Bassnectar at the 2010 Bonnaroo Music Fest

February 9th, 2010


broo10_ban_gavippp_300x250Bassnectar’s Summer festival tour wobbles through Manchester, TN for a special performance at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 11, 2010.

Visit for the full festival guide, including the full line-up for the three-day event from June 10th through the 13th.

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20 Responses to “Bassnectar at the 2010 Bonnaroo Music Fest”
  1. h-man says:

    Is bassnectar bringen the wobble to late night @ roo?

  2. Jeremy Talley says:

    hey lorin, are you going to confirm for all good man?

    • Lorin says:

      ask me this on thursday

    • Jeremy Talley says:

      thanks man, and f*** them this year make sure we get a niiiice set w/ you that night.. last year they cut you short.. catching the next few shows coming up on charlottesville, va and b-more.. should be nice.. but can't wait to see you in july either, peace man!

  3. Kaz_carlin says:

    hey lorin im 1 of your biggest fans im 14 and went to your show at the valarium it was sick as hell i was just wondering about bonnaroo because i didnt see you in the lineup

  4. lorin man. thank yooo much for that magical night in charlottesville, VA.. we really love you man and love the positive vibe you give us everytime me and my crew go to your shows we are from VA so anytime you are mid-east coast, we're there! and we are truly inspired by you lorin! we support your music and i hope our contributions from the shows, merch, and other awesome stuff we buy from you merch gril; lauren? or lauri? not real sure…??? i just caught her name back in charlottesville, BUT VERY VERY good people lorin you have with you and please let us know if you or any of the other bassnectar CREWMAN need anything east coast style, we LOVE you here.. come back and see us again soon and until next time we shall support BASSNECTAR FULLY!!! MUCH LOVE BRO, thanks again for doing what you do, you have inspired me fully and filled my life with GREAT people and SOOO MUCH LOVE!!! WE LOVE YOU LORIN until next time bassnectar…. SUMMER CAMP HERE WE COOOOOOME!!!! lets get this summer off riiiight!

  5. mattcrack says:

    I'm headed down from michigan to catch your set for this one. it will be my 5th time seeing you since DEMF last year! ahhh i just wanted to say how unbelievably excited i am. also, i hope i can grab a pic with you since no one believed that i got to meet you at st andrews!

    • Lorin says:

      nice one
      any requests? anything youre sick of? anything you are dying to hear?

      • mattcrack says:

        i'd love to hear underground communication. also, hide and seek as an intro to love here was completely unreal at the fillmore. I'm dying to hear the lions remix from the mixtape, as well. any one of these would make the festival for me

  6. Tyler Behnke says:

    I cannot wait for this. It will be first time seein ya since the canopy club in urbana. SOoo pumped, you had that place bounicn and i can't wait to see what ya got for Bonnaroo!!! Thanks for the kickass music

  7. Mill says:

    Go here and contribute to an awesome glowstick frenzy at the Bassnectar set, 1:30am.

    • Lorin says:

      can i be honest?

      i really REALLY do not like having glowsticks thrown at me,

      there i said it.

      i love enthusiasm…i love a good frenzy…i love revelry and abandon, but glowsticks….

      it is probably one of the most annoying interruptions to deal with, not to mention THEY FUCKING HURT.

      and i realize for most people its a sign of enthusiasm, and that is AWESOME.
      but for every 1000 people going apeshit and making a colorful storm in the sky, there is always one douche bag
      who thinks it would be funny to throw a glowstick straight at my head (my eye) and it absolutely sucks.

      please tell your friends: do not throw glowsticks, or anything whatsoever, at the stage when i am playing music. and if you see anyone doing it, beat them mercilessly. 😉
      no, do not beat them, i am kidding, but stop them.

      words really cannot express how much glowsticks annoy me.

      viva enthusiasm.

  8. CAnt waiT Bonnaroo is gonna be so Massive Lorin make sure you kill it! See everyone there driving up from Miami tomorrow…. WOMP WoMP woMP!!!

  9. Matt Corey says:

    It would be amazing if you would play “So Butterfly” that track sent chills. I've seen you a few times and you make each time amazing. At All Good I look forward to an amazing time. You play on my day of birth which has to be one of the most awsome things that has happened all year.

  10. Huskieszeuse says:

    You need to put up your photos from Bonnaroo!!!!! I WANNA SEE THEM! I WAS THERE!

  11. Huskieszeuse says:

    You need to put up your photos from Bonnaroo!!!!! I WANNA SEE THEM! I WAS THERE!

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