8/21/10: Bassnectar at the House of Blues in Chicago

March 26th, 2010


hummerspring210x3001Following the show STS9 show, head over the the House of Blues for a 2-hour Bassnectar late-night bassquake set to rumble the rafters on August 21, 2010. This event will feature support from LoBounce (Ghetto sexuual.)

The show is part of the 2010 Summer tour celebrating the release of the Timestretch EP – available now in the little shop at Bassnectar Labs along with special collectors, DJ, and Tour packs.

And be sure to grab the latest gift from the Bassnectar Labs: Bassnectar’s Magical Worlds… a musical mutant marriage between elements of “Timestretch’ and Nelly Furtado’s classic “Turn Out The Lights.” Turn it up!

Grab the free music before the show from the sidebar… or head over to http://timestretch.bassnectar.net to check out the release. 100% bangers perfect for the prequel to the massive bassquake that will drop down at the HOB.

House of Blues Chicago is located at 329 N. Dearborn St., Chicago IL 60610

This is a 17+ event. Doors open at 11:30pm


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  • I saw you at the last house of blues performance here, this one will be equally as rage!! =))))

  • patrickkk

    I just got back from seeing you at Summercamp… All I can say is “OH MY GAWD” literally amazing! That was my sixth time seeing you, and it just gets better and better EVERY time. Words can not explain how ridiculously hard I raged last Friday thanks to you Lorin.

    When I got back I found out that sadly I had missed out on the auction for the VIP meet 'n greet passes in Chicago. When I found out they only went for $240 for 2 tickets it made me super pissed because I would have paid more than that! Well looks like I'll have to just buy the $30 ticket and hope I can get lucky enough to run into you. 🙂 I don't know if I can wait all the way until august to see you, maybe I'll have to venture to allgood or bonaroo.

    Thanks so much for melting my face. <3

    PS: Sorry for all the people hitting you in the eyes with glowsticks, rest assured I've never thrown a glowstick at you and never will. 🙂

    • 1. thanks for the words about the glosticks..i think some people think i LIKE it, so let them know: i dont
      2. meet and greet tickets? i dont even know what that is, its prolly a STS9 thing? i usually get into the crowd after a show anyhow

      • patrickkk

        Yeah meet and greet! That's funny as hell you don't even know haha.. It's right above these posts, or here http://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/item/Item

        The money earned is being donated to charity. 🙂

        For some reason I never hang around after the shows, I'll have to make a point to try and get to meet you at the next show I go to! 🙂

        Oh and by the words you said after your show @ summercamp you surely did not sound like you LIKED being hit with glowsticks. But yet, some fucked up people decided to continue to throw them at you. 🙁 It makes me sad, I hope it doesn't make you so mad you stop a show, or stop touring all together! <3

        • yah, i can totally picture the type too…some 15 year old kid who is so insecure and uncomfortable that all they can do to cope with the power of the bass is assert whatever shreds of possible dominance they have by goofing off, like blowing spit balls in class.

          the ironic thing, is those are the kids i want to give the music to the most!

      • DJ Mustakrish

        I hope I run into you so you can sign my prosthetic Leg! SOUND CRAZY, I KNOW but the thing is, I believe in luck. You would be more of an honor to me than tiesto or benassi's signature. I blame them for my luck as a DJ! I NEED YOU TO SIGN IT!

        Hey, have you ever thought about doing a Remix to Bohemian rhapsody? if anyone could pull it off and make it insane, it would be bassnectar! Get back at me with what you think!?

      • Meg

        We saw you at Turner Hall in Milwaukee.My friends and I got totally, what we call, BASSNECTARED. We were all blown away.It was so crazy that we were like puddles walking back to our hotel. You are the best keep doin what your doin….I Love It!!!!!Cant wait to see ya at HOB

  • dustin

    i just purchased 2 day sts9 tix for H.O.B. and aragon ballroom in chicago, the bassnectar official afterparty was posted on that same page, im just curious if the bassnectar show is included w those tix or if i need a seperate ticket for the official afterparty?

    • Hey Dustin,
      The afterparty is not included in the tickets for the STS9 event.

