Bassnectar’s Guide To Summer Frenzy 2010

June 1st, 2010



Welcome to Bassnectar’s Guide To Summer Frenzy.
After a raging Timestretch spring tour we have officiaaaally kicked off summer festival season. Last weekend’s over-slammed set closing out our stage at Summer Camp was bonkers, bursting at the seams, and an amazing sight (thanks to the extra bright and glowing crowd). Afterwards our crew made a mad dash for Austin, TX to a sold-out show at the legendary outdoor venue Stubb’s. Hotter than hell, and oversold, the show was the heaviest yet for us in Texas, and now it’s onward to a season of bass and heat.

I wanted to flash-release a little summer time jam, and decided on a brand new loopy remix i did of an awesome band called “Sleigh Bells” …it isn’t meant to be a banger or anything more than a nice, thick slice of dreamy sunshine (and bass). Enjoy!

And stay tuned for the ‘Massive Attack Remix’ which will launch from our site in a week or two… that one = HEAVINESSSSS

Also, today we are finally able to officially announce Bassnectar @ San Francisco’s ‘OUTSIDE LANDS FESTIVAL’!!! Details below.

And randomly, here is the latest tourcam, with footage from our shows in Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, for those of ye that like to collect these little montages.

So here is a little run down of the action over the next few months:

This Friday, June 4, we return to the Wakarusa Music Festival. The first time i played this was back when it used to happen outside of Lawrence, KS. I was in a small, over-stuffed DJ tent, my tiny ‘stage’ was over-run with a mob of writhing kids who wanted to daaaaaance, and it was a blowout. I returned the next year to play inside of a huge tent, during the mayhem of a thunderstorm. One small problem: the tent was not waterproofed. Add to that, we had nearly 300 freaks up on the stage, and i was litterally holding a CDJ in one hand like a guitar while my buddies John and Jesse and friends literally held up the collapsed table with the soaking mixer on it while we played overtime. Totally bananas. This year, we are thrilled to have a midnight slot in the ‘Revival Tent’!

Then Saturday we are off to San Diego, for the Reset Festival. Months ago we were asked for a wish list of a few musical recommendations, and they went with three of our favorite abstract electronic music artists today: Flying Lotus, Eliot Lipp, and Alex B. Many others are on the eclectic high power lineup including 12th Planet, A-Track, Le Castle Vania and more….SO CAL READY TO RAGE!!!

June 11th, is my first time at Bonnaroo, and we are lucky enough to have a prime-time Friday Late Night slot. Like Coachella, the festival production is TOP NOTCH, the sound will be utterly immersive, and we have loads of musical bombs to bless your tender ear drums with. i’ve heard rumors of some crazy glow-stick war, and all i gotta say is i LOVE enthusiasm, i LOVE a frenzy, i LOVE melting down with people and i even LOVE seeing showers of light in the sky, but LORD HELP ME I HATE GLOWSTICKS when they are thrown at the stage. We are actively enlisting members of the “Save Bassnectar’s Eyeballs” Foundation. Please join this non profit group and do your part to keep hard plastic rockets from being thrown at the stage. We have tear gas and a high-velocity fire hose in case shit gets out of hand, but i’d rather it not come to that, so go BONKERS like i know you will, but for the love of christ and anything else you deem holy, PLEASE keep dem glostix AWAY from the fucking stage. I will reward you with sounds like you have never imagined

Then there is a nice 3 week break where i will pretend i am going to actually have a vacation, and instead end up surrounded by robots and laptops cranking out music and master plans.

Then it’s round three for us at the All Good Festival. Judging by the lineup you would think this is just some hippies with banjos drinkin moonshine out in them thar hills, but lemme tell you: the last two years the crowd has been among *THE MOST INTENSE* of the year, both years. Imagine a massive pit of 10,000+ people, surrounded along the back by a large hillside, covered in an avalanche of freaks. This freakbowl goes well over 15,000 people deep, and one of the best features of the event: they alternate stages. So when its on, it’s FULLY ON, as in the only thing on, and we get to blast the fuuuuuuuuuuuck outa them thar hills. Amazing energy, amazing electricity, All Good is Blast Off time.

