Free Tickets, Raffle Winner, & Bon Voyage

January 30th, 2010


Hey folks!

As i run laps around the Bassnectar Labs trying to get ready to zooooom out onto the open road for the next 2 weeks, i wanted to give out a few passes to upcoming shows. I know a lot of you are planning on coming to 3 or 4 shows, and SOME OF YOU NUTTERS are doing the entire 5-city sweep next week. That is too bad ass to take lightly. SO…

I want to give away 1 Season Pass (a pair of free tickets to EACH of the 5 nights: Mendocino, Arcata, Eugene, Portland, Seattle… and if you win it and you are only hitting 3 or 4 shows you can give away the passes you don’t want to a buddy who does: we’ve got a system worked out! 🙂

Also i want to give away 1 pair of passes individually to each of the 5 nights, as well as Tempe, LA, and Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz and Arcata are both already sold out, but i’m just giving up my own guest list, cuz i think it would be cool to have another little cheeky competition.

So, here is the plot: we want to get the sickest, craziest photos of you showcasing your enthusiasm. We prefer to call it a bassface (that feeling of perfect disgusting delight right when a huge beat drops on your noggin, and the face you make in response) but you can do whatever you want. You can also do videos, like folks did last time.

Submissions will be judged on:

1. Level of Enthusiasm
2. Uniqueness, Personality
3. Intensity.

The photo must be OF YOU, or taken BY YOU, specifically for this (you can submit photos of yourself from a previous show if you really captured a moment, but we prefer if you make a new moment right here and now.

Runners up will receive a free pair of passes to the show in the area they specify, and the Winner will receive a season PASS.

INCLUDE YOUR NAME, EMAIL, and CITY WHERE YOU WANT YOUR PASS and submit your bassface to If you are far away, only submit if you know someone in one of these cities whom you want to give a gift to. All set? We will announce the winners on Monday at noon, submissions must be in by 6pm PST, This Sunday January 31.


If you haven’t checked out the Teleport Massive Remix yet:


Our music store took a hit of acid and quadrupled in OOOOMF this week (Thanks Daysha!!!!) and you can now get music bundled with various things, in eclectic combinations. We will be unleashing some pretty sick bundles, but this first time we kept it pretty simple and just tested out some random ideas. The Collector’s Bundle was supposed to be limited to 30, and sold out almost immediately, so we added more. Each purchase of that bundle enters you into a raffle to snag an hour hanging out with me and the Crew, going through my laptop, doing remix stuff, swapping stories or tunes, or whatever. Since we will be running all over the states this tour, we will be giving way 3 raffle prizes instead of 1 and have arranged for 100 copies to be made available at Congrats to Chris Keller for winning the first draw. See you in Arcata, Chris!



  • beer_eighty

    woot woot. west coast tour!!! driving music!!! February terror tour! Anyone got room for 1 from Arcata to Eugene after the Arcata show?!!! Breakin off from my caravan there. SOS

  • adam robicheaux

    dude, i am bassfaced. thank you!!!!=]….seee ya at bourbon street in BALtimOrE

  • ambo

    REALLY bummed that this is how I find out Arcata is already sold out. :'(

    • come to mendo?

      • ambo

        Sure wish I could, but I have this prior obligation referred to as work…

  • Mitch

    Wishin the west-coast tour included a Vancouver date. Hopin you get back north of the border soon enough.

    • YAH NO DOUBT!!!!!
      lovvvve me some canadia!!!

  • zach

    must have pass will change life for everrrrrrrrrrr you would want that right ????????:)

  • uxia

    lol hitting all those shows would be life changing… T-dot misses you. Please come back <3

    • T Dot on target for summertime (montreal too!)

  • tonybates

    I M IN THE RAFFLE! My life would be complete if i had the chance to geek out in Charlottsville! Bass Nect with the CUTS!

  • BasSfacEd

    dude fawk yeah the tla ultimately blew my mind i listened to the cozza frenzy cd over fifty times in a row after the show. <3333

    • WAT?!?!?!!?
      thats loco! did you like the track window seat? ive been listening to that a lot

  • I'm sooooooo sad Arcata is sold out, thats ok though, I'm gonna put my craziest bassface on and wallow around all disallusioned like 'till I find out If I get to feed my soul to the Bass Gods.

