Family Photo Northampton

April 23rd, 2010



Thank you to Sebastian Wahl for this awesome shot.

Girl in the green headband, you want to email us for an alternate shot 😉


10 Responses to “Family Photo Northampton”
  1. maggie says:

    awesome show!! my mind was SERIOUSLY blown. Are there other family photo shots? I was on my friends shoulders in the back and I am wondering if you have any of those 🙂


  2. teruko kushi says:

    Hey! My name is Teruko Kushi, im the one in the green headband next to Loren!
    This was an incredible show- hands down one of the best i have been to!
    I am also a psychedelic artist and would love to give you some of my art Loren!
    Please email me 🙂
    Love and light to you~
    Check out my art here~

  3. bassfreak says:

    damn i cant believe i cant see myself in this pic…i was waayyyyy up close…btw Lorin that show was insane…u threw the fuck down

  4. DJDesertStorm says:

    I'm the kid in the white. Never had listened to Bassnectar or any form of dubstep before Friday night….and now I'm in love, its the only thing I think about, the only thing on my mind. Thank you Lorin for changing my life I'll be seeing you at Camp Bisco, hopefully front and center again. You are a fucking god

  5. loc_ness says:

    oh-kay, well just came to from this week at the bass station haha. Higher Ground, HoB & Pearl Street..ya'll melted my mind. seriously, thank you so much! each night was special and womp-tastic in their own way. thanks for signing my poster, and hooking me up with tickets. AND BIG UPS TO MIKE!!! you are one of my new favorite people dude, seriously, so much love. I thought I would be lost without the screens but your light show blew us away! hope to see you at Bisco! and come back to bassachusetts soon ?

  6. scubacell says:

    Hehe, i'm in the back there somewhere. Thanks for the beautiful performance, I've been getting into DJ'ing and producing and you're really an inspiration. The whole set was so smooth and had so much energy. Also, when you played Meddle I almost came.

  7. DJDesertStorm says:

    false. fucking beast more like it.

    also word up to the trigger finger i use one also

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