Then we do the Saturday Sprint from West Virginia to Kentucky. Kentucky is one of the few states i have never played in before so we are gonna break that fast at the Forecastle Festival in Louisville. The line up is mega dope, and methinks it will be a great combo of old and new ears, thus giving me a chance to explore new versions of classic content…i always love that.

The next weekend is a Triple-Whammy, kicking off with our third Camp Bisco appearance. Another festival that alternates stages, we get to smash the bajeeeziss out of that place during DB’s set break on friday night. The lineup here is rock-solid, featuring Rusko, Theivery, Diplo, Dieselboy, Sub Swara, Welder, Beats Antique, Gift of Gab and many other crazy artists. The last time i played setbreak was smack dab in the middle of a full moon rainstorm, and it was TOTALLY off every single possible hook. Mega hyped for another round here!!!

Saturday i zip off to Toronto to lay loving waste to the Opera House. Mid Summer Toronto is hot as hell, as was the way-oversold Wrong Bar last time we were there. This time we have a bigger venue, bigger system, and a full stack of new tracks and tricks… Hopefully we will survive the heat. Sunday is Montreal at the infamous “Piknic Electronik Festival”…an outdoors all-day music fest, and we have the honor of closing out the stage. My second time playing in Montreal and guaranteed to be a total freakshow.

I’ll save the second half of summer for another update, but it includes Audiotistic Festival, Wanderlust, Shambhala, Outside Lands, Mile High, Chicago House of Blues, and Electric Zoo. Some links and preliminary details are below, can’t wait to see you all out there in the wide & wild world!!!!



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227 Responses to “Bassnectar’s Guide To Summer Frenzy 2010”
  1. Andy Kershaw says:

    Lorin! It's Andy K from the RBML Boston session.

    I got sick of all the negativity and dead ends in Boston… so I moved! To San Francisco!

    Why the fuck didn't I do this earlier? This is the exact setting I need.

    You're playing in my neighborhood (The Richmond) for Outside Lands later in the summer. Would be great to see ya 🙂 It's awesome to see you so successful. Inspiring.

    Hope you see this my productions sensei. Peace, Love, and techno.


  2. karlycakes says:

    Canadian girl may die of spider bite, if Lauren does not go to Sydney Australia! Yes, you heard it! There are few good musical events in Sydney, and this desparate Canadian may have to travel the outback to underground bush parties, just to enjoy dancing and music! Well, you know what happens in the outback don't you?? Yes, people, just like me, die, every day, from spider and snake bites!…but, these poisons are preventable! All I need is a little dj lorin, to get me through, the next few!

    Breaking news – save a desperate Canadian's life, send Lorin to Sydney!!!!!

    This is no joke, winterpsyfari is just around the corner!

  3. karlycakes says:

    opps..sorry, spelled it wrong(Lorin)..and also, glowsticks are bad for the, but, yes, c'mon hippies, lets do better!!!

    (p.s. save me!)

  4. Thanks for the chat backstage at Reset. Your set was phenomenal as usual. I'm open to help with anything you might need me for including being a crazy ass crowd riler or catalyst for Bassnetwork. I love what you do and I'm here to stay, man. Hope to see you soon.

    Peace, love and unity!

  5. Nad Illson says:

    i know your playing a buttload of shows in chicago but PLEASE consider this newly born festie in chicago! you will make the line up sooo much more boobies if your on it! plus the proceeds are going to a good cause!!!

  6. jleffler says:

    What up Lorin! Peace from the northwest……late night cleaning sesh before the wife and kids come home and got the ipod on shuffle….Heads Up came on…..fucking forgot how completely insane that track is, gave me the chills… song was The Promise (ending of Napolean Dynamite)…….that'd be one twisted remix!!!!!

  7. CJ says:


  8. Knobby Roots says:

    HOLY TOLEDOS!!!!! Wakarusa was fucking bonkers! I'm so happy i made it out of that tent without dying of dehydration! My crew and I Really appreciate you lettin all of us up into that front area that they were holding for “VIPs”, that was so cool of you to get security to let us all up…IT TOTALLY MADE OUR WHOLE WEEKEND!!! especially after gettin to shake your hand after the show! Best set of the weekend for sure, but we all knew that before we even got there 🙂 Thanks for everything Lorin, like i've said before, you have no idea how much you've inspired me, it's nuts!!

