Bassnectar at Camp Bisco 9

March 3rd, 2010


Camp Bisco

Bassnectar will be a featured performer at Camp Bisco 9 (July 15th thru 17th 2009) in beautiful Mariaville, New York at the Indian Lookout Country Club.

Camp Bisco 9 Artists include: The Disco Biscuits, LCD Soundsystem, Ween, Thievery Corporation, Girl Talk, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Major Lazer, Diplo, The New Deal, Rusko, Aeroplane, The Album Leaf, Brothers Past, Dieselboy, Gift of Gab (Of Blackalicious), SOJA, Kill The Noise and over 40 more artists!

In addition to 4 stages (including a dj tent and a late night dance tent), the event will include car camping for all, a VIP area, food vendors, arts and craft vendors, non-profit information booths, kids activities, art installations, showers, attended flush toilets, and Camp Bisco’s annual color war. For additional information and ticket info please visit

What’s New For Camp Bisco 9?

  • Surround Sound in the late night dance tent
  • New Dance Tent location – High and Dry
  • 2 Stages in the main concert field for nonstop music during the day
  • Sunrise Silent Disco with some of your favorite Camp Bisco acts
  • More staff at the front gate for faster and easier entry
  • Local artists and performing arts stage
  • Two Levels of Ultimate VIP Experience
  • Bill Me Later option for ticket purchases (90 day interest free payment plan)

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46 Responses to “Bassnectar at Camp Bisco 9”
  1. bassfreak says:

    sooo pumped ur back this year…i will definetly be there

  2. Madisonmarker says:


  3. bassface3000 says:


  4. Inspirethemasses says:

    My power animal is the Dub Panther… it stealthy infiltrates peoples beings with resonant vibrations as it silently walks on its padded feet…and just when the time is right it strikes with its claws of bass to deprogram and reformat the conscioussness of all though stuck in the matrix. Dub panther power is harnessed for the collective because once the claws come out the footsteps will act as earthquakes within the souls of all and then all shall rejoice in celebration… if anyone has ever been to a bassnectar show and especially this past coachella set… you would have felt the presence of the Dub Panther

  5. Tesla9892 says:

    After researching the venue and musicians involved….can't be anything but a Horse…how that horse is interpreted….flaming mane and tail….riding a lightning bolt….thunderous hooves….yep, has to be a horse.

  6. Moocow389 says:

    My power animal is…a Firebirdsmurfadragonicken. It's got the magic abilities and blue tint of a smurf, combined with the wheels (for feet) of a Firebird, the head of a dragon and the body of a chicken.

  7. James says:

    my power animal is the tiger; not the king of the jungle, but not to be fucked with either and still ferocious!

  8. dmgreen says:

    I would have to say that my power animal would be a panda bear with lazer cannons for arms. Then I could stomp around in my dub bootz shooting lazers at people while we all get nasty on the dance floor then chill with my bamboo shoots on the late night. Have you ever seen such a majestic creature get so down?

  9. Hbaxter1 says:

    my power animal is the dubstep dinosaur! Rrrraaarrrr! πŸ™‚

  10. Liz says:

    A giant panda!!!

  11. Goldneagle411 says:

    hands down, i would be the rabbit from monty python crossed with a lyger- big fangs and big talons.

  12. Liz says:

    bc…they are friendly and rare but are wompable. They don't hurt anybodyy

  13. Andrewleefrench says:

    My SPIRIT ANIMAL is the AUROCH!!!! Once a mighty mover to the ways of the DUB, the now extinct AUROCH lived in India 2 million years ago. He now comes out of retirement only during BASSNECTAR sets at CAMP BISCO, where fire and lightening are frequently seen emanating from his powerfully magical snout. He also gives pony rides.

