Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado

March 22nd, 2010


Nelly Furtado

It is a musical mutatant marriage between elements of my song ‘Timestretch’ and Nelly Furtado’s classic ‘Turn Out The Lights’. A few weeks ago i heard a bootleg by SLOF MAN; a dope remix of Nelly Furtado’s song, but his bassline was NOTE FOR NOTE identical to Timestretch. My first thought was “oh daym this is going to mix perfectly with timestretch” and as i listened more i decided to take the mix further. So i re-tuned elements of my track, and re-mixed it into a more straightforward arrangement, laid bits of the acapella over the beats, and went to work. My buddy Sayr even suggested a different melodic idea for the bassline, and my homies at Arlyn Studios in Austin stretched and edited her vocals, doing micro-tuning and loving it up. It was a group effort, and of course it is an unofficial bootleg, i decided to call it ‘Magical World’. I played it on repeat all weekend and on multiple occasions my body was helplessly covered in waves of goosebumps. I was overcome by thoughts of how special it is to be alive, and how magical it truly is!!!

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120 Responses to “Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado”
  1. nicktime says:

    you rock. keep it comin, lorin

  2. superkali says:

    our fav Canadian sweetie pie Nelly with the usual big bass hauntings and grooviness of Master Bassnectar…….saweeeet!!!

  3. Loooooove it. can't wait to hear what you have up your ear sleeves for coachella… : )

  4. Bassmagnet says:

    Thank you for the beautiful music Lorin!

  5. Kid Khaos says:

    I enjoy the deep and intelligent music you do. Keep that shit coming!!

  6. StephanieEra says:

    I absolutely love magical world so much!!! When I was a little girl and this Nelly Furtado song came out, I stayed up all night and floated out to the middle of a lake on a tiny floaty with smiley faces on it, holding my portable CD player above the water and staring at the stars. It seriously brings me back!!! I always wanted to hear this re-mixed, you just made a dream come true. MAD LOVE

  7. Great track Lorin! I love that loopy driving bass that never stops… where notes simply flow from one to another without the definitive pause between tones. Great Job

  8. petrapixipan says:


  9. jman33 says:

    Just hearing your description has given me goosebumps. I have loved watching your progression as an artist (from shambhala to coachella) and the amazing, original music that has driven it. Keep pushing new sounds, tempos, and basslines!!

  10. Andy_wid says:

    You saved my life, no joke

  11. maui2nyc says:

    knock knock…NYC beckons for a smasha …

  12. Citruth says:

    Big up from cold Siberia man $)
    Thank you for this tune – it'll melt ice on our dubstep dancefloors $)

    Hope to meet in future $)

    from Russia with respect

  13. tyleristyler says:

    hey! so i know you love music. the other day im drivin around listening to Magical World and thought to my self, “you know what would be awesome? If lorin remixed Aqueous transmission by Incubus.” The song moves me, and your music moves me even more; so the two would be amazing. if you have never heard it, give it a listen

    maybe one day my mind will be more blown that it already is. hahah. 😛


  14. kcb says:

    this shit is the shit ! fucking goes hard!!!!! hardest track ive heard in a while – eating it up..awesome video of it on youtube with some really cool imagery cant wait to see u in Texas again

  15. Daniela Goel says:

    Hey listen up this track is on my RADIO SHOW “Iron Ears” coming up next month! I'll let you know all the details, please contact me through facebook (because I couldn't find another way…) and as KCB said before- yo this shit is tha shyat! MORE PLEASE!!

    Peace from Israel

  16. nathanielknobel says:

    When I went to your show in Lawrence in '09, it completely changed my entire outlook on music. No joke. The entire loving atmosphere completely blew my mind that night, and I have been looking for songs that take me back to that moment and this is defiantly one of them. That concert was well worth the 6 hour drive one way. Props for putting on such a great show.

    • Lorin says:

      hell yah!!!!
      it is an honor and a pleasure to voyage town to town and share music and good energy and watch people meltdown and go BONKERRRRRS

  17. Jupiter says:

    “By normal functioning the sense-minds grasp appropriate elements of their external world, by which sensation and perception arise at once and by degrees in every sense-organ and every sense-mind, in the pores of the skin, and even in the atoms that make up the body, by which the whole field is apprehended like a mirror reflecting objects, and not realizing that the external world itself is only a manifestation of mind.” I'm reading an annotated version of the Buddhist Bible. i read this excerpt; all the elements you use in your music, and also at the live shows, how the sensations and perceptions occurring throughout each individual fan, run/skip/jump hand in hand into Bassland. You've come a long way. I can't wait to see you at 🙂

    • Lorin says:

      what is sense-minds?

