Bassnectar to Release ‘Timestretch’

March 5th, 2010



Just in time for Spring comes Bassnectar’s ‘Timestretch EP, a five-track roller coaster ride through the amusement park of amorphous bass music. Heavy and hard hitting, these songs were created to meltdown dance floors and cross-pollinate genres.

The release, distributed worldwide by Bassnectar’s Amorphous Music label, includes a collaboration with Amorphous Music prodigy Jantsen, as well as guest vocals by Ranking Joe, bonus remixes by MRK1, West Coast Lo Fi, and Hallow Point’s SPL, and a special Bassnectar & ill.Gates remix of Maximum featuring La Methode by Ninja Tune’s infamous DJ Vadim.

Track Listing

1. Bassnectar – Here We Go
2. Bassnectar – Bass Head
3. Bassnectar & Jantsen – Blast Off
4. Bassnectar – Timestretch
5. DJ Vadim – Maximum ft. La Methode (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)
6. Bassnectar – Timestretch (West Coast Lo Fi Remix)
7. Bassnectar – Bass Head (SPL Remix)
8. Bassnectar – Bass Head (MRK1 Remix)

‘Timestretch’ will debut on March 30, 2010 to follow Bassnectar’s performance at the Ultra Music Fest during the Winter Music Conference. The bass bath continues with a 30-date tour including appearances at Bonnaroo and Coachella music festivals with late night performance during the New Orleans Jazz Festival at the House of Blues.

Amorphous Music has also teamed up with Miami dubstep record label Basshead Music for the limited edition vinyl release of ‘Bass Head’, as well as the Bassnectar remix of ‘Teleport Massive’ from last year’s chart topping ‘Cozza Frenzy’ album release.

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Visit the Tour Section for a full list of performance dates. Visit the Press Kit Section for head shots, bios, and graphics.

  • chris

    fuck man i cant wait till the 30th! im ganna die of non face melting action…… its soo boring!! and come back to trashville tn!!

  • Can not wait.

  • bjmurray

    bought on beatport but didn't give it to me!!!!

    • eh?

      • bjmurray

        no worries i figured it out
        first time using beatport
        my bad

  • ezdubzit

    Your show in salt lake was so fucking dope, melted my face off. loving the new cd too. i was so excited when i heard you play some of ur new stuff. keep up making sick tracks man

    • thanks!
      it is soooo fun to play mutations of my music…every night it feeels like it takes on new life
      i still get goosebumps when i play Ready TO Rage even…a year and a half later i go bananas inside whenever it drops

  • Tjsfly

    Syracuse was awesome! hahah like Lorin you did amazing i think its awesome that someone can be so passionate about music and always make it amazing haha thats what i want to be doing.. i was rockin out to timestretch in school with a bassnectar t-shirt on now they want to drug test me .. fuck themm

    • ginger_tina

      awesommeeee 😀

  • we write Cozza Frenzy-Melamin&Wicked Sway /Neurodub remix/
    is completed
    and it is perfectly.
    and I want to send it to you.
    Please listen to this
    and let me know what you think.
    and i send u Wav format
    this is youtube video on it remix ( )
    u have AIM?
    my AIM – neomelamin
    Myspace –

  • G Val

    Yo Lorin, any clue when you might make it back to the Oklahoma area?? You rocked my socks off at Waka this year and that was my first time to see you live!! shocking i know… ha ha but man I love what you are doing, you have my friends and I transforming into straight up BASS HEADS! ha ha ha

  • Dr.Dre

    Lorin, will you play Maximum in Montreal for The Piknic Electronik ? please, please, please,please 🙂

    • thats a godamn BRILLIANT request!!!

  • ginger_tina

    definitely an epic album!
    looking forward to getting my brain mashed by the bass and womps when i see you live! 🙂

  • Basshead

    add the family photo from nocturnal!

  • Basshead


  • Ajlangdon3

    Come to Seattle! also ever considered remixing or sampling this song?

  • Ajlangdon3

    Come to Seattle! also ever considered remixing or sampling this song?

  • AndrewAA

    When are you guys going to get more hypish t shirts. I'm dying for one!

  • AndrewAA

    When are you guys going to get more hypish t shirts. I'm dying for one!

  • stoicdistortion

    Any chance of your return to Canandaigua any time in the near future?

  • Isn’t there supposed to be a free download somewhere on this page?

    • Chris Basscrew

      Doesn’t appear to be one on this page, but all of our free downloads are listed and available here:

      • Lee

        Uhm… That link takes you back to the page that links to this one… Am I missing something here?

        • Chris Basscrew

          Correct you can get to this page from that one – I was merely giving him the location of all our available free downloads.

      • Thank you!