Bassnectar’s Guide To Summer Frenzy 2010

June 1st, 2010



Welcome to Bassnectar’s Guide To Summer Frenzy.
After a raging Timestretch spring tour we have officiaaaally kicked off summer festival season. Last weekend’s over-slammed set closing out our stage at Summer Camp was bonkers, bursting at the seams, and an amazing sight (thanks to the extra bright and glowing crowd). Afterwards our crew made a mad dash for Austin, TX to a sold-out show at the legendary outdoor venue Stubb’s. Hotter than hell, and oversold, the show was the heaviest yet for us in Texas, and now it’s onward to a season of bass and heat.

I wanted to flash-release a little summer time jam, and decided on a brand new loopy remix i did of an awesome band called “Sleigh Bells” …it isn’t meant to be a banger or anything more than a nice, thick slice of dreamy sunshine (and bass). Enjoy!

And stay tuned for the ‘Massive Attack Remix’ which will launch from our site in a week or two… that one = HEAVINESSSSS

Also, today we are finally able to officially announce Bassnectar @ San Francisco’s ‘OUTSIDE LANDS FESTIVAL’!!! Details below.

And randomly, here is the latest tourcam, with footage from our shows in Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, for those of ye that like to collect these little montages.

So here is a little run down of the action over the next few months:

This Friday, June 4, we return to the Wakarusa Music Festival. The first time i played this was back when it used to happen outside of Lawrence, KS. I was in a small, over-stuffed DJ tent, my tiny ‘stage’ was over-run with a mob of writhing kids who wanted to daaaaaance, and it was a blowout. I returned the next year to play inside of a huge tent, during the mayhem of a thunderstorm. One small problem: the tent was not waterproofed. Add to that, we had nearly 300 freaks up on the stage, and i was litterally holding a CDJ in one hand like a guitar while my buddies John and Jesse and friends literally held up the collapsed table with the soaking mixer on it while we played overtime. Totally bananas. This year, we are thrilled to have a midnight slot in the ‘Revival Tent’!

Then Saturday we are off to San Diego, for the Reset Festival. Months ago we were asked for a wish list of a few musical recommendations, and they went with three of our favorite abstract electronic music artists today: Flying Lotus, Eliot Lipp, and Alex B. Many others are on the eclectic high power lineup including 12th Planet, A-Track, Le Castle Vania and more….SO CAL READY TO RAGE!!!

June 11th, is my first time at Bonnaroo, and we are lucky enough to have a prime-time Friday Late Night slot. Like Coachella, the festival production is TOP NOTCH, the sound will be utterly immersive, and we have loads of musical bombs to bless your tender ear drums with. i’ve heard rumors of some crazy glow-stick war, and all i gotta say is i LOVE enthusiasm, i LOVE a frenzy, i LOVE melting down with people and i even LOVE seeing showers of light in the sky, but LORD HELP ME I HATE GLOWSTICKS when they are thrown at the stage. We are actively enlisting members of the “Save Bassnectar’s Eyeballs” Foundation. Please join this non profit group and do your part to keep hard plastic rockets from being thrown at the stage. We have tear gas and a high-velocity fire hose in case shit gets out of hand, but i’d rather it not come to that, so go BONKERS like i know you will, but for the love of christ and anything else you deem holy, PLEASE keep dem glostix AWAY from the fucking stage. I will reward you with sounds like you have never imagined

Then there is a nice 3 week break where i will pretend i am going to actually have a vacation, and instead end up surrounded by robots and laptops cranking out music and master plans.

Then it’s round three for us at the All Good Festival. Judging by the lineup you would think this is just some hippies with banjos drinkin moonshine out in them thar hills, but lemme tell you: the last two years the crowd has been among *THE MOST INTENSE* of the year, both years. Imagine a massive pit of 10,000+ people, surrounded along the back by a large hillside, covered in an avalanche of freaks. This freakbowl goes well over 15,000 people deep, and one of the best features of the event: they alternate stages. So when its on, it’s FULLY ON, as in the only thing on, and we get to blast the fuuuuuuuuuuuck outa them thar hills. Amazing energy, amazing electricity, All Good is Blast Off time.

