Seek and Destroy

May 6th, 2010



Thanks for tuning in. So after a nutso day where our website was crashed repeatedly due to insane traffic, we are back up and stable (i hope!!!!)

The new bootleg is a smash, and we are now giving it out for free, nice and easy from the website.

Ironically, yesterday i sent out the *wrong* version!!!! It’s not a bad version, it was just earlier (it’s what i played at Coachella) but with less polish and tweaks and edits. The new mp3 has is spelld with THREE X’s like this: remixxx.

So make sure you have this: Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remixxx).mp3

If you only got 1 X, then i reccomend you download again…its nothing major…just the Director’s Cut. ha!!!

Again, Metallica is one of my favorite bands of all time, and it was a thrill to finally finish this banger and start dropping it on bass heads this past tour. Now we wanna give it away proper. Much love from over here in Bassnectar Land!!!


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  • nickbeam

    can't wait to see you at stubbs homie! austin is going to devour you!!!!! in a good way πŸ˜€

  • pillagethevillage

    … i think my friends are getting kinda annoyed with me pushing bassnectar on them, i have the same stigma of religious zealot

    • I know what you mean, man. But I've gotten over it now, cuz if ALL my friends started loving Bassnectar as much as I do, it just wouldn't feel quite as special.

  • F_nderscore

    See you at Stubbs Nickbeam, and all fellow Austinites ready to bass out.

  • DutchMarc

    Again: WHOAAAAAA! =D

  • This is so hot. I am a huge fan. Normally not a fan of people playing with Metallica classics but this rocks on so many levels. GREAT WORK!

  • Dana

    YEAH! Man…growing up with Metallica as one of my favorite bands…this is freakin' brilliant…nice work Lorin.

  • mikemcintyre

    dear lorin this track is 1st degree aggravated speaker abuse
    ps colorado misses you

  • roboroc

    Im a producer and i listen to a wide range of music and you produce some of the best sounding tracks of all time! Amazing my friend! Please don't ever stop!

  • crookedreality
    I came across this video on youtube. I was instantly hooked by the song…I have bought most of Bassnectar’s albums and I have downloaded his podcasts…you don’t by any chance know if that song is available anywhere on the net? I know the song is Santogold – You'll Find A Way, but the Bassnectar remix is nowhere to be found.

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!
    ~A Devoted Bassnectar Fan

    • Howdy Crooked,
      I sent you an email, headzup!

      • damienlol

        Any chance I could get it as well? πŸ™‚

        • I just told him that there was a very popular mix of that track by Switch & Sinden at that time, and it's probably very similar to the one in the video (poor audio, hard to tell.) Hope that helps!

  • Hey man, Jess again. Congrats on finding your really old stuff πŸ™‚ the guys from Black Moth Super Rainbow just found some of their really old stuff recently as well, and I too have been feeling quite a crazy chunk of nostalgia in my life also. I think the spirit of summer is creepin up πŸ˜‰

    Anywho, because I'm getting antsy about not being able to see you til fall, I'm trying to get some friends to drive me down to San Diego… Personally, I would love to hear you play a little Mesmerizing the ultra, if not at least play the actual song, because it really pressed one of those special buttons inside me, ya know?

    I know its going backwards a bit but it is a legitimate request of mine. And I'm sure since there are plenty of people just getting into your music that are now listening to your older stuff and wishing they could have had a little taste of that too. Of course I wouldnt expect you to play it in all its exact measurements, as Bassnectar shows are shows, not an album…

    Might you consider turnin back time just a leetle bit for the next time I see ya? It sure would be an honor.

  • samk5

    Is there an official name for that Here We Go jungle mix you've been opening your recent shows with? Its so sick

  • nickbeam

    LORIN PLEASSSEEEEE REMIX JAPANDROIDS!!!!!! soveirngty or wet hair!!!!! PLEEEEAAASSEEE se u in austin

  • badlucky

    lthe new track is epic, much appreciated on sharing it. now i was thinking about how metallica were the perveyors in the whole cracking down on napster scheme and what not, and i was curious if you had contact metallica and get approval to be able to remix one of there big tracks(s&d), or since its really sampled to a certain extent its ok or what ?