    OHHHH!!!! YEAH!!!! I wrote this while listening to where is my mind @ Symbiosis
    I thought this might be a good place to share it

    12 hours on the road
    Sensory overload, outta control
    go with the flow
    Sway to? the beat, earth under feet
    visualize envision create
    fears begin to disapate
    Where is my mind? ….I think I left in the car
    Damn we drove far
    Individual souls are flying free
    all around me
    positive Energy
    Bass vibrates the chest cavity
    Eyes are heavy knees are weak but I gotta move my feet <——Cozza Frenzy
    Five a.m. cannot retreat to my bed
    There is to much dancing through my head
    Light the fire in my heart I never wanted to depart
    and I couldn't wait to run, through that gate.
    Brothers and sisters ,? have you seen my face???
    But seriousley
    Did you feel that place?
    did you see that lake?
    where you Overwhelmed by that mind altering bass?
    Under the stars no cause for alarm
    No one could do harm?
    Shiny souls
    smilling faces
    egar eyes
    what I wanted to find
    you all blow my mind
    Home Sweet Home Symbiosis Two-Thousand and Nine


    • ha! nice one, drea
      forgive my pathetic sense of geography: how far is mendo from arcata? aren't they pretz close?
      come out on teus instedda wedz!

      • Zack

        its a few hours…closer than SF is to Mendo, that's for sure! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FACE MELTING!!!

  • I'm liking the writing/rhyming from Symbiosis Andrea! Sweet sweet memories of Symbiosis!

    I'm also crossing my fingers for a shot at those Valentine's night tickets in Santa Cruz! This bass head wants to hear your system rock this town right off it's cliff! Ok, not literally but maybe just metaphorically!

    Check my website link for a ridiculous look at what I'm up to at school… You will laugh! (Please note that I am in no way advocating a love for Spice Girls, only for humor!)

  • treymartinez

    hahaaaa!!! just got the email. so stoked!!! thanks man. glad you like the vid 😀

    Now im about to wreck it up in Seattle. guestlist whaaaaaat?!

  • RaginBassHead

    AHHHH bassnectar. Cant wait to see you again at summer camp, then i think im gunna go to the st. lois show.
    it kinda sucks balls cause me and my friends live in iowa, but dont get me wrong we know how to rage.
    do a mid west tour!!!!!
    i promis youll wanna come back.
    matt b= basshead.

  • Nick

    So whaz the deal? Will all the winners be notified by email? Or will this page get updated? In any case, see yall in Arcata!

    • sorry for the delay. Winners have been notified by email. Crew is had to sling shot into tourland, so will be updating the post with the pics of the winners shortly. 🙂

  • Looks like the forecast calls for more disalusioned wallowing as I didn't receive a Golden Ticket oh yeah and Pardon my poorness but I don't have a way to get to mendo tonight 🙁 maybe I will stick my thumb out…..<(-_-)>…(>-_-)>…..<(-_-<)….(>-_-<)….<(-_-)>…anyone got room for two??? either way have a great show maybe I will see you on the street.

    • awwww sorry to hear it! they wanted to add a second arcata date, but we missed our chance and are booked elsewhere now. im soooper sorry. we willbe back sooon!


    LORIN, PLEASE MAKE IT TO THE SOUTHEAST BEFORE ULTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this place craves bass, i figured you should know in case you wanted to give us a taste.

  • Baker

    Damn, 1 Hour away from mendocino in Ukiah, Have a good show and bump those beats

  • Im soooo excited!!!!! and I don't even have a way in, yet, thats ok though I am going to try and talk someone out of thier ticket in exchange for my money or maybe someone else will be trying to sell thier ticket Hmmmm…… i'm hoping for a miracle or maybe I should get a megaphone and walk around arcata all day announcing my proposal, ohh the possibilities……

  • treymartinez

    Gettin pumped for Saturday. You gonna play the winning video?!

  • Amoney

    just wanted to show some luv from NC and also (from me and all BASSHEADS alike) THANK YOU so much for the free mixtape! which is crazy wobble wow! that means its good;) its so refreshing to see an artist do something like this. thats why your the only DJ i listen to. im not sure how you got me interested in this cause I play folk and listen to mostly folk, metal, and indie stuff, but damn boy you did it!!! have fun on the road and try your best to shake the clubs down to the ground! what a way to go huh!

    • awesome!
      the goal is to cross boundaries

  • phazerave

    Yo Lorin!! What made you change your mind about coming to Missoula?! News has traveled fast… you can almost taste the excitement. that is IF its true. *crosses fingers*

    • hey phazerave!
      just so you know, if i don't make it to a spot its not ever because i change my mind or not…there is actually a pretty complex system of management and agents and shcedule coordination, and a crew of 7 people on the road, and an insane amount of details balanced, so i would never want you to feel like i would choose to neglect a spot, much less one as DOPE as mizzzzzoula

      its been like 2 years since i was there and almost every conversation with the agencies includes me asking about when i can go back

      and now its ON

    • Hey Phazerave…. MISSOULA IT IS!!!