Then we do the Saturday Sprint from West Virginia to Kentucky. Kentucky is one of the few states i have never played in before so we are gonna break that fast at the Forecastle Festival in Louisville. The line up is mega dope, and methinks it will be a great combo of old and new ears, thus giving me a chance to explore new versions of classic content…i always love that.

The next weekend is a Triple-Whammy, kicking off with our third Camp Bisco appearance. Another festival that alternates stages, we get to smash the bajeeeziss out of that place during DB’s set break on friday night. The lineup here is rock-solid, featuring Rusko, Theivery, Diplo, Dieselboy, Sub Swara, Welder, Beats Antique, Gift of Gab and many other crazy artists. The last time i played setbreak was smack dab in the middle of a full moon rainstorm, and it was TOTALLY off every single possible hook. Mega hyped for another round here!!!

Saturday i zip off to Toronto to lay loving waste to the Opera House. Mid Summer Toronto is hot as hell, as was the way-oversold Wrong Bar last time we were there. This time we have a bigger venue, bigger system, and a full stack of new tracks and tricks… Hopefully we will survive the heat. Sunday is Montreal at the infamous “Piknic Electronik Festival”…an outdoors all-day music fest, and we have the honor of closing out the stage. My second time playing in Montreal and guaranteed to be a total freakshow.

I’ll save the second half of summer for another update, but it includes Audiotistic Festival, Wanderlust, Shambhala, Outside Lands, Mile High, Chicago House of Blues, and Electric Zoo. Some links and preliminary details are below, can’t wait to see you all out there in the wide & wild world!!!!



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227 Responses to “Bassnectar’s Guide To Summer Frenzy 2010”
  1. foxxxyboxxxy says:

    ummmm just recently got into your music thanks to bonnaroo (was doing bonnaroo homework and studying up on music by artists i didnt really know).. ummmm…im in loooovveee. your shit at bonnaroo was ri-fucking-diculous! definitely one of the highlights of the whole festival for me and my friends. i am now currently obsessed. thanks xoxo

  2. Guest says:


    • Lorin says:

      hey meggg!
      wish we could

      we will announce fall dates soon, and you'll see we are out of town then, but come rock the sundown set at outside lands…that'll be a freakshow!

  3. front.row.ho says:

    i had a weird dream that you were playing a show somewhere at night in the bush, and then for some reason we were in a big truck driving somewhere and I was asking you to play soundtribe and some girl was blowing kisses at you through the window. cool.

  4. Hechtliz says:

    I have to say you were the reason for me going to All Good this year and you exceeded my expectations…love your music man

  5. Caleb says:

    I looked at the tickets for the House of Blues show and immediately checked the age requirements to see if i could even get it and saw its 17 and up. At first i was bummed but then checked the date and realized that its 2 days after my 17th birthday. Hell yeah! its fate that i go to this show man! Can't wait to see you!

    • Lorin says:

      nice one! happy birthday!!!!

      when i was 17 i was sneaking off to go to Cannibal Corpse shows cuz my folks werent down with tha devil… haha

  6. Hechtliz says:

    Also, come to Baltimore again soon!! I know this town could use some more haha also thank god you tell people not to throw water before your sets and in between…Borgore was just here and his stuff got ruinedddd

  7. sean says:

    dude, saw you at all good. it was preposterously nasty.

    is there any possible way i can buy that set?? i HAVE to hear those beatles/beastie boys/cage the elephant samples again!! PLEASE!!!

    much love, cant wait to see you at house of blues in august. it's my 21st birthday on the 22nd, so you literally hit the stage 30 mins after i turn 21. could not be more stoked. please melt my face as a birthday present.

  8. Dubuasca says:

    hey man, i'm sure you have heard this already, but your set at All Good festival…was NOT loud enough. Sadly, I could barely hear some of it, and while I was not crammed up in front of the stage, I was not very far from it. Still, a very good set I thought, nice job anyways..

    • Ryan says:

      I agree with you 100% man… But you would have to agree that the music all weekend wasn't loud enough! It wasn't bassnectar, All Good's sound equipment blew.

