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2010 Spring Tour Update from the Road

April 28th, 2010


Great Scott!!!!

You know we have been busy when it’s been a month since i wrote anything here. Lot’s has happened since march. The ‘Timestretch EP’ has made the rounds, getting insane response at the shows, with “Bass Head” getting licensed to a new Ministry of Sound compilation before it was released on vinyl. BANG!

If you’ve not had a listen – the full EP can now be streamed HERE.

The Tour has thus far been one freak-show after another, many times in rapid succession, with oversold theatres spilling out into the streets on a Monday night, to big weekend showdowns like the Fillmore in Detroit with Vadim & Major Lazer, and crushing festival sets like Ultra and Coachella.

I have to give mountains of heartfelt thanks to my crew, because this has really been a full on sprint. Elliott has been holding everything together like a juggler at a Circus; with Lia overseeing everything from creative online multimedia to making sure all the fans are loved and sorted out; Trevor controls the insane rig of PK sound we have out with us; and Michael constantly experiementing with new lighting configurations as we prepare for the interactive light/video tests in the fall. Our beloved Daysha has taken a hiatus to focus on developing new projects, so we brought Jason in to handle Online Ops, and of course the Transpo Crew (Doug & Andy) and the Sustainable Living Roadshow.

And of course, the constantly increasing enthusiasm from fans, supporters, loyal bass heads, and new converts as well. I love how positive and loving the crowds are both to us and to each other, even in the face of some of the illest, dirtiest, most cunning and crushing bass music to ever blast out of the speakers.

Ultra Music Festival was a great kickoff for the tour, getting to hang out with some of my favorite producers from around the world, and enjoy some Miami Bass before setting off for the culture shock of Nebraska: which was sold out mayhem on a Wednesday Night, and that was the official start of the run. From there it was slamming show after slamming show, with straight APE SHIT crowds in every place. Our first play in Minneapolis, bouncing a human banana in Milwuakee, and absolutely DEMOLISHING the Pageant in STL. Here is a dope video recap of that first week, courtesy of our Jack-of-all-trades, Ms Lia:

Monday night in Urbana was frightening, at 10pm Vadim had already whipped them into a frenzy, the room was THICK with steam, and Elliott was already nervous because the crowd was so rowdy. At this point Mondays are like Fridays!. Then on to Cleveland for 3 nights with the daggering phenomenon that is Major Lazer. What a fuckin bunch of TOTAL nutters! We capped off that run with a Sunday in Pittsburg, there were loads of kids outside with their parents before the show started and i got busted for trying to sneak them all in (ooops!) hahaaa.

Coachella = HOLY FUGGIN SHEEEYOTT!!!! I was so nervous before going on, due to computer crashes, but when i stepped on that stage, the roar of one of that massive crowd hypnotized me. One of the highlights was getting to test run my new remix of Metallica’s “Seek & Destroy” check this crowd out:

Again, the culture shock of mega festival to smaller town was intense. But there were were, Monday night in Syracuse, and it was totally off the hook. That was the 1st of 7 nights in a row where we cruised through some of the most high energy groups of bass heads i’ve ever felt, heard, or hugged. With every night being a sold-out crowd it was awesome to test run some of this new music, as we are recording every set for an upcoming “live album” type thing…. these crowds are hella LOUD.

Now we got 4 more inna row to go, ending in New Orleans for Jazz Fest. Then a hometown play in San Fran on May 15 before the insanity of summer festival season kicks off at Summer Camp. Check the schedule here for all our festival plays through June, July and August. We will be recording every set, so come add your voice to the roar of the crowd.

I’ll have a proper ‘program’ for the upcoming fests soon, and keep your ears open for a new bootleg that is about to drop, as well as some exciting new editions to this website, STAY TUNED!!!!

As always we love your comments here, it has become pretty much the only place i have time to respond to, so if you are on Facebook or Myspace or whatever, make sure to swing by the site every once and a while and say whats up

Much love!!!!!!