Bassnectar at MontBleu Resort Showroom on 03/13/10

January 7th, 2010


hummerspring210x300The frenzy continues into the 2010 Spring season with another thunderbomb set to detonate in Nevada.

Bassnectar will be performing with Heavyweight Dub Champion and Jugoe on March 13th, 2010 at MontBleu Resort in Lake Tahoe.

The tour continues the celebration of the Cozza Frenzy album release, as well as the Remix Pack V.1, available not in the little shop at Bassnectar Labs.

MontBlue Resort is located at 55 Hwy 50, Lake Tahoe, NV, 89449

This is an ALL AGES event. Doors open at 7:00pm.

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  • eViLxKl2oNiX

    how in lords name are u having an all ages event in a casino???? i have been to club blu and the the opal lounge inside montblu many many times and they always check ID at the door. if they are trying to make you play in blu tell em to piss off cause the sounds horrible in there, u want to be in the opal lounge for sure! only place i could see them seperating off a 21+ section as well, around the bar. I know that theres a much smaller crowd in tahoe but we all are little freaks at heart and will be waiting for you. bassnectar's vacation 2? if you know a DJ named Robin (Rob1) try to bring him along maybe?!? hes a really good friend of peoples up here and id love to see him again, thanks!

    • hahaha! that vacation party was FUNNNNN!!!!!!
      as far as i know the theatre is legit…ill check in and suss it out (CHampagne & Bacon are super close homies…im sure its all good)

  • eViLxKl2oNiX

    oops my bad the SHOW room. my bad dont listen to me ignore the man behind the curtain

  • zwubb

    I can't wait! I saw you in santa cruz for the first time (missed you at SOD), gotta come back for more! Making the drive out to tahoe to party with you, because its my birthday! Any chance you can mix in kyrian bee bop for me?! I have only heard it from weak speakers and I'm sure its magical live. No other DJ i've seen has matched what you do, keep doin' what you do!

    ill be on the floor like an animal animal animal

    • nice!
      yah we gotta get the request line going BIG TIME…ill forget, so remind me b4 then and ill put it in

  • malloryfitz

    So is this an all ages show or not? Mont Bleu says that it is 21+

    • ALL AGES!

    • craig

      all ages

  • blackandwhitemax

    I saw you in Santa Cruz last month and knew nothing about you, now you're by far, my favorite artist now. Driving up from Sf to see you,so excited to see you in tahoe!!!

  • CozzaWhat???

    Yes I! Saw you up in Arcata and down in the Cruz, can't wait for next weekend! With the Heavyweight Dub tooooo !!!=DDDD

    I've got a good feeling that the Arrival remix is gonna drop and blow brains all over the room (wink wink) =D
    See you next weekend in the beautiful hoeTa!

  • mikehuntisfullofshit

    do you peeps think it might be wise to get my tickets in advanced?

    • e-money


  • Mikee2Planx

    I was at your Seattle show and was so blown away that I planned my trip to Tahoe around the ability to see you again! I can't wait for Saturday!



  • zwubb

    Hey again Lorin… you commented on my comment down below. rere-requesting kyrian bee bop for that night! super stoked that you could come back to cali (sorta) for my birthday! see you then :D!

  • HEADS UP…. Show starts at 9:30!!! There is a 12am curfew, so get their EARLY.

  • HEADS UP…. Show starts at 9:30!!! There is a 12am curfew, so get their EARLY.

  • craig

    all ages