Massive Attack Bootleg

June 16th, 2010


Happy Solstice!!!

Today is the longest day of the year, and we are spending it deep in a whirlpool of brainstorming. So many exciting projects and concepts are being hatched, and while we are being Mad Scientists in the Labs, we wanted to share another little piece of music:

The Massive Attack Remix is here and ready for your ears and bodies to consume!!!

One of the most influential bands in the ‘trip hop’ universe (and well beyond), Massive Attack made a massive impact since the early nineties (if not before!)… This remix has been unfinished for over 10 years. I first played it at Burning Man in 2000, and as many of my hybrid mashup creations, it has constantly evolved. As with any customized edit it has taken so many variations from uber-deep hypnotic eyes-closed moments to crazy jump-up 10 feet high bounce sessions. This version kind of goes both ways, and includes a sizzling lazer synth over loco 808 bass and an additional vocal dedicated to the heat of summer time. As with all these mash up edits, it is a gesture of respect to musicians who have inspired me, i hope you enjoy it at some moment in the future.

Thanks to Lia for splicing together some of the dopest video content of the past 3 weeks of mayhem! We really appreciate you guys sharing your photos and video with us, it gives me goosebumps to feel it from your perspective, and verse vica. As i said before every one of these last shows has been almost intolerably hot, i have left the stage soaked to the skin and headrushed off of boiling adrenaline, and somehow the energy is just building and getting more intense every time – THAT IS BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! It is like a live social experiment every time, and it is constantly blowing my mind.

Click here to view more family photos, and bring your bass face out in the future.



Be safe, and love life!



179 Responses to “Massive Attack Bootleg”
  1. Anderson says:

    Do me a favor Lorin. Make a mix of Pantera's 5 minutes alone before I die. That shit grooves brother. And you know it well.

    Much love to you.

  2. Miss Mindymay says:

    seen you live for my first time at WAKARUSA 2010,
    hopped the VIP gate, fought my way front row.
    you brought the fuckin house down 🙂

  3. DJDesertStorm says:

    I dropped this eargasmic remix and the seek and destroy remix at a party where the rest of the set was radio bullshit, and people were BOPPIN- so many kids came and asked what it was, and said they'd never heard anything like it before. mad props. also, i noticed on the youtube video for the massive attack remix you commented that the mix you were distributing was only half of your actual work. could i possibly get the entire thing? i've listened to this mix at least 40 times in the couple of days that its been brought to my attention, and i would love to hear the longer edit.
    and one last thing. is it cool with you if i continue to drop beats you've made available for download at parties? or is there legal shit involved and i can pay for it somehow? in any case please hit me back about the above, and i'm counting down till camp bisco

    • Lorin says:

      yah, ima just put together a beats mix and toss it up on the site

      and FOR SURE, play it all, remix it, eff it up, love it , share it

  4. Justin Hale says:

    Hey Lorin,
    Thought you might want to see this… Dubstep DJ drops Basshead in his set (2nd Track)… Crowd reaction was insane. Thing is, this kid is only 9 years old. This was his first time playing in front of people and he killed it. You're quite an inspiration… Check it out!

    • Basscorsair says:

      Can I say that I LOVE this? Thanks so much for posting, Justin. Do you know this kid? He's so great!

      • Justin Hale says:

        yeah, he's my kid. I've been a DJ since 1993 playing parties and festivals and raves and stuff. I play house/techno/electro and Justin has always loved the bassy stuff. He shops with me for gigs online and we ran across some dubstep and he froze up and said WHAT IT THAT?? (I think he likes it too because I don't play it..) but anyway, I showed him around on beatport and showed him how to review tracks and genres. Every year, some friends do a houseboat party on the lake, this year was the 12th year and there was a wedding. Justin was slated to play for the wedding afterparty. I asked him to go thru the top 100 dubstep downloaded tracks and to find any other tracks he liked by poking around and to pick out 10. He came back a few hours later and said “Dad, I could only find 9…” with this sad kinda look. I was stoked! He's picky! So we went thru those 9 and he opted to omit one because it had foul language in it and that left him with just the 8. He put them in order, found his mixing/transition points and then practiced for about 2 weeks. Prior to that he'd never touched a pair of CDJs. He's never even seen a dubstep DJ play. This was the first time he ever played in front of people and he was so calm… I thought i was gonna puke! I don't think my friends really expected him to do what he did. I thought he kept incredible composure the whole set, then danced to his last track. I thought it was cool.. and then realized that he had chosen a Bassnectar track, and that it's one of his favorites and one of the sickest moments in his set.. I'm pretty familiar with Lorin, I'm from the SF bay area, so I thought it was cool that he even accidentally has love for his locals… I'm searching for youtube shots of Bassnectar performing now so I can show him.

        Much Respect.