      • Dubuasca says:

        Exactly man, I heard Thursday night was much louder as well. I think they turned down the sound the rest of the weekend for some reason. That, and they were probably afraid of how loud the 'Bass COULD have been. The soundsystem is an issue as well; using their own sound rig, Bassnectar will always sound better.

  9. Jwilner8 says:

    you were amazing at bisco this year. i've never seen a performance like that. you were so connected to the audience. amazing. i agree that you should come to baltimore again soon.

  10. Stu Leibson says:

    Bassnectar in Northampton, MA was the first electronic/dubstep/awesome concert I had ever been to. I then saw you at Forecastle in KY and Camp Bisco in NY…both were RIDICULOUS. I'm actually quite visible in all three of those family photos and, although you probably don't remember me, you gave me a hug at Forecastle haha.

    Anyways, this is quite the random request, but, there was a song played between Devo and Bassnectar at Forecastle with a title along the lines of “Bass Check”. It was basically an intro for your form of music, giving the crowd a glimpse of how raw it was about to get hahah. So, my request is: do you know what the actual name of that song is and who made it?

    PS I already have and listen to all of your music, don't worry hahah

    Thanks for the help

  11. Drewsiffers says:

    dude saw you in tahoe last weekend best show ive ever been too! i was wondering if you could hook me up with the song setlist you played that saturday night i heard some songs ive never heard before and wanna buy some of themmmmmmm peace brah!

  12. paijerenee says:

    I need Wanderlust set list ASAP…. best set I've ever heard, never gotten that WILD at a show!

  13. J KAY says:

    I just want to know when you're making it back to the home land?

  14. j_oddio says:

    where is the family pic for Nocturnal Texas? that was the 1st time i had seen you in 3 yrs and it was a much needed spiritual experience.

  15. Ashleydwallace says:

    Please, please, please! =] Play Magical World and When I Grow Up at the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte. I would be sooooo happy!

  16. Ashleydwallace says:

    Please, please, please! =] Play Magical World and When I Grow Up at the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte. I would be sooooo happy!

  17. Brdg009 says:

    you are truely the god of bass you killed it last night. thanks for heads up it was sickk come back to the south soon we love you!

  18. hot sauce says:

    last night was the best. i saw you at roo and all good, but you killed it last night. love you.

  19. dreamer says:

    Greetings Lorin,

    I know this is absolutely crazy talk. But sometimes, crazy good happens. And sometimes, it's OK to ask the universe, or another beautiful bipedal, for crazy good. Been following you from the cold white north up in MN and know you are exploding, in touch with enough kind eyes and ears that I know the door to your show is one through which I need to walk. Now back in Cali, taking care of family business, but (ack!) too busy to notice until right now that I have missed you, again. If you have space for a +1 left, I'm more than happy to pay you for the ticket. Also would be happy to bring homemade lasagna for you and your crew. I just would love to see your energy ripple through The Wiltern this very night. I just need to dance. So true. Not like, “Oh, that'd be nice tonight,” but, more like ~*I haven't thrown down as is necessary and healthy to do so in way too dang long, like way too dang long!*~ _Straight up healing_. Helps me process things, you know, big questions going on right now. I could use some absolute obliteration of the monkey mind which occurs in rooms that move the way yours do… there is nothing but right now (always the way but not always the easiest). I ought to have dealt. Oh, so my loss. Thought it couldn't hurt to ask and would love to share a pretty sweet piece of knowledge and picture of the structure through which we actually feel the sound waves. ***Go, Bassnectar, GO verberate that theater with your crazy good funky awesome energy-like-honey-in-your-hands bassnectarness!!!*** I understand. I'll catch your energy on the upside.

    Resistance, indeed, is fertile. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for being you.

    Sarah Deamer

  20. Glenn says:

    What up man! Last night i DJed an event for autistic kids and it was an incredible experience. For some of the kids this was the first time they had every been able to go to any kind of dance. Everything went great and at the end of the night to end it all i thought what the heck lets go out with a bang and i played -here we go- and it was awesome to see these kids really take to your music and it was crazy to see that your music can reach anyone willing to listen! So thanx for everything and i'll see you in 12 days at the electric factory when u bring the house down!
    Your Fan,
    Glenn Anderson

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