Family Photo Wakarusa

June 7th, 2010




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  1. Strike_Green says:

    Finally made it into one, kinda. I can see my hat and a little of my face, hehe.

  2. This was the absolutely best show at Wakarusa!!!! I loved being able to give you a high five and getting a bumper sticker!! I've been a huge fan ever since the Underground Communication CD came out, but this was my first live show. I caught a little bit of the show at Bonnaroo, but I had to see Dark Side of the Moon, as it was the last time it will ever be performed by The Flaming Lips. I was wondering if you could please please please play the song Underground Communication at either All Good or Bisco?! I'll be right up front again, and this is one of my all-time top 5 favorite songs.
    Thanks for everything you do for the electronic music industry!
    P.S. I can't get the new Massive Attack song to download from the email.

  3. Wheres the bonnaroo family Photo???

  4. Wheres the bonnaroo family Photo???

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