      • Jessica Hopkins

        thanx for the info i just bought tix for after party!!! see ya there!!!

  • Aeplaya281

    a bro is sts9 gunna be at house of blues too cause on there web site it says they are?

  • I wanna buy a ticket and see you in Chicago! Just saw you at Waka for the first time – WOW!!! Amazingggg! I just need to figure out a way to get from KCMO to Chicago 🙂
    (and back lol).

    • yah, “and back” is definitely an issue, huh?

    • Ameena Payne

      WAKA WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!

      • Yes it was! Looking forward to next years too! 🙂

      • Yes it was! Looking forward to next years too! 🙂

  • DougE

    Yo Mr. Nectar, I have been realizing that out of the 10 times i have seen you so far this year, you have maintained to be a constant “Master of the Ceremony.” But there is one show that sticks out of em' all and thats definitely CHI-town HOB weekend after Halloween, you through the house down, killed your whiskey, and forgot that you weren't on Indy time anymore. Do me this favor and kill this f*ckin set dood, theres no place/time better, we ragin it till 4 in the mornin fool!

  • James

    Lorin i saw you in the D at the fillmore in april this year and you womped the shit out of us i am coming to HOB and i am prepared to womp for hours again and never want to leave just like in the D and hopefully you dont womp to hard and fry your computers

  • James

    oh and you and the crew should come to traverse city cuz we got a huge crew that would be there in a second you could even do it on the open space looking over the bay and have the huge bass just travel!

    • hopefully we will get as close as possible….got mad lov for MICHIGANANDAGAIN

  • chicagobeatfreak

    Everywhere i go it is not clear. Lorin, will you be performing with STS9 at Aragon Ballroom or just at the after party?

    Thanks!. Also the last chicago HOB show was incredible. All of my friends still rant and rave about it. Hopefully i can make it out for this one.

    • JUST the afterparty at the House of Blues, buddy. Ticketing is separate.

  • Sma26ob1

    Are these tickets sold out??? I can't seem to buy them on ticketmaster or online anywhere…? I really hope not because I have been looking forward to this for a long time. And can you buy a package deal for the Aragon and HOB for Saturday? Or do they have to be seperate? STS9's site does not make that clear.

    • Hanson37

      ive got 2 tickets. call me at 847 915 5340

      • Looks like the tickets are back up at the link above. But hurry, they're going quick!

        • Sma26ob1

          Thanks, got them!! But daaaamn – almost $45 a piece?? Ticketmaster/Live Nation really screws people over with those fees. Since HOB seems to sell out pretty fast I would suggest Lorin maybe pick a different/larger spot next time he comes through Chi. Also it would be much easier on the fans if tickets were able to be bought through a local ticket/event service such as Silver Wrapper or JamUSA. The Congress, Park West, and Portage Theatre all come to mind.

          • I know! We abhor those fees and ticketmaster itself. We try our best to get fan ticketing allotment on the site without the fees, but those always sell out early. Next time, if you check the tour schedule as soon as you hear about the show, you can probably avoid those fees (and supporting ticketmaster…)

          • Sma26ob1

            Gotcha, will do in the future.

            Just an fyi though, try contacting Silver Wrapper before booking the next show in Chicago and I think it will be beneficial to both the artist and the fans.

          • yeah i hear ya! (thats why we push advance tickets here on the site, to AVOID those dumb ass fees)

            THe problem is that any venue is gonna have these fees. Congress & Park West are the same…same as the Riviera and the Aragon.

            it has broken my heart dealing with this shit, but ive come to realize there is no way around it. They control all the good venues, so the bigger/better the venue, the more lame the ticket fees are…

          • Sma26ob1

            I got ya Lorin. It aint a big deal. I will most likely be going regardless of where Ticketmaster decides to rape me. Portage Theatre recently reopened on the Northwest Side though – and Silver Wrapper has usually kept the ticket fees to a minimum since they manage to sell them through their site. EOTO has played there maybe 3 times over the past couple years and every time it has been an all out war zone (in a good way)… sick venue if your looking to switch it up.

      • Ilovetacos37

        Hey man are they floor tickets?

        • Believe they're general admission but you might want to call the HOB.

