Seek and Destroy Your Friends

May 5th, 2010


Seek and Destroy


  • Thanks for another free BANGER!!!!

  • Zach

    yo Lorin!

    I see youre going to be in Chicago in late august. Very Rad. Any chance you could make a stop up to Milwaukee around then? (My birthday is August 30th >.< )

    Thanks for the sick track again.

  • AnimaltheProducer

    would love to get this track and on the early promo list

  • pattywack420


  • pattywack420

    and my baby daughter was born on april 18 hit me up on myspace snd me a message again or sum shit wen u aint busy




    Totally bummed I missed your Tuscaloosa show in AL. I HAVE TO SEE YOU LIVE!!!! Your sets are wayyyyyyy too sick for words!

  • Hey,Lorin ! I hope it's not too inappropriate to ask you,but what's the meaning of “Cozza Frenzy” ?

  • Hey,Lorin ! I hope it's not too inappropriate to ask you,but what's the meaning of “Cozza Frenzy” ?

    • alisha

      i know my name's not lorin buttt it means to cause a frenzy! to go buck wild! rageee!cozzza uproar,cozzaaa frenzzy! 🙂
      …at least thats what i think!


      • 🙂
        yah i thin everyone can pretty much make their own meaning up (for anything)

        for my it meant both raging it, melting face, just letting go and exploding and freaking yourself into a dervish…thats been an almost spiritual experience for me, when the emotionsbuild up in an almost dreamlike state of hypnosis and you get to release that sense of ego and instead experience existence as pure energy…or something.

        but its also about standing up for what you believe in…in my case 'give the corporations some complications' as spearhead said.

        or 'rage against the machine'
        or 'rage against the dying of the light'

        i wrote a lot of this stuff in the liner noteds of the CD…u should read em

        • alisha

          🙂 i love how you BELIEVE in something so much, so much that you do something about it. you seem like a really good guy, we need more people like you around. i hope to be able to meet you someday, i reeaaally do.

          • thanks!
            i am the way that i am because my authentic response to life is one of gratitude.
            i am so grateful for what i have experienced, i just want to give back.

            so if you feel it, then just pass it on. seriously, it is as easy as that

  • BassheadVictoriaBC

    Lorin…. it's been eerily quiet from you lately, any chance you're tucked away in the labs manically working on that tool mix we talked about here before? ( a guy can only hope ). I just have to say again how amazing I think it is that you take input from bassheads everywhere and that one guy's request can actually materialize. Just wanted to drop in and give all the love we've got to you, your shows are the musical highlight of my year every year. Keep on bringin' it. I'm a long long time musical admirer and you just keep getting better. and one last thing… cant help myself… COME BACK TO VICTORIA BC ASAP! IM HAVING BASSNECTAR WITHDRAWALS!! lol (can we hope for your usual late november / early december show at sugar night club again this year? If you do, I'm making sure my camera works this time 🙂
    Much love from myself and all the people here i've converted to bassheads,

    • right on dustin
      yah i cannot be in BC enough, as i said earlier other than Shambhala, i seem to wind up hittin it solid once a year, and its become kind of a ritual for me
      and yes ive been working nonstop…i love working i love creating, but im also working on this …other thing.

      • BassheadVictoriaBC

        OoOoo the intrigue and mystery builds 🙂 no elaboration, just anticipation?

        • whachu want elaborated? 🙂

          • BassheadVictoriaBC

            just dying to know exactly what “this…other thing” is going to be… even an entertaining hint would be great.

          • its too big of a project to summarize…which is one of the reason its so slow to develop
            but in general, i just care about a lot more than just music

  • Josh


    lemme start off by saying, that your one of my favorite musicians. I love your style and command of many different music genres.

    but, i have some questions for you:

    A. Why don't you ever play your old shit? I've seen you three times in the last year, and the farthest back you've gone is Underground Communication.

    B. Why don't you ever play underground parties anymore? Yougotta stay true to your roots!

    It'd be brilliant if you could lemme know whta's up!

    Bass Music Enthusiast

    • great questions!

      1. i do play 'old shit' (remember i play over 100 shows a year, so seeing 3 means you are seeing less than 3% of them) i love recombining new music with old music, etc…i almost always meltdown into downtempo at the end. recently ive been playing FSOSF, Bursting, Laughter Crescendo, Breathing, Mesmerizing, etc…
      i am also working on remix compilations of both discs off Mesmerizing, AND off of Underground COmmunication, as well as a few off of MOtions… of course as time passes all of our tastes and styles develop, so we incorporate new ideas and new influences with old ones..

