8/15/10: Bassnectar at The Mile High Music Festival

April 5th, 2010


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Bassnectar’s Summer festival tour wobbles through Commerce City, CO for a special performance at the Mile High Music Festival on August 15, 2010.

The festival line up includes Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, Z-trip, Rusted Root, and many more. Mile High Music Festival has decided to release single-day tickets for $97.30 for a limited time, now through May 31st, grab ’em while they’re smokin’:

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  • zander4201

    hey lorin wheres the rest of the colorado dates love you man but i cant do the shit show mile high music festival, u the only guy i want to see and cant swing that type of ticket cost for a 2 hour set man. You going to be in the fort or boulder at all. shit even better come throw down at the atlas theater in cheyenne wyoming man. womp womp

    • NO DOUBT!
      yah colorado was ruff cuz i wanted to come right back and go BANG, but my agent decided to hold it out till the fall. they let me do the little underplays in march, and they put me in that fest cuz its massive and ztrip is there and they wanted kind of like a leftfield (experiment with new shit) type thing, and then in the fall it will be full power. colorado is one of our most favorite places in the world, and i miss you all very much!

      • So no Sonic Bloom then? :/

      • Reflex

        Oh well. Do what needs to be done. I hope more people can come out and support you, but between you and me (have you heard the fffin' radio in Denver? disgraceful) it doesn't seem like your crowd. Let's hope I'm wrong and more people are open to it. See you when you come back around.

      • Tripp

        I was really hoping that you would be at EDC this year in Colorado you would of killed it!!! How about next year? I live in Colorado Springs and there is shit loads of people who love your music out here so i dont know what reflex is talking about!!!!

      • CoBass420

        Colorado misses Bassnectar very much, too! Do what you gotta do and then bring the fucking BASS in october, preferrably multiple nights.

        ps- i've noticed on the website that red rocks is not booked on the 23…. coincidence, or miracle?

  • dougyaspen

    do aspen again! it was sooooo special. keep killin it. what happand to nyc on this tour?

  • basstaste

    lookin forward to sunday! going to be a nice warm up before october!

  • basstaste

    lookin forward to sunday! going to be a nice warm up before october!