  14. Theseerofbmx says:

    well its not to sure on what animal I am to say I have a deep connection with the whole of the animal kingdom and the earth under our feet , but I believe that the animal you fear most would be the animal you are most like , so I would say I m the Adenocarcinoma virus, it a disease where you can t stop moving , and thats just what I get at your shows , and it s scary, I love your Music and can t wait to hear more

  15. Indie says:

    id def have to say a luck dragon… just like falcor from neverending story =)

    • Lorin says:

      i thought you said The Love Dragon.

      i want to switch my power animal to The Love Dragon.

      T.L.D. doesn't hurt anybody, s/he just blasts the basssslines πŸ™‚

  16. James O'Connor says:

    I would have 2 say ….. I would have 2 go with a “Platarock “O” Ry-napuss”. Ha! yeeeah. One of the funkiest creatures to walk the lands, known for his sludge funk, & wibbly wobblin walk. Part Mistik fog machine creature,& platypus,Ry no ,& crock. It likes to float on giant bubbles & ride lasers.

  17. tim fox says:

    my creature would be an elephant with super sonic hearing…that way no one could make fun of my huge ears….

  18. Melot77 says:

    my power animal is the Gibbon because its super playful and musically talented

  19. Liberatedmind5 says:

    Ah this is probly my last chance to go to Camp, here goes: My power animal would have to beeee, I'd say a human being! More specifically myself. I find strength within myself and draw positive energy from it and unleash it in a way that effects all other animals around me in an spectacular way! I've just recently been in a car accident and am being sued by the other party for way more than me or my family can afford so Bisco is now out of the question for me unlessss a little comment goes a looo000oonnng way;)

  20. laynasty says:

    the best beast of them all…the sloth…probably the most laid back son of a gun out there

  21. Benjjammin says:

    my power animal is definitely a Gamma Goblin.
    What a pack of ferocious creatures! The ones you described sound all cute and cuddly, to be honest. So what do they do, do they hide the scary ones away from you at night? Well i think there are snakes, and leopards, but i haven't quite come to that yet…………..
    Those of you who know a Gamma goblin, know how to get down.

  22. Maxschreifels says:

    My power animal would be a CIVIT ( a cat like creature that SHITS coffee beans people pay $575 apound for ). From any angle that SHITS funny !

  23. The Albatross… quiet, powerful, strong, wings… the biggest of all birds + rescuers down under is boss… gives the rescuers a ride from the top of a high rise building in NYC down under to the deserts of Australia… I love that scene where all the airport mice are working at getting the albatross to fly by catapulting him off the top of a SKYSCRAPER… robin williams is the MAN

  24. Imran Hossain says:

    The Serpent. Whenever I am one with the energy of Bassnectar a serpent appears enlightening me, pulling together everyone's energy into one massive live perfomance.

    womp-womp-womp-womp womp– wapwap womp-womp BASSHEAD

  25. Whitney Mayes says:

    If you're looking for power house animals look no further than your own fans, the bassheads. You see them on a daily basis desquised as your neighborhood grocery checkout girl, or your dentist, or even your mom! But when they get in the natural environment of heavy base, crazy lights, and of course their leader, Lorin, watch them turn into fucking ANIMALS! Sweaty, dehydrated, big pupiled ANIMALS.

  26. Joshua Simon says:

    My PowerHouse animal would be the CozABee! Every time you drink its honey all you can hear for the next minute is the sweet Bass Lines that the Nectar gives to fulfill your body for your Divine Intervention!