  • bsilver

    Massive request for your remix of roustabout and Damion Marley's it was written. We were at Eugene last night and are super stoked for
    tonight!! Oh, and it's our friend Davey's 21st birthday and he would freak if he heard a shoutout. See you there!

  • dfrench7

    Hey Lorin,
    Portland show was epic last night, looking forward to Seatown! In honor of Mr. Bob Marley's birthday it would be amazing to hear Damien Marley's “It Was Written”…..or that sick track from Freakbeats, number 11, or some Lucy in the Sky? Whatever you drop, we'll be lovin it, see you on the Sound.

  • You should send emails to members of the site because I totally would have entered if I would have known about this competition! I will still share my bass faces haha

    Look at this Bass face from HoB:

    Aaand another Hunter S.T. style shot from the same show via my cell phone:

    See you in STL & Canopy Club & Summer Camp &&& maybe Wakarusa?!

    • Nice faces. We sent out the news. Sorry you didn't get it. Was a short notice contest. But we'll give more head room time in the future. You can also watch through the feed and on all the social sites… twitter/facebook/myspace. We blast off when there are new tid-bits to share.

  • christina242

    when will you be in frisco?!?!?

      i remember one year i played 22 times in SF in ONE MONTH!

  • cubytes

    love the new remix pack!! and yooo that mash up you have of omen (nosia remix) is sooo sick……..

    check out these tracks on youtube:

    -Dubkinetik – Alright Now

    -Drumsound & Bassline Smith – R U Ready (Dubstep Mix)

    -and Posidun Dubstep Mix FEB 2010 Session 2 is where i found them from

    could use some “prevalent use of groove” and they def need to be cleaned up and then uplifted with more layers or just sample them 😉

    thx for the great music & epic shows


  • i was at allgood music festival last year, and i can't imagine a weekend on the good ol mountaintop without the intensity of some bassnectar… The set was a mere 45 minutes long…BUT was the most amazing energy that i had seen at any given moment!! Gotta say i wont be going to bonneroo!!! it's kinda lost it's glimmer… So you should come back to the allgood for the KIDS!!!!!! – -THANKX- –

  • joshulrich

    Much love from the midwest. Cant wait for april. GL 🙂


  • iheartwomp

    deear bassnectar labs-
    this is off topic from the blog but recently today i saw that bassnectar was playing at allgood and then checked again later and saw it was gone. please say it isnt so!!
    thanks 🙂

  • zomgragerage

    It twaz in Atlanta that you dropped Flako? – Vortex Cookies of course with your own flavor. Where can i get my hands on this monster? Gettin chill's just thinking of it. I need it to rage to while i drive mayne! BTW JL's subs + your music = busted windows. =)

    • man, i know that beat is SO NICE….it's for sale anywhere digitally, grabbit up!

  • brainnectar

    I dont know if you remember because its been a while….. and a year of shows, but at bella madre you played a tune that haunts my memories. If you respond to this send your response to my email.. its personal, but “Do you like frogs?”

    • woah!
      this is a verrrrrry strange message

  • brainnectar

    Indeed…. SO it isnt obtainable is it:(

  • james

    hello Lorin, my name is james and i am very intrigued by your music. dude very talented man. i have a suggestion that you might appreciate. i am a huge dub and reggae dubsteb all kinds of reggae head, and i was wondering if you would be interested in making a strickly dub reggae and reggae cd, i think it would quite possibly be the sickest creation ever. some reggae would sound incredible with your ability to bassify my friend, truly incredible. i would be so happy if you at least tried this! if you need suggestions for songs to use let me know. madd respect Lorin, it was great seeing you at fillmore, too bad for nO2heads. peace man lots of respect keep it up!

    • thanks james!
      id LOV LOV LOV any suggestions you have.
      samples or especially files of the SICKEST tunes would be great for all that stuff

      the main thing i wanna complete as a project is a downtempo album…like the old school mixtapes i used to make.

      also there are a LOT of collaboration projects about to blast….
      i have a few dub/reggae bootlegs coming out…but please send over any ideas


      • tsitrainside

        Nomad- DJ Distance. Check it out

        Sincerely FreeBassin'
        Joshua Abraham

  • Diane

    HEY! so I just wrote this on your facebook page, but my friends and I have been DYING to locate the video you used for your NYC Filmore show back in November.. the youtube clips are pretty unsatisfying compared to the lions and matrix scenes that visit me in my DREAMS….. fer serious though your show was, is, and will be a monumental event in my life.. and now I sound a little crazy. COME BACK TO NYC!! pretty please 🙂

