geom44

    This is an all around killer set, never saw the pixies remix coming but that shit was hot. I havnt seen Bassnectar since August of '09 and ive been dying to experience the intoxicating noise that is Bassnectar. Come back to ATLANTA, you will easily sell out venues such as Aarons ampitheatre and Verizon Wireless ampitheatre on your own. Keep serving up that bass my friend, and ill keep drinking the nectar!

  • pathscrossed

    im pretty sure this is what i got to hear in new orleans 2010 amazing amazing amazing live this set is just bliss

  • greg riv

    hey does anyone know whats the set list bassnectar played at camp bisco 9? such sick songs and i cant find them anywhere. or specifically the song “higher and higher and higher”? please and thank you to anyone who can help

    • DJDesertStorm

      agreed each and every song was epic

  • Alli

    is there anywhere that i can download numbers 14 & 15? i lovedddd them and they seriously seem to be nonexistant on the internet. awesome awesome awesome job!

  • NintendoMaster

    This was the mixtape that made me discover the talent that is Bassnectar! This is the bomb! I was very skeptical about your live performances, but eagerly waiting for you at Electric Zoo was worth it. Musical genius

    • skeptics are so fun! when you believe in yourself and what you do, it's a wonderful feeling to just GIVE FROM YOUR HEART and the only people who don't respond to enthusiasm are haters.

      • NintendoMaster

        Haha just responding made me feel special ! I'm coming to see you in NYC on 11/6 ! Cant waittttttttttt

      • TJ Whittaker

        Looking back, this is the energy and love that is your music. I’m siting here eagerly waiting for Unlimited and can’t help but bask in this unlimited positivity you bring with your music. Thank you.

  • NintendoMaster

    This was the mixtape that made me discover the talent that is Bassnectar! This is the bomb! I was very skeptical about your live performances, but eagerly waiting for you at Electric Zoo was worth it. Musical genius

  • skeptics are so fun! when you believe in yourself and what you do, it's a wonderful feeling to just GIVE FROM YOUR HEART and the only people who don't respond to enthusiasm are haters.

  • NintendoMaster

    Haha just responding made me feel special ! I'm coming to see you in NYC on 11/6 ! Cant waittttttttttt

  • Scout

    Yoooo! You neeed to do a remix of Santigold – Starstruck!

    that would be sooo rad

  • Mdaytn

    I came. Everywhere.

  • Hazy

    I lost my mind at the end of this tape, sick work. And the Timestretch EP rocks bro.

    HOB Chicago was so amazing in August. Wild.

  • BassNau5

    i busted a nut. all over my computer.

  • BassNau5

    i busted a nut. all over my computer.

  • Thank you so much for being the best musical genius of our time 🙂 Nocturnal Festival and Dallas were unreal!

  • sheilah shakti

    Hey Hey LoLo .. Much LoVe & Warm Tropical Samahdi Bliss Blessings Beaming UR Way from the Kingdom of Siam <3 <3 <3 ….
    Much Gratitude for the 320 download … will *most* certainly enJOY !!!
    xx sheilahxx