  27. The perfect powerhouse animal at Camp would be your friendly neighborhood Rancor, Francis. He knows how to skank and step hardcore to the bass. He can put you on his shoulders (with friends), and has a banging recipe for quesadillahzzz (everyone likes quesadillahzz). In the slight chance that the weather turns he will shield you from the storms…what a good civilized dude. We could learn a thing or two from Rancors :]

  28. Max Quick says:

    The good friendly animal the babysitter….runs threw the crowd alway having a good time pop up with a handfull of glow sticks just to throw your party into a little better fun for those big eyed peoples getting down to some grungy beats, always has some water for the cat partying so hard they forget to drink, first to help someone when things get “overwhelming” and they start fishing out, has the best party favors for all the good kids, and always shows the people around them how to get real down and dirty letting them big bass hits move them and of course their beautiful dreads

  29. Bstephenson20 says:

    the best or the best power animal is…….Drunken Santa watch him get drunk and give out free presents to everyone what a day it will be running around with free beers and joints and all the clumsiness u could ever see watch him fall into the fire, pass out get sticks piled on his face, and much more accompanied by ROCKSTAR STATUS himself facebook it

  30. bert says:

    I am the beast…let me explain.

    Smilin and sippin im feelin fine
    99 bottles and a glass of wine
    lookin real fly and smellin like a flower
    dont tempt me girl i got a magical power
    Im smarter, and taller, and richer, and better
    Its like your american, and I am Chedder
    Every move you make ill shut you down
    Make you look foolish like a mother fucking clown
    Im the popular one im the smarter one
    I got goin what you aint even begun
    I got all the toys and all the friends
    Every single beginning i got the mother fucking ends
    Look at me im droppin on bassnectars floor
    You aint got game better head for the door
    I can take more shots i can drink more booze
    Any way you wanna look at it you fucking loose
    4.0 is my gpa
    I own this shit every single day
    Smoke and drink and party all night
    I dont stop till im high as a kite.
    Blowin up parties with the bassnectar crew
    Im contagious bitch, like the swine flew
    Once i touch you wont be able to resist
    Crossin that shit off my bucket list
    Now go on fuckers and make me a feast
    There's no other way to put it im the best fuckin BEAST!

  31. bassfreak says:

    so the setlist came out today…what is a set break? cuz thats what it says u are playing…i hope its a full 1 to 2 hour set…anything less would suck and borderline make me not wanna go anymore…u and pretty lights are who i wanna see them most at bisco and ur all playing a set break

    • Lorin says:

      for bisco?

      oh yah, its straight…its an hour in the dead of night and last time it was SLAYYYYYYY-BAAAAAAAAAAAG

      no worries!

      i'll be back in NYC in late august as well

      • bassfreak says:

        word thats great news…i guess one hour is better than nothing…but i really do wish they would give u like a 2 hour set at least…ur one of the biggest artists there…please play that massive attack remix, shit is dirty

        and ya i will also be at electric zoo so ill be seeing you there..and ill probly hit up ur fall tour too

        • Lorin says:

          haha right on, thanks man. when we cruise through on tour this fall i do lonnnnnng sets everynight till i meltdown

          • EatBombRage says:

            ALL GOOD late night SET!!.beats the bass outta last years 45 min huh?..when ya did alotta livin in the past 6 minuites…WOO!!

          • bassfreak says:

            oh yeah i know…i saw u at the paradise in boston last november and in northampton in april…both times u played like 2 and a half hour sets i think…not too many artists play sets that long…i definely appreciate it

            i cant wait til i see ur fall tour schdeule, ill definetly hit up one show…maybe 2 or 3 if theres enough shows in the area…i cant get enough of your music

          • Lorin says:

            nice one!
            hopefully 2 or 3 then

  32. Dweiner91420 says:

    BETTER HEAR som freakbeats for beatfreaks this bisco!

  33. Jdamic550 says:

    i will never buy anything from you guys again.. never got any of my merch in the mail.. jon damico

    • Lorin says:

      hey buddy.

      that is horrible
      did you contact customer service?
      as im sure you can imagine, no band does their own merch fullfillment. We are no exception.
      We have a company that does it (inTicketing) and if you have ANY problems you simply need to contact them.
      it is inexcusable that you not recieve the highest level of customer service.

      i will email you personally and make sure you get what you need!

  34. Lusciouslester says:

    your set was fuckin epic

  35. Lusciouslester says:

    your set was fuckin epic

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