Week 2 Video, Crazy Tour

April 16th, 2010


Between the Major Lazer Crew joining up for part of the week, over 2,200 tickets sold in Detroit, allergies, finding a ball of rubberbands and learning how to use them, Elliott being humped by Chris (MLZR Tour Manager), MiMi from MLZR tackling a security guard in Cleveland, a 4 am bedtime, 5 states in 6 days, and the usual madness of living on a bus with 7 boys, this past week was crazy. Now, the boys are off to Coachella and I can take full advantage to catch up on the video end of things.
Next week is set to be even more loco, with 7 shows 7 nights in a row in 5 different states. East coast: WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!
Hopefully we’ll have the new Bass Head Vinyl next week at the merch booth, but regardless you should come say hi. It gets lonely over there sometimes.