    • interestingly enough, i recently heard that Metallica was essentially 'remixing' other songs at that point and that Seek & Destroy was “greatly inspired” (quote from Lars Ulrich) by a “DIEAMOND HEAD” song called “Dead Reckoning”

      i dont know any details or specifics
      i'm sure that like everyone else (myself included) musicians are inspired by what they hear and mutate their favorite stuff into new versions of old music.

      i was suprised and delighted to think of S&D by Metallica as a kind of mashup or remix of other band's music, who at the time were influencing Metallica.

      as for your question, i did reach out to Lars directly, but havent heard from him. i want to interview him about his current opinions on the music 'industry'

  • kyle (fullmixesalways)

    Thank you for the free seek and destroy mix. It's absolutely incredible! you nailed it! keep it up lorin. its a magical, motivational sound that keeps me fightin' for a better earth. the universe is as vast and large as musics possibilities

  • Lore'wren'zo Von Bassnexxxer:

    The triple X “Director's Cut” of Seek'n'Destroy deserves a headbanging bow and nine deep knee bends!


    !Enguard! This is a dialogue duel!
    I have unsheathed the sword of my pen (err, keyboard?) and spoken the oath of the sacred pack. The challenge of risk, a noble gesture of love, so that one may understand without doubt the truth of the omen heard. Do you dare to respond, to honor your own call, you shall find me laughing at the wishing well.

    I spell this out for you to compell artfull activation of the Art'Activist within you, playfully true blue through and through. I double'dogg dare you, myself, and all who read upon, to live the dream wilder than your most fantastical dream, for it is all real, otherwise it could not be imagined. Unzip the seams of reality, and you will find life is more than what it seems. Infinite possibilities lay at your fingertips a'waiting the weave of will to refract off the planets, attracting the Law of the Universe to unfold accordingly. Our rays a'lighted align naturally in the serendipitous sublime when we freely recall our origins and the interconnectivity of all things. Weild it well and all creation will conspire to please you, please me, please everything.

    If this chosen fate is fake, I will look the fool. But if this is real, I shall be the royal queen. This is the risk I take, the edge of the knife I walk, the air of my pen I talk. For the possibility of the prize is a worthy one to be won. So, I sew the way of my mind, my heart, my soul, with what my body knows to be instinctively true to do and it is done. Kazam!

    Have you a breath in response? Care you to bust the boundaries of the heart of your true happiness and break free from the norm of the form of your contented bliss? To dip down into the depths of the highest height? To implode within outward expand? And just so my words have not lost you on the way to the crux of understand, I shall repeat it in earnst: How would you play if there was no one to watch you, no fan to project upon or be projected in turn, no society to save, no cause to effect? What would be your muse? What would be your gain? Your gift to the self when all else are pleased and have waned? If musick is a must, the center of your lust, what song play you when the Director's Cut is uncensored and unframed? What is your one refrain in this university of diversity, in this community of co'home honed common unity? What do you play when all look away? When even you yourself get out of the way?

    In the tryst of curiousity,
    Pix'chivalrous Shri Rubsalot

    P.S. Parlay?

    • Wrenhawk of the Lowhigh:Alas! My tornado’tail of curiousity has touched’down into temperance. I am the Queen and the Fool, the full continuum of archetypal characters all meshed up into one multi’faceted being. In my selfish attempt to know the mystery, I tried to peer behind your veil to learn the workings of your proclivities, even dueled you into a dialogue of revelations. And in the face of this greed, I realized some secrets are better kept unrevealed. Its like trying to capture the evanescense of rainbows in a vile to be studied back in a laboratory. Just because information is gleaned about the intricasies of the processes, that sunlight refracted in atmospheric water molecules produses prizms of extraordinary polychromatic light, doesn’t at all come close to the ability to explain the whole phenomenon, nor grasp the majesty and awe of it felt in one’s sight. For this, my deepest apologies. May we all let you be simply a humanbeing being.But, my motivation still upholds the content of my original intention: to lovingly challenge all to live more freely by manifesting our wildest dreams (and beyond!) as reality. To do this unabashedly, unconstrained by x, y, and z. To allow the confidence of universal love, enlightened spirit, and goodwill’for’all to reign our actions and endeavors in the syzygy of wild perfection.As humans we are bless’said with the great gift and responsibility as co’creators, the skript writers of our chosen existence. And we must take this power and weild it wisely. To tame the dragoon of putrid paradigms and rescue the damsel of the virtues of this Earth. To rise up from the serfdom of inequality into the kingdom of equanimity.I wish for all to pick up their self’sovereign scepters of secular spirituality with their goldenruled compass of compassionate practicality, to wave the wands of ther hearts minds and hands in a re’union of spirit’ego’id, re’ordering chaos into the eden of our birthrights. Ala’ka’zam! All because I am, it is so, and so it is…Wishing you the deepest peace and right to personal privacy, from one humbling human being to another.’Till synchronicity’s next freak feast,~The dancer in the crowd: Pixi Shri Rubadubdubsalot

  • Read this you'll laugh:

  • jb

    Hey man, great track. Just wondering when that More Human than Human Remix is coming out. Love your work, big big fan!

