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Seek and Destroy

May 6th, 2010



Thanks for tuning in. So after a nutso day where our website was crashed repeatedly due to insane traffic, we are back up and stable (i hope!!!!)

The new bootleg is a smash, and we are now giving it out for free, nice and easy from the website.

Ironically, yesterday i sent out the *wrong* version!!!! It’s not a bad version, it was just earlier (it’s what i played at Coachella) but with less polish and tweaks and edits. The new mp3 has is spelld with THREE X’s like this: remixxx.

So make sure you have this: Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remixxx).mp3

If you only got 1 X, then i reccomend you download again…its nothing major…just the Director’s Cut. ha!!!

Again, Metallica is one of my favorite bands of all time, and it was a thrill to finally finish this banger and start dropping it on bass heads this past tour. Now we wanna give it away proper. Much love from over here in Bassnectar Land!!!


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