      • Chrissy says:

        I was interested in what this guy had to say, and asked him what he thought. This is what he said:
        “What's being described here is, in philosophy, “sensory impressions upon the consciousness”. Anything “known” (knowledge or inferences derived) because of the senses is referred to (again in western philosophy) as *a
        posteriori* knowledge; rather, knowledge or knowing that is a result of or dependent upon experience (which is typically inductive by nature). *A posteriori* knowledge is, for example, the knowledge that touching a hot stove hurts because you at one point DID touch a hot stove and it DID hurt (sensory impression upon your consciousness).

        The reciprocal of *a posteriori* knowledge is *a priori* knowledge; rather, knowledge or knowing independent of experience (which is typically deductive by nature). *A priori* knowledge is, for [classical]

        Socrates is a man,
        All men are mortal,
        Therefore Socrates is mortal.

        The premise “Socrates is a man” may be *a posteriori* knowledge (you saw Socrates with your eyes so you know he is a man and not a dog) and the premise “All men are mortal” may also be *a posteriori* knowledge (thus far no one has witnessed a man that *hasn't* died) but the inference “Therefore Socrates is mortal” is *a priori* knowledge because you are not deriving the inference from having seen Socrates NOT be mortal, you are deriving it from given premises.

        Another example of *a priori* knowledge would be the axioms of mathematics, or fundamental rules of logic – “things” that are known but cannot be experienced directly by the physical senses.

        Intuition, telepathy, thought, etc… belong to this class of knowledge.

        His statement that degrees of perception and sensation occur at the atomic and organ level is misinformed. Atoms are the smallest unit of motion that occur in the Universe (assuming a Universe of motion, not a Universe of matter). Therefore, the conjunction and disjunction of motion with other motion units (atoms) creates distortions. On the grand scheme of things, the simple act of being touched is a cascade of these distortions up the hierarchy of compound motions (atoms that create chemicals that create larger units of material all the way up to your sense organs and nervous system) that results in the firing of nerves and the sensory impression of “being touched”. But sensation and perception are in a different context on the “atomic” level than they are on the body/psyche level.

        > “…whole field is apprehended like a mirror reflecting objects…”

        This statement is largely true, the senses are only relaying “their”
        interpretation of the external world – hence, I prefer the statement “You create your own *illusion*” over “You create your own *reality*”.

        > “…not realizing that the external world itself is only a
        > manifestation of mind.”

        More like a *projection* of mind.

        His “sense-mind” concept is what I would consider the Ego complex within the Psyche. The Ego complex is the sum whole of all cells in the body (think of the “Internet” as the sum whole of all the computers that are on it), this includes cells that contribute to sensation.

        He is also misusing the term “perception”. Perception is a passive experience and because the Ego is not an unconscious aspect of the psyche (it is the most conscious because it *is* the part of the mind to intercept sensory impressions!). Technically, it is *apperception*; rather, fully conscious awareness, or *active* rather than passive perception.

        The unconscious is *perceptive* while the conscious is *apperceptive*.

        Much of personal development, spiritual growth, and individuation is focused on becoming apperceptive of other parts of the consciousness that are unconscious and unclaimed; such as the Anima (feminine) and Animus (masculine).”

        I hope this helps explain your question.

        • Chrissy says:

          I meant to say, I was interested in what this guys had to say, so i asked my boyfriend what he had to say about this, since we have had numerous talks on subjects like this one. This is what my boyfriend had to say (above).

        • Daysha says:

          Perhaps the unclaimed is simply the undiscovered, lying dormant with a perceptive giggle under the weight of apperceptive theory.

  18. Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii says:

    A beautiful reflection of the magical world we live in, that never ceases to surprise!
    I will share your creations with the jungles of Borneo and beyond!

  19. anonymud says:

    where is the axual link?

  20. ndmeador says:

    I appreciate the free downloads! Hopefully I'll make it to the Fillmore Detroit show in April

  21. fccoppastriker123 says:

    You should def come to philly or camden. you would get a great crowd

  22. kendei says:

    keep it comin baby grrr havent heard a bad track yettttttttttti! lookin foward to friday so i can pick up dat new album, its payday yeeeeeeee

  23. Amanda says:

    FRIDAY- Can't Wait To Get My Ears On It! Thanks !

  24. matsK says:

    Yo, thanks for the show in South Lake. Everyone had a fuckin BLAST!!! Please come back to Tahoe!