    • thanks!
      that is currently just a live remix i do at shows (cutting up the original, and layering it with loops of beats and bass)
      it's not a 'finished production' intended for release…just a firecracker for parties

      • bassfreak

        i love that mix ive heard you play it twice now…whatever you do to the song when it says “more human than human”, makes it super trippy, like it slows downa bit and sounds distorted…do a mad world remix, that would be epic

  • nice

  • bjmurray

    just want to say again how stoked we are that you are coming to shambhala again!!
    can't waite for sunday night!!!

  • michwhita

    hey man thanks so much for giving us free downloads. absolutley LOVED hearing this at the tuscaloosa show. UH-MAY-ZING! hahaha what a cool accomplishment for you as an artist to be inspired by your fav artist to create such awesome sounds!! just wanted to say THANKS!!


  • Lauren Bassfreq Stu

    Sup man?
    I hope that you are having a great time making that electric liquid nectar that tunes my ears on a daily to weekly basis. Your show at the Mezzanine this weekend is going to be a for sure smash, although I cannot be there my beau will be there in attendance for me until I move to San Francisco in Aug. (You better start playing more hometown shows, so I can stay in town to see yah) Yeah dude, but I really got to thinking and the man, I really realized that when you listen to your music, it shakes the soul. You know? Not just that physical feeling of tha bass coursing through the bloodstream and into every muscle and capillary. It shakes the soul, and it opens up that “Don't give a fuck/ Appreciate the miniscule things in life” Excited for Bonnaroo to see you and Kid Cudi, and STS9 and Stevie Wonder and all that jazz of wonderful artists that “shake my soul” ESP. Damian Marley! (mad propz to ya mix of “Welcome to Jamrock”) I also have come to realize, that I think your music is so much more badass because you are so insanely collaborative as well, and that is really what makes some great shit. Mashing and smashing ideas into a beautiful masterpiece man. You have inspired me, and now I'm going to start a minor DJ proj. to test some shit out and see if I actually like it. You inspire, and change, but you don't completely change, just an additive of good fundamentals to be part of the personality. Take it easy, and make sure you recover before a long long long touuuurrrrrrr of the summer antics. See you around, but ya won't see me! (way too many bass freqz gonna be bringin down tha fests!) You're pretty fuckin ill bro, and I hope you never lose that. Don't stop what you believe in, cause you change shit with that, and its for a better future, man. I also thank your collaborators and your music team that helps you, cause that has to be crazy intense rolling around with you. I wish I could interview your ass, cause I have so many fuckin questions man. Alright I'm really gonna stop. Haha.

    -Lauren Stu

    • Ano Nymus

      tl ; dr

  • thoricatha

    Lorin! Please consider coming out to our regional burn Burning Flipside this year, and playing there before or after your Stubbs show <3 Flipside is the largest regional burn other than the big one in the desert. 2000+ of your fans will be there and go absolutely bonkers if you can make it!

    We even have a FB group dedicated to this cause (lol):

  • kaishaaaa

    I think you should remix the Beetlejuice theme song. it's sick alone… but i know you could make it wayyyyyyy more orgasmic!!!!

  • bassfreak

    just gotta know…was this really one of your loudest shows ever? btw i had a blast that nite, thank you!

    • πŸ™‚
      i just replied there too:
      TOTALLY sincere! πŸ™‚ hahah
      although after i said that i realized that might incite some folks tryna top the record
      hahahaha but yah that night my ears got WORKED the crowd was SO mega loud πŸ™‚

  • Benzo

    Thanks for sharing this amazing remix. I love that you save some gems just for the live show, but it's nice to have some to bump in my headphones too. Also thank you for mentioning Die Antwoord in an interview and turning me on to them. I fokken love it! If you would bust out that Nelly song at Wakarusa it would make my day. Peace!

