Thank you Sustainable Living Roadshow!

May 9th, 2010


11831_208396914735_208384039735_2843346_3261029_nBassnectar Labs is proud to thank the Sustainable Living Roadshow for the use of their bus, Julia, for our past 3 tours. We have had all variety of mad adventures with her, especially with our LD…


Our bus was outfitted with solar panels on the roof, a biodiesel-ready engine, recycled barnwood cabinetry, hemp curtains, and bamboo flooring.

Not to mention the super comfy natural latex beds:


So, thank you SLR, for helping us be a little greener in an industry that needs all the help it can get! If you want to learn more about this awesome project, click through the flier above to check out SLR’s green busses and sustainability-centered events around the nation!

Our driver from Green Tortoise, Andy, would also like to be included in this post. Ladies, he is single and you can check him out on his facebook by clicking here.

  • jeff willner

    yo lorin.. this is jeff we talked a while back about u being like me when u were younger hahah.. u said we culd stay in touch i have a few legit questions id like to ask a professional about some midi pad controller advice … i dont feel ill get a good answer if i ask someone that works at like guittar center or some music store.. never got to go to the baltimore show! was pissed! thx

    • Hey man!
      PLEASE GO AHEAD: ask away!

      • jeff willner

        o great ! thx. alright so im using a mac… im 16… and ive been playing the drums for about 7 years now… im pretty decent using the beat pads they have in like music shops… i was even in one today…haha but anyhow to be honest my dream is to be up there mixin my own shit one day… i love ur music, im also really into pretty lights which is kinda hip hop electronic stuff… wanted to get an opinion on what to start off with.. maybe a beat pad that records or some synth.. im not good at piano.. im tryin not to be a pest but i really was looking for some advice from someone as talented as u… it is summer… and i was looking to buy a few things, that r not that expensive and r kinda easy to learn how to use… thx

        • jeff willner

          and the only way i thought u wuld answer is if i went to random blog thing with no comments and asking hahah

          • jeff willner

            any advice

          • we are neckdeep in advice over here…wachu need?

          • jeff willner

            been playing drums for 7 years… decently good with the beat pads in the music stores.. any advice on which one to look into maybe buying? im into the hip hop electronic stuff… and maybe a computer program that is not very hard to use.. thx

          • jeff willner

            ????? any suggestions lorin..

          • hey jeff

            i use the TRIGGER FINGER, by M-Audio, which was recently discontinued

            lots of pads out there, but i like knobs/pads/faders, and all the new shit has ‘continuous knobs’ which i despise

            anyone who can use continuous knobs is not moving around enough while they play

          • jeff willner

            so in all… i want to start out makin my own beats probably on a beat pad/machine… just wondering on which pad to buy… want somethin where i can get some hip hop out of it… but maybe if possible some electronicy stuff…

  • Entactogenics

    Hey Lorin, Never met you but I enjoy your music and I do know one of the guys you're working with, Jantsen, as I'm also from the Denver/Boulder area. If you have a free minute or two check out some of these strange arrangements of sounds I play on stage. They are all very different so give them all a chance if you take the time to listen. Maybe you'll like them and they will somehow change your day in a positive manor.

    Thank you so much
    Michael Radcliffe

    • hey michael! 🙂
      thanks for writing…send over your best sounds you think i would be into


  • Hayden

    Have you ever thought about doing a remix of KeSha's 'Tik Tok'? Song's not that good, but you would tear that shit up.

  • Dubkatzizle

    so proud to see that musicians like you engage in that kind of a living. nice one. your musical structure is so inspiring for me. i just started getting into production now and im telling you, youre one of those producers i just cant get enough of. whenever i wind up with some finished product id love you to listen and possibly hit me up with some feedback.

    by the way, HOLLY MOTHER OF TIT, your set at piknik was, damn, i cant find words. (if you remember at the end of the show when everybody was leaving i yelled out BASSNECTAR we love you ! WEST COAST !)
    just melted into the ground that day. not everybody can make me do that, you truly are a magician. i fucking love your hair and how it grooves along with them gooped out basslines you drop. serious west coast lovin.
    come back soon ! dont make me come and get you !

    leah e.

    ps:if i may ask, what program do you use to create?

  • Mike Debo

    Lorin, dude fucking amazing show at All Good. You never cease to amuse my bass needs. The new shit is sounding sick as hell man keep raging and I'll see you in Richmond in Nov!!!

  • Joy K.

    Hey Lorin,
    I've seen you 2 times so far this year and by the end of the year it will be 4 times. I'm a glassblower and would love to send you something, would you be cool with that?

  • Dear Bassnectar,
    I know everyone is a critique, but I continuously stalk all your live shows on youtube and I plan to see you this Halloween or the day before, but it seems to me that your live shows are becoming less live due to the restrictions of a planned/scheduled show by lighting and audio people. I would like to be assured that youtube does not do you justice and that you are in fact a live dj. I watch all your interviews because you are a influence in my young life of 16 years and as most i too inspire to be a creator.