    I'll see ya back home at MILE HIGH!!! Gonna be SOOOOO much fun….it'll be my 11 year old and 14 year old brothers first bassnectar show…they are so excited already!!!

    Take it easy Lorin!

  9. J.R. Jennings says:

    I see a nice little slot opened for dust and lust at the end of August. Hope to see you and the crew out there soakin it all up! Keep the beats rockn! )'(

  10. brooke says:

    i wanna hear jack kevorkian samples 🙂

  11. Emily says:

    for one, you rule. and two, i gave you a hat in tulsa that says cozza frenzy on it and as much as you tried to give it back to me, me and some friends made it for you! and noticed you wore it after. so get ready for bonnaroo, because you have another one coming your way. and trust me, its going to be awesome.

  12. Jack says:

    All the complims bout waka. But what sets nectar apart is the simplicity of it all. -One guy playing a mix he made -even the same mix sometimes at dif shows. People I came with said they heard that mix before, and I said I wish he would have played it again. Milk the **** out of that waka mix!

    And if ur lookin for advice/requests, don't be afraid to get cliche. As cool as it is to be 'outside of the box,' the box is not off limits. Forget this box that has been affecting music since Mozart was deemed lame. -Except I heard a band was boo-ed at waka for playing James Brown (typed this with my head going side to side), but I don't know who.

    • Jack says:

      Maybe even a little latin. Panic had a conga line goin for a while, n everyone dug on that

    • Jack says:

      Somthin jus crossed my mind, sorry to leave a foot of commenting but it had to be said. There has to be a way for Nectar to be in two places at once. Either send equipment and mix cd's to every corner of the globe or get a satelite radio station and crank the bass constantly. TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

  13. Jack says:

    Uh, either my **** just disapeared or you're about to read this twice.

    There has to be a way for Nectar to be in two places at once. Either send equipment and cd mixes to every corner of the globe, or get your own satelite radio station. Even train your own army, nay, brigade of dj. Do what you gotta do to take over the world (or at least get your sounds at underground sound this august)!!!

  14. ev says:

    what is that song with the woman singing 'i know you can't get enough of myself”? it was played at wakarusa and i can't get it out of my head but i need the name!

    • morebass! says:

      That one caught my ear too! I heard a DJ playing it at a regional burning man party in colorado and it took me right back to that tent in arkansas.
      it’s called “gold dust” by dj fresh and you want the flux pavillion remix of it.
      of course it will never sound as good as in the context of a a bassnectar set…

  15. Flikabic says:

    HEY LORIN!!!/crew! Come play at Floydfest in Floyd co. VA! It's the only fest I think I can make. Keep up the good works!

  16. Krum says:

    PLEASE come back to Austin as soon as possible. That was honestly one of the best concerts I have ever been too. But you are definatly going to need a bigger venue next time.

  17. morebass! says:

    Lorin – from me and everyone I know that witnessed the magic at Waka this summer – THANK YOU. You held down the revival tent so hard. We drove 20 hours specifically for your set on Friday night. And you brought the bass every bit as hard as we dreamed. It was worth every second. It's so much more than just music. You absolutely killed it. Drop after drop – I was speechless for an hour after the speakers stopped. Literally. It took me forever to find my face, it melted off and nobody could find where it went. You consistently provide me with the best experiences of my life. You had the perfect mix of “drop step”, d n' b, weaving together samples and remixes so flawlessly, with just the right amount of vocals thrown in. I was about to pass out from the heat but just couldn't leave the tent for a second. So good. love.

  18. mizalexandra says:

    Lorin how do you feel about moshing at ur shows? I was getting so low to the floor ppl were looking at me like I was a straight looney. The funny thing is I was completely sober, I just wanna get all sorts of wild, not even angry wild, just wiiiiillllld, thats what ur music does to me. I tried moshing, but NO ONE was feelin me. I thought ur bassfreaks were freakier than that. I know ur an old school metal head. I wanna start a huge mosher, like the whoooole crowd. I'm almost a midge but I don't give an eeeeffff. I just wanna smash into ppl. Your music is the HARDEST sheeezz I've ever heard. I'm ready to get bonkers!