  • Keaton budd


  • stbolster

    i second what kaishaaaa said the beetlejuice theme it is totally something i could see you getting funky insane crazy-like wit

  • Dylan Alnutt

    Hey yo last year at allgood the bass that you wobbled into my ears made me think that i had bass bugs crawling underneath my skin it was so wierd, but anyways you know how to bring it and i'm going to be at allgood again this year and so are you so make it sick nasty boyeeeee

    • hahaha
      sounds like maybe there was another factor involved in your experience too maybe?
      well always remember there are not bugs under your skin, and when all else fails “this too shall pass” because its just the bass rumblin yer boddy
      all goodz gonna pop

      i just hope to god that people dont throw their damn plastic sticks in my face

      • At first I didn't think you could top your first AllGood performance then BAM! AllGood round Two. UNbelievable. Could we have some songs like those that start at 8:47 and 29:19 from the IDJ mixtape? (which is the best thing since fire, btw) Or maybe little flashbacks to the '07 set? Like a quick bongo bong, art of revolution or simultaneous. (We'll watch the glo-sticks ?)

  • jason griffin

    big tune big remix,deadly buzz,well done

    • buzzzzzzz πŸ™‚

  • Clyde

    thanks for hookin up free mixes.. πŸ™‚

  • Matt

    Cypress Hill – Rock Superstar

    Me and my friend thought this song would be the most epic bassnectar remixxx ever

    • thanks! ill checkit ouuuuut

  • Lauren

    Hey Lorin,

    Are you returning to Black Rock City again this year?
    I haven't seen you since the Northwest tour, and am itching to see you again!

    • πŸ™‚
      if i do…it will be my 13th year
      i looooove the festival and the people and the art.

      i cant stand the burningman 'association' or the planners of the events…so i do not officially support their event. i think its fucking WACK. but the essence of the event..i LOVE it….llooooooooovvvvve it
      so i always seem to end up going back
      if i go back this year it will be for some random night or nights in the middle of the week, probably teus-thursday…maybe friday

      and maybe not
      i'll know more later
      for now i got some nutso festivals coming up

      OH and if you miss the old styles…come to Wanderlust…im doing an old school set there

      • Amir H.

        Dang so wonderlust is a lil outa my price range right now being so far awa n stuff…..but im fiending for some old style bassnectar πŸ™ (I miss soo much) please please please please i would be the happiest kid in AMERICA if you could do another similar set w/ old material closer to D.C.!! maybe allgood??? if u cant i undrstand and much love ne ways πŸ™‚

        • Amir H

          and if not…..well i guess ill have to get my ass out to wonderlust πŸ™‚

        • sup amir!
          it is definitely easier when the crowd is smaller, or when the setting/circumstance is set out specifically to be conducive… cuz these days the older stuff doesnt really fly as much, but i am working on remixing it pretty much nonstop

  • Ryan

    Hey brotha I got a quick question for ya… I go to a lot of live shows, festivals, etc. and I was wondering just how special SHAMBHALA is? It really intrigues me. As I continue to read about it, I get the sense that is a tight-knit community and it has many great aspects to it (not just the music). I was just seeing if you could share a little bit about it. Theres a lot more to say but I’m trying to be brief! Haha


    • for years it has been consistently one of the best more freak-centered and off the hook crowds

      AMAZING location

      i love canada
      you should check it out!

    • bjmurray

      do anything you can to make it to sham
      you will not be disapointed
      it is a very special party!

  • Sally

    i love bassnectar!

  • DingDangWompaWobbleBingBang


  • DingDangWompaWobbleBingBang

    I cant make it but my buddies will be there!!

  • I'm in LOVE with you!!! Seriously! Call me! πŸ™‚

  • nectar_junkie

    So Lorin- a request for Wakarusa… you may get hundreds of these i'm sure…
    but a few years ago you were bumping this NaS / M.I.A. “if i ruled the world” and it was awesome… haven't heard you drop it in a while, and i was wondering if it would be an appropriate time- for a request of an old favorite>?

    Would be awesome…

    • coool!

      yah i have been offered a free hot air balloon ride from a pilot in vermont if i play that again… its on the summer agenda… waka makes sense, a lot of this stuff will come kind of randomly, but i do love requests (so thank you) and i will see what i can do. i'll definitely drop it at SOME point this summer

  • stimulatemymindstate

    your seek and destroy remix gives me goose bumps every time i listen to it! its like every time im hearing it for the first time and its so exciting!

    • honestly every time i play it out i get goosebumps.
      EVERY TIME!!!!

      fels good!

  • honestly every time i play it out i get goosebumps.
    EVERY TIME!!!!

    fels good!

  • Dave

    Any chance of putting this song onto spotify?