    • Hey Jeb, do me the BIGGEST FAVOR, and stop watching on youtube, ….nothing bothers me more than my shit up on youtube, out of context… you cannot possibly here or experience anything that way.

      To what you asked, our shows are becoming MORE live because my lighting designer has been mixing ALL on the fly, as opposed to before hwen we had a bunch of cues. That said, i think lighting cues are great…any state of teh art show has lighting cues!

      all im saying is, the whole summer we have been winging it, and the fact that you are judging the degree of “LIVE” by watching a crappy clip online should tell you something my friend!

      I have been DJing for 15 years, it is as natural as Dr Bronner's Soap. When i am conducting a show i am working/thinking/reating the ENTIRE time. i sweat through my clothes every night (ewwww!) and am in and out of constant chiropractic because of how i thrash myself around. I tweak every single set, and will continue doing so.

      That said, my preference is to develop a routine of music (meaning a lot of it can sound the SAME, but it is still LIVE) for each run, so that when i return it is a totally new experience. So if you watch a bunch of youtube clips from the same month, you will hear a lot of the same stuff


      • I knew I should have never questioned you! Your a inspiring guy

  • Bassnectar, Everytime i get to see you you kill it man for sure some of the best live sets i've ever been at. Whenever you jam NOCTURNAL though we texans want you to throw down some DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY DUB STEP bring it hard. Nocturnals gonna be freaking wild, make your show the heaviest. And whenever you play wharehouse live in Houston blow that place up man BLOW IT UP your one of the few big DJs that comes to that area and its gonna be a crazy crowd if you bring hard like we all know you will! Peace brother keep throwing it down. I WANT YOU TO TELL ME YOUR GONNA THROW IT DOWN LIKE NO OTHER so lets hear it

    • Chase! if i ever take up boxing i would like you to be the guy who stands behind me between rounds and shouts encouraging things at me, while changing out my mouth guard.


      • Hell yeah man Ha, you don't even have a clue how excited for Nocturnal me and my buds are we're driving from Austin to Tulsa Friday the night before it starts to see STS9 and GHOSTLAND then back in time for NOCTURNAL Saturday evening its gonna be the best Labor Day weekend in the history of Labor Day weekends so that being said I'm feeling the best BASSNECTAR set ever coming right???( at least the best one to ever be thrown down in Texas ) which i know theres been alot of sick TEXAS NECTAR SHOWS so man bring the dirty dub! and if you've got some down time that friday before the festival and wanna see some SOUND TRIBE and GHOSTLAND I know we'd have an extra seat for fuckin bassnectar. PEACE OUT brother can't wait for the show. any chance of organizing a glow stick war or something for during your set????

        • For nocturnal man it would be sick if you jammed as much from the Cozza Frenzy LP as possible I feel like I didn't hear much from it at your BONNAROO set (still a sick show)

    • That said, if i ever take up boxing, every single person on here had better talk me out of it because it would not end well.

      it would likely end in tears.

  • Morgan M* Moscarillo

    This is great that your tour bus is so sustainable!! I'm pretty happy my favorite DJ is taking the conscientious route. Modest Mouse sample in the 2010 Mixtape blew my face off… I had to rewind a few times, but your Bonnaroo performance this year was the dirtiest, sexiest thing I've been too in my life… long live bass… BASSNECTAR forever 🙂

  • Morgan M* Moscarillo

    This is great that your tour bus is so sustainable!! I'm pretty happy my favorite DJ is taking the conscientious route. Modest Mouse sample in the 2010 Mixtape blew my face off… I had to rewind a few times, but your Bonnaroo performance this year was the dirtiest, sexiest thing I've been too in my life… long live bass… BASSNECTAR forever 🙂

  • Max

    Hey Lorin,

    First of all, keep up the great work! There are few dj's truly as original and inspiring as yourself. Secondly, and bringing me to the reason I'm getting in touch with you, the song you did with Excision entitled 'Nation', is it ever going to be released? I am a dedicated vinyl dj and would absolutely love to own it one day, if it's not going to get a release (which I suspect), is there any way I can get my hands on a full, high quality version of the song (as the only ones on youtube are set-rips) so that I can pay to get it pressed myself?


    • hey buddy!

      yah that song got leaked prematurely, we aren't sure by whom, but it still isnt finished. we made it over 2 years ago at Jeff's house while i was on tour up in BC, and then we just FAILED in finishing it. Between me, excision & datsik we have nearly an entire album of material but we are SLAAAAAACKING on finishing it.

      i play nation live a lot, but its just a loop.
      i didn't even call it 'nation' as i think the concept of nations is STUPID!!!!!!

      on my computer its called “womp89” although i think its at 88bpm


      • An entire ALBUM of material!!!!!!!! Please FINISH this it would be so incredible to hear you guys collab on something so HUGE!

      • Maxwelloneill

        Ahhh gutting! I know how that goes though, I'm sure half of the used up space on my hard drive is half-finished and barely started tunes. I wont hold my breathe for a release then haha, cheers for the reply!