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Spring, week 1 (From Lia)

April 4th, 2010


And what a week it’s been. 4 sold out shows in a row, Lorin tackled a girl in a banana suit, gorgeous weather, and lots of bass.

Omaha slayed, from looking in on the goodies in the thrift stores downtown with Andy, our bus driver, to a free lunch for hooking up a cafe worker with tickets, and all the way until 3 am when they boys started bringing ladies on the bus and we all had a ball waiting to see what they did next, the first show of the night was a massive success. DJ Vadim met up with us day of show and I loved hearing all of his Bassnectar remixes off of the Timestretch EP played out live. With Vadim in the mix, we have a full house on the bus, 5 boys, the driver, Lorin, and me.

The venue in Minneapolis was, in a word, stunning.

fancybathroomThe bathroom was so done up with live plants in the walls and brick arches and a sweet staircase behind Lorin that allowed me to get a spectacular shot of the crowd raging in rainbow lights (see video.)

Milwaukee was in a venue about 110 years old. I got to go exploring up the river to downtown for a while and got thoroughly lost in the amazing architecture. milwaukeeWe met up with Zach from Sustainable Living Roadshow and got hooked up with a sweet display rack for all of the free educational literature we have at the merch booth. During this set, Lorin was accosted by a rabid banana by the name of Rose. He thought the banana was a member of the KKK and proceeded to eject her from the stage in an awesome manner. We have it on video, stay tuned.


St. Louis was off the hook. I don’t even know the numbers. There were over 1,800 people there and a photographer came to shoot our show for National Geographic’s “Peeps in places” photo contest. On a night like this, we could have made the cover.


As the show was over at 12, and we had today (Sunday) off, raging dance parties on the bus (and other shenanigans) went down and our LD, Michael, is having trouble walking today.

However, Michael put his game face on for bowling, and we ate a bunch of guacamole and watched Trevor, our audio tech, smash pins as well as he does eardrums. The weather in St Louie was gorgeous and we could not have chosen a better spot to pass our day off.

This tour is off to the most fantastic start. We expect nothing less from next week, as the roadshow continues…