    Waka was soo nasty and so beautiful all at the same time! thanks for rippin down the VIP wall. You da man! Can't wait to see you back at home for Mile High 😀 yeeeeeeeeee!

    Love you long time! You've changed my life foreeeev, my creative juices are bubbling over, thank you!

    • Lorin says:

      i think some crowds are different from others…lots of times theres insane moshing, other times not. as long as people remain respectful and take care with each other, its all about letting go

      that fine line between totoal and complete abandon….letting go in a complete frenzy….yet thoroughly soaking it up, and remaining wide awake and conscious…

      same goes with hucking things at the stage…i cannot stand it
      but i love when people let go and go wild

      • mizalexandra says:

        for real. glowsticks are wack, hate them. I haven't been to any metal shows yet, but one of my girlfriend's my size rages hard in the mosh, and she said there is this raw, hard energy, but camaraderie between everyone and its the most exhilarating experience. Like everyone bashing into everyone, but if you eat it, someone will pick you right back up and throw you back in. Sounds tooooo awesome. You drop the heaviest shit evveerr, almost so hard, its quite :] so I thought I would give it a shot, maybe the vibes will be different next time.

        and I feel you on the fine line. I've had some amazing moments floating away in a daze, but completely conscious and aware is where its at. drugs make it easy to get crazy, but I get crazier sober, love feelin aliiive. Ur shows are indescribable, shit every single beat you put out is indescribable. One day I will find the exact words or some other medium to express it, but the time isn't now…ha.

        until then. motions, underground, mezmerizing, cozza, timestretch, and all others are on reeeeepeat!

        I have one request….

        Force of Suction…..oh man. I would pee.

        jk jk jk jk jk. i won't, but thats the excitement I'm talkin about it.

        much love 🙂

        oh wait p.s….support you allllll the way on no recordings of your shows. if you miss out, you miss out, if you can't remember, too bad for you. hahaha. too special to record. homies need to quit hatin

  19. Natalie says:

    PLEASE drop Pure Imagination at AllGood…… oh my god you'd make my life.

  20. Unanimous says:

    Speaking of All Good….

    Def not to hate on your new tunes. LOOOVE that sh@t…

    But if you played/jammed Dubuhuasca, it might make some kids life…

    Just sayin'…

    Peace & MUCH Midwest love

  21. nectar_junkie says:

    OmG! I'm so sad…
    I didn't make it to Wakarusa and i saw a clip that you played my request- MIA and Nas.
    Thank you so much for being the awesome thoughtful guy that you are and playing it. I'm so disapointed that i missed it. (maybe u could play at Forcastle?)
    my ride to Waka flaked out at the last minute and i got left out- But i wanted to say Thank You for playing it anyway- one of my favorite mixes that you do- and even tho i didn't get to hear it- alot of other people got blessed with it.
    thanks for that.
    -steve, the nectar junkie-
    ps- hopefully i'm gonna try to make it to your Roo set. I don't get off work till Fri night. I'm trying.

  22. bassnecwitdacuts says:

    Lorin~ Can you PLEASE come to North Coast Music Fest?? I NEED MORE BASS NEC!!! WOBBLE WOBBLE!

  23. AmBeeZie says:

    Muchisimos gracias por todo su musica! Gonna try and catch a wompalicious show either in Tahoe or SF 😉 Your music is helping me pound through two major essays that will allow me to graduate early – Thanks for the stimulating vibes and great sounds <3!

  24. Mzoubkov says:


  25. masta blasta says:

    YO… summercamp set was REAL! Blew that place up! Really liked the intro to “here we go” Cant wait for the all good set. Knoxville show?? this fall/winter?? would be the shit. Thanks for all the beats L ……………GET NASTY!

  26. Jake vanostaeyen says:

    please just release massive attack already.

  27. seanfath says:

    lorin- thank you for caring so much about what you do. i saw you at house of blues in the fall of last year.. and your readiness to RAGE with the crowd until nearly sunrise was … beautiful. you seem to enjoy getting down just as much as your fans do.. and that has got to be your biggest asset (though among many) as an artist. please never change, and thank you for giving me musical direction.

    also, im gonna be at your house of blues set in august (not to mention All Good, yayyyy) and it happens to fall on the night of my 21st birthday. please please pleassssssseeeeeeeeee drop some swing like that first some at summercamp. i would lose my brains alllll over the floor.