      also i have like 500+ unfinished projects, and i have HUMONGOUS amount of content ive created but never released, so a lot of times i am playing old stuff and you may not realize 🙂

      and i am pretty frequently asking for requests… you would be surpirsed how conflicting the results are. some people vehemently want OLD content and some want NEW content, and of course i do both, but…

      well. no but. thats really it…i do both

      2. thats 2 parts,
      A) UG parties
      b) my roots

      for the record, my ROOTS are deeper than you can imagine, and trust me i am irrevocably connected to them.
      it would take soooooo long to explain my roots, my vision, my intent, my values, but i have talked/written a LOT about it….and i feel extremely devoted to my goals.

      as for underground parties…it is very human to evolve. and to build off your experiences. god this answer could get so long.

      for one, i want to BRING the energy of what i experienced to other people, and for anyone wishing my shows were smaller, there are 300-1000 people outside who cannot get tickets…
      (i say that humbly and with DEEP gratitude and respect)

      and if you want to do events where the sound wont crap out, and the cops wont shut it down, and you want more than 800 people to be able to participate, you cannot really do that underground… 300 person shows? EZ.
      big events… impossible.

      you have to use real venues, but i think we do a great job of bringing real, authentic, ferocious and community-centered energy to those venues, with better sound than you;ll ever hear at any underground party or even nightclub…we go ALL out. 🙂

      but shit…i could write you a book

  • BassheadVictoriaBC

    OoOoo the intrigue and mystery builds 🙂 no elaboration, just anticipation?

  • dr. cockinpuss

    yo anyone know where to download the scamp 2010 set?????

  • Ameerkat

    “vehemently want OLD content” hehehe 🙂 ….dont get me wrong i LOVE ALL your material! Although i associate some of your older material/shows with some of the most epic memories i have EVER HAD IN MY LIFE (no bs)!!! May sound crazy but without your music/shows over the years …who knows maybe i wouldnt have the same outlook on life as i do now!

    Much love and respect…die hard fan


  • ridinondubstep

    dude you are my absolute favorite musician, dj, artist, fucking genius, of all time. whatever you wanna call it, its some of the best and most memorable tunes out there. and the comment you made about stuff you have thats never been released. PLEASE PUT IT OUT HERE for those of us that arent lucky enough to get to see you live!!!

  • +Battery-

    NICEEEEE:D free download!!! i love metal, and play dnb, but this is the dubstep i would play;) NICE:) thx man!!!!!

    peace +battery-

    • oh word

      if you play D&B and want the dubstep stound, get “here we go” and “bass head” and “teleport massive (bassnectar remix)”
      they run around halftime (85-90 bpm) and can be a sicko halftime surprise

  • could not download bro. emailed TECH FAIL 🙁

  • Stop teasing already, give us those old beats!

  • Searching… and DESTROY!

  • Aylavue

    Dear Bassnectar… big love…xoxo

  • Bo_nanas

    500 internal server error when i tried to get the free dl…

    • hmmmm…. lia? jason? any ideas?

  • Irieburkels

    i try to dl it and i go to my inbox and it just wants me to download the fuckin massive attack shit

    • sounds like a glitch in the system…hang on

    • Jason

      I've just tested it out – if you sign up from this post (…) – then you get the email, then click “confirm and download” – the page you go to should have up top a button that says “Download Now”

      Below that button is another bootleg you can get – the massive attack one.

      So you just gotta click that button that says “Download Now.”

  • Emanyankee

    Lorin, dude, when u came here to Forecastle, man me and my bro fkin loved you, your the best, please come back sometime!

    • thanks
      TOTAL pleasure!

  • MetalMommaKy78

    Love your music. I am probably your newest fan and have enjoyed spreading your music to my childen, family,and friends! Thank you!

  • atrutexasfan

    dude saw you at all good and i dont think i could ever have that much fun again. you are the shit

  • video right here

  • Basshead

    come to ATL!

  • K.Erin

    When you headed to hawai'i man?

    • K.Erin

      cause you are ill!

  • Lafartga

    Please, please, please attempt some kind of remix of Nirvana's “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

  • BostonsBass

    You have to come to boston, rock the house and turn everyone into jello

  • BostonsBass

    You have to come to boston, rock the house and turn everyone into jello

  • 15tacos

    Come To Detroit And Shake Th Place Until The Sub Blows

  • Djwobli

    better than coffee!

  • Sikenzio

    i like

  • Macmeans

    Great track, I wonder what Metallica thinks of it?

  • Gerard Ulrich Dolmayan

    great great metallica rmx

  • Charles Belluomo

    Please get this link active again…lost my old copy of the song and can’t get it on SoundCloud or Spotify


    • Chris Basscrew

      Seems to be working on my end Charles. Are you trying from phone or laptop? What browser are you using?

      We’ll figure this out! 🙂

      • Charlie


        Thanks for the response.

        I’ve tried on my iPad, iPhone and my other Samsung S7 Galaxy. No laptop or desktop.

        I’ve used chrome and safari.

        If the links working, Ill try on my laptop with Mozilla.

        • Chris Basscrew

          That may be your issue – try from your laptop and let me know! 🙂