    • Hey SMA, they aren't available right now but we're checking to see if more will be released. A ticket to the STS9 show DOES NOT get you into the Bassnectar show.

  • jus got tickets at the box office today. general admission. there opera boxes but im hopin to make my way to the pit somehow.

  • Cant believe this sold out ALREADY this is going to be a good show cant wait!!!

  • justeen Schultz

    IF ANYONE HAS REASONABLE TICKETS AVAIL. for the chi town show PLEASE CONTACT ME AT phishinkid@yahoo.com asap

  • Cashmoney989898

    Sold out ahh crap….well to make me feel better because I will probably miss this show….Lorin wanna hookup the sound guy is my target remix, now that rusko came out with it, I want to have your 320 to play instead

  • natalia


    haha! foreal! hook it up! you're my fucking fav!@


  • chicagobeatfreak

    sold out?! ;-[ ;-[ ;-[ been lookin forward to this for months. damn it. See you next year i guess…

  • Pointynumber

    Sold out? What the fuck.

    • If tickets were to happen to go on sale for another event, you should definitely get them earlier…

  • Goldynvanillaface

    can you still get tickets on the day of at hob even though it says its sold out???? been waiting for this concert all summer :(((((

    • Anonymous

      i feeeeeeeel your pain.

    • Anonymous

      i feeeeeeeel your pain.

    • Anonymous

      i feeeeeeeel your pain.

    • Anonymous

      i feeeeeeeel your pain.

    • Anonymous

      i feeeeeeeel your pain.

  • Camfsmctc

    he is still playing another show in chicago like two days before halloween and i think milwaukee the day before halloween.

  • opie783

    yo so i booked a hotel for the 21st for your show should've i booked for the 20th? if you could tell me if i clucked up that would be tight so i know if i need to rebook

    • ExtremeAwakening

      I think depends on your travel plans. If you're planning on getting into the city on the 21st and just staying overnight then you're fine. Though those 11:00 AM check-out times are always such a bitch after an awesome night of music. Enjoy!

  • Ashley

    Is the Bassnectar show at H.O.B. on the friday night after sts9, or is it on saturday night after the sts9 show at Aragon?

    • Dunwody

      Doors are at 11:30p on Saturday 8.21.10 after the Aragon show.

      • Cant wait driving up from Miami for this one!!!

        • cwoz

          that is great we drove from michigan(2 hrs north of chicago) to see him at ultra.. see you there!!

          • Yeah saw him at ultra to of course as I live 45min away from it lol. His set in the Dome was GOdLY!!!

        • Jennyseidel88

          my god! if that isn’t love i don’t know what is!! can’t wait for that WOMP!!!!

        • Jennyseidel88

          my god! if that isn’t love i don’t know what is!! can’t wait for that WOMP!!!!

  • cwoz


    do you remember the picture i sent you of my friends lip with the nectar tattoo? well, it just so happens to be her 21st birthday on august 21st when you play in chicago at house of blues, and coming from her best friend trust me it would MAKE her bday 100x greater than its allready going to be if she could say hi to you at some point! if this is at all possible let me know,, thanks :):)

  • Hondachilton

    2 hour set??? It originally said 11:30 – 4:30. Which is it?

    • Lorin will be on for about 2 hours, the info here is generally your best bet when getting down to the nitty gritty… Where did it say he was playing for 5 hours?

      • Hondachilton

        I had primarily been assuming, per the times listed for the show. Now I just wonder who else is play?

  • Aeplaya281

    who else is gunna play that night??

    • Just confirmed 🙂 We've also got LoBounce (Ghetto sexuual) Listening to his stuff now at the labs. Groovin.

  • Can you Please play this song in Chicago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuJGryCGRWM !!!
    sounds so good Lorin any other new songs would be greatly appreciated thanks see you in CHICAGO!

  • Tkf231

    Gold Dust (flux). I heard it my first time in your set at Forecastle. NASTY!! Anyway that's my request for Chicago TOMORROW!! Other than that just wanna hear some b-nec classics. I will be armed to the teeth with glowsticks (and other substances). Can't fuckin wait!!

  • LAHockey21


  • LAHockey21