  28. Moon_melodies says:

    I see you are coming to Denver! Yes! But do I really have to sit through Dave Matthews?

    • Knobby Roots says:

      what’s wrong wit a little DMB!?!? We are BLESSED to have such an amazing and wide variety of artists at MH…Nectar is the reason we can’t miss this, but there’s sooooo much good music there! i hope you don’t miss it all moon melodies

        • Knobby Roots says:

          Dave Matthews Band! I was just writing in response to moon_melodies who was complaining about havin to watch dave matthews at mile high fest! Just my opinion i suppose, but i love dave, and i’m SOOO stoked i get to see him and so many other awesome artists during the same weekend as some NECCCTTARRRR. August can’t come soon enough!

        • Knobby Roots says:

          Dave Matthews Band! I was just writing in response to moon_melodies who was complaining about havin to watch dave matthews at mile high fest! Just my opinion i suppose, but i love dave, and i’m SOOO stoked i get to see him and so many other awesome artists during the same weekend as some NECCCTTARRRR. August can’t come soon enough!

  29. Samantha_00 says:

    So my boyfriend and i saw you at Bonnaroo this last weekend and you were actually one of the main reasons we even ended up going. His brother had talked up your shows and was the one who really got us into your music. Sadly my boyfriends brother passed away about 2 weeks before roo. We were really excited to see you because of how his brother spoke of your shows. We LOVED the show. It was nice to feel that energy his brother once had felt at your shows and in a way was a way for us to connect to him. I just want to thank you for that show because it meant so much to me to have that connection with him. Please come to Huntsville, AL so we can see you again and a little closer to home. But my main point is that you gave us a connection to him that we were lacking and that was a really good experience to go through..and the 2 hours you played wasn't nearly long enough, but you Lorin are the shit and know your music has made an impact on someones life and a show meant more then the world to someone. Keep doing what you do man<3

    • Lorin says:

      that is really beautiful to read. thank you samantha! please tell your boyfriend hello for me, and im honored i was able to make an impact on his brother's life. one of my goals is to pass on the inspiration i feel to other people, in hopes that they will pass it on as well, and it seems like he did.
      catch you again soon

      • petrapixipan says:

        My tears are liquid snowflakes that melt into the quartz records of this earth. Beautiful human communion! May he rest in peace. And may the synaptic sharing of inspiration live on eternally.

      • Samantha_00 says:

        You’re welcome. I just wanted to let you know that you gave my boyfriend and i an escape from reality and that you gave us a way to know the energy his brother once felt.. we were with him the night before and actually talking about seeing you at Bonnaroo. His bro was a big fan and had seen you SEVERAL times and always had crazy stories but he would always tell us there is nothing like actually being at the show so it was a good way to connect with him again and he was right there really is nothing like being there. honestly it is hard to listen to your cds now knowing how intense you are live lol.
        you’re the best =]


        • LORIN says:

          its not just me (dont give me too much credit)
          its also the sheer volume of community, each and every person adding themselves as an ingredient to the frenzy stew

          oh…and the volume of the bass probably helps a wee bit, eh?

        • LORIN says:

          its not just me (dont give me too much credit)
          its also the sheer volume of community, each and every person adding themselves as an ingredient to the frenzy stew

          oh…and the volume of the bass probably helps a wee bit, eh?

  30. Big Whit says:

    I'll be front row at Forecastle Lorin, I've seen you multiple times but this is the first time I'll see you in the Bluegrass State. We'll show you a good time the KY way. Can't wait

    • Lorin says:

      yah its my first time there! HYPED!!!!!
      i met a girl on the plane yesterday from LA who was flying home from Nashville but heading back out to KY for Forcastle (ZANG!) it seems people are coming from far and wide for that one..

      see ya soon

  31. joshulrich says:

    Hey i know your fall tour is still pretty chaotic in terms of cities, but do you have any idea what month you are goin to release the full schedule?

  32. Mels says:

    Your work is amazing! My husband and I discovered your work earlier this year and now we are hooked! Thanks for giving me faith in music again! Cheers!

