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Free Tickets, Raffle Winner, & Bon Voyage

January 30th, 2010


Hey folks!

As i run laps around the Bassnectar Labs trying to get ready to zooooom out onto the open road for the next 2 weeks, i wanted to give out a few passes to upcoming shows. I know a lot of you are planning on coming to 3 or 4 shows, and SOME OF YOU NUTTERS are doing the entire 5-city sweep next week. That is too bad ass to take lightly. SO…

I want to give away 1 Season Pass (a pair of free tickets to EACH of the 5 nights: Mendocino, Arcata, Eugene, Portland, Seattle… and if you win it and you are only hitting 3 or 4 shows you can give away the passes you don’t want to a buddy who does: we’ve got a system worked out! 🙂

Also i want to give away 1 pair of passes individually to each of the 5 nights, as well as Tempe, LA, and Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz and Arcata are both already sold out, but i’m just giving up my own guest list, cuz i think it would be cool to have another little cheeky competition.

So, here is the plot: we want to get the sickest, craziest photos of you showcasing your enthusiasm. We prefer to call it a bassface (that feeling of perfect disgusting delight right when a huge beat drops on your noggin, and the face you make in response) but you can do whatever you want. You can also do videos, like folks did last time.

Submissions will be judged on:

1. Level of Enthusiasm
2. Uniqueness, Personality
3. Intensity.

The photo must be OF YOU, or taken BY YOU, specifically for this (you can submit photos of yourself from a previous show if you really captured a moment, but we prefer if you make a new moment right here and now.

Runners up will receive a free pair of passes to the show in the area they specify, and the Winner will receive a season PASS.

INCLUDE YOUR NAME, EMAIL, and CITY WHERE YOU WANT YOUR PASS and submit your bassface to If you are far away, only submit if you know someone in one of these cities whom you want to give a gift to. All set? We will announce the winners on Monday at noon, submissions must be in by 6pm PST, This Sunday January 31.


If you haven’t checked out the Teleport Massive Remix yet:


Our music store took a hit of acid and quadrupled in OOOOMF this week (Thanks Daysha!!!!) and you can now get music bundled with various things, in eclectic combinations. We will be unleashing some pretty sick bundles, but this first time we kept it pretty simple and just tested out some random ideas. The Collector’s Bundle was supposed to be limited to 30, and sold out almost immediately, so we added more. Each purchase of that bundle enters you into a raffle to snag an hour hanging out with me and the Crew, going through my laptop, doing remix stuff, swapping stories or tunes, or whatever. Since we will be running all over the states this tour, we will be giving way 3 raffle prizes instead of 1 and have arranged for 100 copies to be made available at Congrats to Chris Keller for winning the first draw. See you in Arcata, Chris!