  25. This is so insanely hellacious and sexy. I'm digging this tunege. You guys never lose my attention.

  26. Ryan says:

    sick lorin, you never cease to amaze….carborro, nc is ready for another blow-out. half the town was walking sideways for a week last time. thanks dude

  27. spyerall says:

    Happy as a clam I am…..and i totally enjoy running into you at the cafes around town…makes berkeley feel like a good hub

  28. eddiechavez says:

    Mr. Lo-Lo, wuudup man, slammin track… and as always your art in music Never ceases to amaze me. Cant wait to catch the Coachella performance and btw, just finished downloading the new EP =)

  29. andrew t says:

    lorin you are completely out of control and i like it keep it up man cant wait to see you at hob boston and camp bisco

  30. Jude says:

    Holla its Jude the Dude from the city o beer -Miltown that is- ready to cozza frenzy tommorrow night! I won tix from WMSE 91.7 and im soooooooexcited to have my mind blown! Big ups to yo website, keep up all the great work and keep on turnin heads!!!! :0

  31. Glen says:

    Oh Yeah…

  32. Halsey Payne says:
    I really respect the concept of giving GOOD free music out to the public, especially when done through word of mouth; encouraging social networking.

  33. DRE says:

    saw you the other week in milwaukee, just wanna let you know that your music took control of my body, it was absolutely amazing. never done so much dancing. and your energy for us was AMAZING!!! cant wait to see you again…. DEMF?

  34. Lazarlitesho says:

    hott as helll! omg. i just saw you in pitt. incredible. i am speechless. and the way you treat your fans, couldnt ask to have a better artist as my favorite! thank you for inspiring me. incredible!

    • Lorin says:

      we love the fans…i dont really even think of yallz as fans, we are on the same level

      • Lazarlitesho says:

        that is so awesome to hear, and you def show it in person too. My little sister had a head injury as a child and is 15 now, she's never been to a concert. I am trying to arrange it so she can come with me to see you. It would mean everything to me if she could meet you! We recently got some not so great news about her health, I really wanna make sure she gets to see one of your concerts! You are so incredible and I know that meeting you is something she'd never forget!
        Thanks for everything!
        Alicia <3

        • Basscorsair says:

          Hi Alicia,
          Shoot me an email at assistance (at) bassnectar (dot) net with a little more info and where you're from. Let's get this ball rolling!

        • Lorin says:

          that would be really special, i would love that.
          do you reckon it is safe for her? the atmosphere gets prettay intense

          • Lazarlitesho says:

            I know how crazy shows can get. But your shows there arent any mosh pits and i really believe she'll be fine. No one really knows what her life has entailed for her and i want to help her experience as much as I can. I sent a fairly long email to Basscorsair, idk if you will have access to it or not, but if you dont and are interested in reading a little more info, ill be happy to send it to you. My email is
            Thank you so much for your interest,
            it means more than you could ever know.
            Alicia <3

          • Lorin says:

            FYI…id say that probably a third of our shows have mosh pits, some of them get pretty intense. maybe we can get her set up safely at front of house, or if there is a balcony? i'll let Lia dial this out
            MUCH LOVE

  35. GOOSENSEI says:

    much love BASSNECTAR..Lorin!! we are getting there!! massive respect

  36. Dubst3r says:

    sick music, man, the next step in dubstep music producing has started with you guys! PLZ PLZ come to Austria man , would be so sick !

  37. Dubst3r says:

    oh almost forgot THANKS for that insanely good frre track man, big props for this !!

  38. Hannah says:

    Sick as always!
    By the way, you made my life with the rage against the machine bootleg in NYC
    Keep blessing us!

  39. brilliantmindz says:

    dope-ness….tastee goodness for all ears to n-joy my friend…thx…any chance of u guys doin anothr show in Florida?

  40. alllli says:

    you played this in northampton! i was there(: awsome.

  41. Snoqualmie Joe says:

    The link to download does not work!!

    • Jason says:

      Snoqualmie Joe – which link didn't work? I've just tested it out – put in my B-day (you need to be at least 13) got the email, clicked the link in my email then clicked the download button.

      Try going through those steps again and let me know

      jason – Bassnectar crew

  42. vaughneagan says:

    loving you again and again

  43. Mom says:

    Trying to download for son's tennis slideshow. Love the song but won't download! I have a mac if that makes any difference!

    • Jason says:


      I'm guessing you found a download link that has expired — to get the download – go back to this page where you left the comment then:

      1. click on Join + Free Download 2. put in your birth date 3. put in your email 4. wait a few minutes for the email to arrive 5. click the “Confirm and download link” in your email 5. click the “download now” button and you should be all set.

      If you did those things – can you email us assistance (at) and let me know which step broke and we'll you sorted out.


      -Jason Bassnectar tech geek

  44. mastamike says:

    coming down off the mushrooms this song is so damn great i wish ya would be at demf this year

  45. Taylor Thompson says:

    there is no where to put your birthday it just asks you for your email, the confirmation email just sends you to a log in page at can't seem to download

  46. Dbz says:


  47. Fragtality says:

    Any chance you could release a CD quality release? Flac or wav works.

    Thanks 😀

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