  33. lucyinthesky says:

    smoke a blunt with me at bisco? always wanted to meet you

    • Lorin says:

      you may be shocked to know that although i loooooooooooove the smell of marijuana, i don't really smoke it. it can be fantastically creative, but my mind craves the utmost clarity and attention-to-detail, so i found that it is a REALY GOOD incense for me, but i don't actually smoke it anymore. i might know some people who do though haha

  34. Cecile says:

    LOVE your music. Wish I could travel to one of the festivals to see you live.

  35. Hey Lorin, wanted to talk to you about playing a Burning Man Sound Camp fund raiser in Vegas. Understand that you have to direct all bookings through your booking agent, but wanted to talk to you first before that route. First saw you at Jujubeats last year and then saw you at Root Society Dome and morning set Sunday at Do Lab. You opened my eyes to dubstep and a huge fan now because of you. My first party was in Oakland in 97' but it took me 12 years to finally make it to Burning Man. Anyways you can contact me through Twitter or just by googling my name Jeremy Espinosa.

  36. A few random questions:

    1. When/where do you normally do music workshops?

    2. You're visuals were nutss at Reset… very dream-like, DMTish. Do you choose what is displayed? How does the collaboration between you and the guy who does your visuals work?

    3. Your hair is longer than mine, and mine reaches my butt. How do you take care of all those beautiful, nappy ass locks?

    • Lorin says:

      1. overdue for workshops, i gotta reset my GET IT DONE knob, cuz my LAG knob is on maximum

      • Your homie Dylan shed some seriously good workshop knowledge in Santa Cruz the other day. I'm already pumping out way fatter tunes way faster! But I still wanna know what a bassnectar workshop holds in store. BTW when you are in the studio you need to remix or do a longer cut of Enthusiasm is Contagious off Mezmerizing the Ultra. I know I know, make the song feel a little too short, but that tune is always getting stuck in my head and I just need it to ride out for a couple minutes. Maybe its too old to go back to, but I don't think so 🙂

    • Lorin says:

      2…. visuals and lights are a full time project. currently we compile imagery from EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE, and mix it together with this crazy thing OBSCURA developed, and our LD michael effs with it 🙂

  37. nectar_junkie says:

    Man, i was so disapointed… I loved your set at Roo… it was incredible and thank you soooo much… but people could barely hear it… that tent was so quiet and the bass was soo quiet- it was like Bella Madre all over again_
    We really need to get you on a main stage- or at least a place with big sound. Unless you were directly under the main part of the tent- you could barely hear it.
    But thank you for that set man.

    • Lorin says:

      i forwarded this on, but youre gonna get me jumped, man. my crew will think you are nuts!!!
      we brougth in SO MUCH FUCKING EXTRA bass for that stage ….my eyeballs were shaking…just come up closer next time… 🙂

      • Americandesi3789 says:

        it was mostly bc of the lunar stage that people couldn't hear it as much, blame them. i was outside the tent under a tree between both these stages and still womping my fucking face off!!!!

  38. dmgreen says:

    Thank you for getting super dirty at Bonnaroo. From Sweet Shop to the Sigur Ros remix, everyone was loving it. I also loved some of the old videolicious visuals on the screen behind you. I recognized that tribal sacrifice scene from Tuscaloosa and Athens last fall. It was nice to finally shake your hand and say thanks. See you at All Good.


  39. Declanwhyte says:

    why cant you play in scotland man, defo need to come to scotlandd!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lorin says:

      we've been getting a lot of requests to go to new places, and they all sound fantastic. i am UBER down to bring the noise to new places, i just gotta fit it into the schedule…we are booked through new years right now, so it'll prolly happen in early 2011

      in the meantime, lots of new music to be released


  40. Ryan K says:

    All Good in three weeks!!! How fucking pumped are you?! I know you are tucked away in the labs right now working on a masterful set… haha Just out of curiosity, how long will your set be? They dont give you nearly enough time up there… Im ready to rage brotha, see ya soon.

  41. Faith Mcmahan says:

    Lorin.. if and when you are in colorado… willl you please smach force of suction!!! 8D i might just pop!

  42. Faith Mcmahan says:

    mile high=groovetown..