    • hey!
      that video was all mixed live by Videoliscious…we have all kinds of custom loops and bits, and we sample like BAD BWOYS as well

  • Diane

    oh.. I also noticed that someone suggested you make an essential mix. not sure how that works but if you could that would be bloody BRILLIANT (in pete tong's british accent, of course) (I mean the bloody brilliant part but if you did an essential mix in a british accent thatd be pretty cool too)

    • tell pete to give us a bell

  • 4centers

    Hi Lorin,

    I am simply amazed @ how phat your trax pump!!!! Ive been seriously producing for 2 years and am learning (a lot from you) how to make bass phat and clean with sidechain compression, gates, and other effects, but it seems like I have like twenty years to catch up to the status that you have achieved. Im guessing that you get this sort of thing all the time, BUT do you you have some kind of hint to push me closer to my goals of making phat music?

    I too wish that I could share my views and ideas with people. I think that rocking crowds would get people interested in what goes on in my head making it easier for me to spread the concepts of Love, Compassion, Community, and Action.

    Thanks for your time,


    PS: The RJD2 remix of Teleport massive is off of thee hook

    • yes!
      and of course mastering helps so much!!!!! there are lots of great mastering engineers, but i use Bil Bless. he is INCREDIBLE.

      anyhow most of the work comes from mixing, i could type for DAYS, (hi passs EQ everything possible, cutting out below 250HZ unless its the kick, snare, subs)

      always separate your bass, a mirror-image sub (sin wav with compression, playing the low notes) and complex tops playing the same pattern, but all the high-end texture, sawtooths, mods, wobbles…push lots of stereo spread into that.

      drums: BIG BEEFY DRUMS underneath interesting top end sounds.
      lots of sidechained compressed air in between it to make it squish and heavy and pump

      they are shameless cuz they are so good (big buildups, rev cymbals, lots of crash and smash, sirens, WOOOO noises, foghorns…that shit demolishes)

      • 4centers


        Thankyou!!!! A lot of this really really helps. Im putting a lot of energy into a new track using motivation from your words above, and already it has a lot more character and dazzle. I hope to send you a file(via soundcloud) of the song when its done or give a copy to Steve to give to you when you come to Tahoe.

        Again, you are a super crazy motivator and inspiration master… Have you been called the Godfather of Festival Music yet?

        See you soon,


  • hotabay

    i got so many people coming to buffalo. it's gonna be off the chains. btw i already am having to listen to the mixtape less because since you released it it's all i've listened to and i basically have it playing in my head permanently. lol.

    • hahaah

      what sticks out to you that makes you listen so much
      what do you like specifically?

      • laurenlioneye

        Thats funny… I've been listening to the idj mix constantly since it came out. I listen to it at least once a day 🙂

  • 4centers

    Here is something I am REALLY proud of! Thanx in part to BASSNECTAR! <object height=”81″ width=”100%”> <param name=”movie” value=””></param> <param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param> <embed allowscriptaccess=”always” height=”81″ src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”100%”></embed> </object> Listen to the Rhythms (feat. Alex Grey) by 4centers

  • 4centers


    This is something I am REALLY proud of!!! With all of the advice you laid on me the other day I have began to find out what truly lies inside of me. THANKYOU! Here is a link. If you have a tic to peep a listen I would be honored. And anybody that wants to check it out can download it here as well!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4centers


    Here is something I am REALLY proud of!!! Using your words of advice from the other day I have broken through the ice and found what truly lies inside of me… WOBBLE PUMPING SMASHFACE CROWD PLEASING MUSIC!!!! THANK YOU! “Listen to the Rhythms (feat. Alex Grey)” If you have a tic to take a listen I would be honored. Anybody else that wants to check it can also download it here…

    • nice one!
      sounds like youre having fun
      1. the tempo is at a spot where some off rythms would add a cool bounce (like the guys going “CHA CHA” if that happened on the “1 and” count instead of on the 1…syncopated.
      2. also, do yo have a separate sub? or is the bass all one track? turn your bass tops up using a compressor (threshold maybe -10DB, ratio 2:1) turn the output up 2DB or so. and if you have separate subs, CRANK THEM like 5 DB (bringing down the volume of the song before you mix of course…then maximize it all back up…u have a maximizer? i use psp vintage warmer, and waves L2 ultramaximizer

  • 4centers

    Whatttttts up Lorin?!!!!!!,

    Ok, as you can tell, I am officially stoked on this PSP Vintage Warmer Plug in! WoW. I've done what you recommended for that Alex Grey track and, dood, DANG! Thank you so much. Those chas on the off beat makes it sound soooooo much better! Also I spread the sub out a bit more and now it is PHATTY BO BATTY! That track is old new now compared to this new one APE SHIT! This is seriously incredible. I would like to share it with for a couple of reasons 1: Its APE SHIT and you deserve to hear it. 2: I would like to hear what you thought of it (knowing that it is of Nectar Quality), hoping that you would consider dropping it @ Tahoe in a couple of weeks. You will be surprised by how massive it is Im telling you!!!! Maybe its not quite there and you require I fix somethings about it. Here is the linked to this phat daddy monster of an ape shit!!!!

