Bassnectar at Belly Up Aspen on 03/05/10

January 7th, 2010


hummerspring210x300The frenzy continues into the 2010 Spring season with another thunderbomb set to detonate in Colorado.

On Friday, March 5th, 2010, Bassnectar will be performing at the Belly Up in Aspen, CO. in continuation of the Cozza Frenzy tour celebrating the new album release as well as the Remix Pack v.1.

This is an 18+ event. Doors open at 8:30pm. The Belly Up is located at 450 S. Galena Street in Aspen, CO.

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38 Responses to “Bassnectar at Belly Up Aspen on 03/05/10”
  1. JoN3Sin4someBASS says:

    COLORADO FUCKING LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jayromanelli says:

    is this show sold out?

  3. ratiekrussell says:

    Tickets are already on sale at I would hurry too cuz this is a really small venue!

  4. Morgan says:

    Tour needs moar Denver dates =(

    • Lorin says:

      we got *BIG* plans for colorado in 2010

      • luckdropsthepot says:

        Oh Hell YEAH! cant wait to whomp..

      • bassaddict says:

        I hope these plans are in the works for around the March 6th date or I hope you will be coming to Japan in 2010. I'm coming up to Aspen to see you and maybe Vail I just have to find the $45 but it would be nice to have some local Boulder or Denver dates. This will be the last time I see you for almost a year because I have never heard of you playing in Japan before so I don't think I will be so lucky. I can't wait to get my last bassnectar fix before I leave! I'll see you in a month!

      • kado420 says:

        I hope bro, i missed ur halloween show last year which looked eargazmwhommptastic, I live in little oll Canon city and my carz broke so it just makes it hard to get the ride, gas, tickets ect. set up in time. If u could i would hella appriciate when u do start putten those dates together if u could shoot me a comment on my page and let me know about em.

        • Lorin says:

          hey bud
          kind of confused… u talkin the aspen/vail dates? or you mean the big colorado plans later in the year? just stay tuned here

          • kado420 says:

            Im hoping to make it to the aspen one but i was talken bout the bigger PlaNz 🙂


  5. Sanjay says:

    AHHHHH!!!!! its 18+ 🙁 hey if you're comin to denver this year you gotta do an all ages or 16+ show!!!!!!!!!

  6. vajrasamsara says:

    Anybody have tickets to shpare?! I would love to see this show and need to know if anyone has tickets to give,sell, whatev. WAhhhh. Please, thank you.

  7. AK says:

    Hay vajrasamsara i got two extra tickets for sale, how much are you willing to pay?

    • vajrasamsara says:

      wow dude thatss crazy and to make it easier ill pay whatever price your willing to give em up. theure for the aspen show right? yeah man ill pay whatever you want

    • bassaddict says:

      Do you think bassnectar wants people scalping and on his own website too.. well I don't know him personally but I would think not. Sell them for face and let two people go to the show because you can't.

      • Lorin says:

        i admit it is pretty wierd.

      • Lorin says:

        i *DO* love love love people helping each other get in

        i loooovvve people travelling in, and teaming up and making adventures out of it, meeting new friends and stuff

        staight up profiting off others just because you can is kind of taking advantage. (we always keep our ticket price as LOW as possssssilbe, always try to give earlybird discounts to fanclub, and also work VERY HAARD to ocunterbalance 3rd party ticket fees.


        • vajrasamsara says:

          First off I wanna thank Lorin and all the good hearted peeps out there who put forth irie energy for others to be inspired of, i also wanna thank the interconnectedness of internet and its magical powerz, and lastly this website rocks dude, its saved my ass 3 times already. I will always and forever be an eternal fan of bassnectar and lorin's productions. Thanks so much guys for your love. paix

  8. AK says:

    vajrasamsara e-mail me at we can work something out for your situation and bassaddict i' am not scalping i just have two extra tickets and i thought that i could help someone out seeing as i have been in that situation before.

    • bassaddict says:

      My bad man I wasn't trying to bring false accusations upon you I just know from my personal experience when someone says how much are you willing to pay it usually means they are looking for something extra but I am glad to hear you are helping out fellow fans for the right price.

      • Lorin says:

        i seriously think both of yall are all good
        i know some people DO scalp tickets for a high price, so you were just commenting on that.

        as for me, i do not even wish to pass judgement on people who DO do that (although that obv wasnt the case here)

        id just want those folks to know how hard my team works to keep shit as fair with as much access to as many people at all times. if they know that and they still wanna scalp tickets…well, then thats their call

        much love to all

  9. Waaahooord says:

    Lookin for an extra ticket to this show. Willing to pay over face if you must just please call or write an email to me and let me know if you or anyone you know has a ticket. 215 292 5083 or

  10. larrylove212 says:

    I'm also looking for a or many extra tickets sooooooo if anyone got any please feel free to email me

  11. dafunk says:

    Oh Lorinnn… we've barely stopped wobbling from Halloween yet. Can't wait to see you again! We know you'll throw it down tomorrow and keep the bass bumpin!

  12. Knobby Roots says:

    had a ticket but drama with the girl proved otherwise, if ANYONE has a spare ticket to this show, i'd be willing to work something out, anything out, please call me at 3036818319.

    been looking forward to this for freaking months
    sendin out a bass prayer

  13. Knobby Roots says:

    had a ticket but drama with the girl proved otherwise, if ANYONE has a spare ticket to this show, i'd be willing to work something out, anything out, please call me at 3036818319.

    been looking forward to this for freaking months

    sendin out a bass prayer

  14. Dan McCambridge says:

    these 2014 shows…….. OoOoOoOoOoOoO How do I get into this freak party?

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