  43. Marie says:

    Hey Lorin!
    I'm Marie- total techno-fan, LOVE the PLUR of the scene and have been a licensed massage therapist for the past 9 years. I work for a hospital, physical therapy ctr AND teach massage therapy. I specialize in/teach medical/sports massage therapy. I'm going to ALLGOOD this year (again!) and was wondering if the table-tweaking, standing/DJing/dancing for hours, head-bangin' good times got to be too much on your muscles/joints?- by all means, let me know!! I work with athletes, musicians, trauma/rehab patients specializing in neck/back muscle/skeletal work. My work is 100% licensed/legit, strictly therapeutic (& while it is funny to joke about- no, it's not THAT kind of “massage” ;o) , so if you need work while you're on the road (and i'm betting 1000% you do)- I'll be at ALLGOOD and would love to contribute my skillz & energy for nothing more than the joy that is my job & the love of the grooves. hit me up at – safe travels, can't wait to see you again! ps- your 9:30club show WHOMP'd ASS, my friend sara & i were thrilled we got to meet you- not many musicians stay after an exhausting performance to meet & enjoy their fans. thank you! see you on the mountaintop!

  44. All Good couldn't get here sooner. Can't wait for you to melt the mountain top

  45. G Val says:

    Yo Lorin, any clue when you might make it back to the Oklahoma area?? You rocked my socks off at Waka 2010 and as wild as it sounds that was my first time to see you live!! shocking i know… ha ha but man I love what you are doing, you have my friends and I transforming into straight up BASS HEADS! ha ha ha And that Grass Roots Nectar hat will be on my head shortly! COME TO OKLAHOMA pleeeease! ha ha much love

    • Mphillips2289 says:

      about 45 minutes into that set at waka…. bassnectar got soooooo dirty on us all. new tracks of filthy wobble that tickled my ear drums

  46. hotabay says:

    So pumped for Allgood. I hope they gave you a longer set this year, you're the best thing on the mountaintop.

  47. spunk719 says:

    here I am throwing ideas… but to someone that might be down to experiment with brawny squash . thinking of all the music I love, and how it would feel if you dropped some beeefy bass on these damn thangggggz. what im thinking is rambunctious sound wobbbbzzz to what I be..franti… or maybe some super old spearhead. chocolate supa highway. alsoooo.. fool on the hilll. bealtes. feel flows. love enough. . ahhh shiza! I shred at crested butte, colorado.. awwww day blasting your jams… listening to basshead…hittin the half pipe surreal undeniable PUMPage is what happens… then MAD BOOOOST. cant wait til CO. come chill with us in forest for a while. shine your light on some coooool colorado rain. 🙂

  48. Jonathanleffler says:

    L- So my wife asks me yesterday why i keep checking my compter-my response-I know Lauren is releasing something soon and I'm dying to get it :)………..and my anticipation for the next smashers and masher mix is bursting…hope you were able to cram a Tool track in there somewhere. Any chance your merchandise peeps have a hat in the works? Would love a flex fit cap with the logo on the front and a fat BASSNECTAR on the back…….i love to spread the love for BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are squeezing in some sleep in the midst of your mad basslab sessions,

  49. Mphillips2289 says:

    I just wanna say, i am a dubstep fanatic and I have seen you so many times here in austin texas over the last few years as well as your wakarusa set, but i have to say when my girlfriend (she is seriously in fucking love with you) and I flew out to San Fran on new years for Sea Of Dreams, i have never heard Bass like that in my life or been to such an amazing one night event.

    seriously lorin… so dirty.

    keep it up man… you are an incredibly talented producer/DJ

    -matt phillips

  50. Charlie Gullion says:

    Lorin, you need to come to Hong Kong! I'm an American student studying here for the next 14 months and neither my fellow Americans and HKers understand the intense glory that is a Bassnectar show. I've been hitting up the clubs here and the DJs don't quite have it down. I've been playing the 2010 IDJ mixtape for everyone here and they are flipping out over it. Thanks for doing what you do!

    • Lorin says:

      at this point i doubt there would be much 'glory' in you, me, and 5 or 6 people in a big empty club in hong kong (hahahaha!) but one day maybe

      not that its about the glory (its not) but it is about the frenzy, and thats been the most important thing to build

      it started ***years**** ago, and it goes way beyond the music or any individual ingredient. so it doesnt always replicate..

      but maybe someday

      my aunt lived in hong kong for a long time

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