    On another note: im pretty sure that you've heard of Monsanto. Pure Evil! Here's the up & up

    During the Bush administration, Monsanto illegally won USDA approval for its genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa by convincing regulators to bypass a mandatory environmental review. In response to a lawsuit by consumer groups, the courts then stepped in and banned GE alfalfa until the USDA followed the law.

    In December, the USDA released its belated review of Monsanto's GE alfalfa seed and determined that Monsanto's alfalfa met the Obama Administration's standards, despite the risk of organic contamination.

    This conclusion came despite the acknowledgment by USDA researchers that GE alfalfa is virtually certain to “contaminate” normal seeds. Cross-contamination is the number one concern with genetically engineered crops.
    Organic contamination is devastating for organic farmers, especially organic dairy farmers, most of whom use organic alfalfa for feed. The presence of even the smallest amount of GE material can cause a farm to lose its organic certification. And court documents indicate that early plantings of GE alfalfa did contaminate conventional alfalfa. Yet the USDA maintains that Monsanto's existing safety protocols are good enough. This is ridiculous!

    Even worse, the USDA concluded that the possibility of contamination of organic fields is of no concern, since consumers won't care if their organic food or milk contains genetically engineered components. Yet central to the definition of the USDA Organic label is the total absence of genetically modified ingredients. An overwhelming majority of consumers buy organic to avoid GE products and would be shocked to learn the USDA is so cavalier about the risks of transgenic contamination.

    The USDA is accepting public comments on Monsanto's application through this WEDNESDAY MARCH 3. If you feel the need to tell the USDA that Monsanto's alfalfa cannot be approved you should because now its alfalfa, next is stuff that tastes better. Here's the link to do that…

    Thanks again for you time, and I appreciate your interest in Ape Shit. Im stoked to hear what you think!

    -) matt

    • 4centers

      PS: I just exported the meat of that track

  • Hey Mr. Bassnectar,

    we reviewed Your remix of the Pixies classic on our blog. Check it out,:


  • Thank you Lorin,
    the show at belly up was incredible, truly a night i will never forget.
    I wish you would've pulled an all-nighter, haha. And thanks for the new transmission too, it's practically been the only thing iv been listening to since i got it. I just cant get enough of it.

  • wompface

    Hey Lorin, i just wanted to see if i can get your professional input on a possible purchase i'm going to make! pretty simple, what production program would you suggest is the best for producing dubstep (other than ableton live)? and do you think it would make sense to buy a mixer over an mpd32? im pretty much a broke college student (not broke enough to see you every time you hit the illinois region, thanks to you!) so my budget is tight which is why im wondering what you think would make the most sense to buy for producing, remixing, et.

  • theoracleofdelphi

    Dear Sir Nectar of the Deities;

    I have a Golden Ticket for you. An opportunity to maybe resolve the conflict that you are leaving little bits o'nectar on the metaphorical cutting room floor. I've twittered you too with *bim zala bim* hopefully its waving the flag of *look the hellenic over here!* 🙂

    It is an opportunity to add a new lens to your frame of reference.

    If you are mildly interested. DEADLINE TODAY!! 03/29/10
    Don't hesititate. Activate. Submit the stuff. I've got the erroneous bs of $ covered. What goes around….does come back around my friend.

    Infinite Love and Blessings.
    Christina J. Hosey aka Trinity Rose Infinity aka The Oracle from Delphi
    Mental Morseler of Infinite Love Artisans: A CoThoughtperative of PatriArtists

    • dear oracle….your note is cryptic and mystifying.

  • 4centers

    Hi Lorin,

    How do I get in touch with Bil Bless?

    • hey! he is super secretive and doesn't like me to tell anyone his contact, im always telling him “DOOOD! you should master everyone” and he is just a super unique creature and doesn't seem interested. that said i am SO LuCKY he does our mastering…he is a genious

      • 4centers

        DANG! Might you lead me in another direction to another not so secretive genious. iLL Gates?

  • 4centers

    DANG! Might you lead me in another direction to another not so secretive genious. iLL Gates?