  5. mizalexandra says:

    Looooriiin!! Oh man! I just woke up and I had the craziest dream last night and you were in it. I hope this isn't a waste of ur time reading this, but I have to tell you, I don't remember my dreams all the time, and this one was flippin Hillaarrr! Ok so you were playing in some po dunk town up in the mountains on like a Monday, the town was very twilightish, not like those new redic movies, but old school Twilight. Anyways you ended the show and somehow we were friends, and you were waiting for me at the front door, hahaha, soooo awesome. We got on this yellow school bus, and drove around this little town in the wee hours of the night, and we picked up all these old people (like way old, with canes, glasses and gas tanks) at this Steakhouse, and they all got in the back and we were right in front of them, and you figured out someway to play ur tunes through the bus speakers on ur labtop, and all these old people went nutsoooo like dancing and hugging and they were all so happy and they didn't want to get off the bus, and me and you were just craaaaacking up so hard. We finally got to my house, and we went inside and my dog bit you starting laughing even harder, then I woke up.

    hahaha I had to tell you, cuz it was so vivid and random and fucking funny. Hope ur having fun in Bassland.

    Laavv you

    • Lorin says:

      dogbites are no fun!
      but i am glad to learn we had an adventure in dreamland!

    • Devin says:

      This is SOOOO weird… but I totally had a similar dream two nights ago, although I don't remember as much. All I remember is being on a school bus with a bunch of people- some were old- and Lorin walked on. I slapped his ass and just said “hey! whats up” haha (which is totes not would I would really do if he walked onto a bus I was on) and he was just looked at me and my roommate and was like “wazzzzzzzzzup” (like that superbowl commercial a few years ago) haha… fuckin weird I know but I had to share considering its so crazy that we had similar dreams on the same night…

      maybe it will come true at allgood or camp???

      • guest says:

        holy cCrrrreeppp thats crazy. glad you shared, i thought i was a freak for sharing. my dreamland is amazing. its been going off these past few weeks. I love it.

      • guest says:

        holy cCrrrreeppp thats crazy. glad you shared, i thought i was a freak for sharing. my dreamland is amazing. its been going off these past few weeks. I love it.

  6. BlazaBlaze says:

    This question has absolutely nothing to do with the remix, although it sounds amazing.

    Could it be possible to get any lyrics from tracks on Beatfreak Bohemia, specifically the amazing track Represent. It isn't so much that I cannot understand it, but more so because its in Spanish.

  7. SJL says:

    BLACKWATER FESTIVAL DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. another amazing remix, saw it at stubbs in austin, been jammin it since last monday, epic. lorin, have a question, at the very beginning of your set @ summercamp you sampled somethin really dope with a lot of horns, really groovy tune, what song is that? waka set was awesome too-see ya @ outside lands!

    • Lorin says:

      thats an ooooold school hip hop tune by “Runaways” …i chopped it into loops and hucked a beat underneath it, then mixed into “Here Vee Go”

      • hells yes, hope i get to experience that live sometime, and thanks again for throwin down so hard at stubbs, lfinally got like 15 of my friends to their first bassnectar concert after i've been BEGGING them to go for like 3 yrs and it definnitely lived up to the hype. not to mention you dropped that nasty remix of teleport massive-so good. thank you.

  9. Ok, so I think I'm starting a well-deserved addiction to your shows, like many others. [It's just too good, gotta get me some morrrre XD

    I got you for a full like 60 seconds backstage at Reset, but no family photo! And I think I'm family 🙂 So come up to the front of Audiotistic if you can and I promise to block the glow sticks from hitting you in the bassface, to rock the fuck out and to give a big hug.

    Your soon-to-be good buddy,

    P.S. Hope you find some of the websites interesting that I gave Lia. I'm still on the search for bigger and better things…

  10. cheekee says:

    1. this mix is epic

    2. if you make an appearance at burning man this year it'll be ever more epic


    4. i've been searching for your pure imagination remix and can only find videos of it from Langerado 2008 but KNOW it's in an hourish long set somewhere. is there anyway i can find it?

    you are amazing and seem like an awesome person. your baltimore show a few months ago was great and it's cool to know that you tried to sneak a few kids in:) keep up the amazing work

  11. theeffwurd says:

    Don't quite know how to put this eloquently, but during your bonnaroo set when you played timestretch/magical world just as the glowstick war erupted and you yelled out “put your hands up if youre fucking happy to be alive” – I think was a moment where I've never been happier to be alive. the memory of that show has stuck with me and will forever. also thanks for playing seek and destroy at the end

    massive attack remix is so filthy..esp when the beat drops and the weezy sample starts

    • Lorin says:

      it's true too!!
      no matter how rough it gets, it's still so magical and bizarre and precious and fleeting

      so enjoy it

      • Joshua says:

        I have been in my lab, Drawing. and then Drawing, Cracking out ideas for a future project involving good things. ( for others, and for people I have contributed to.)

        I would like to go through you this time. Maybe you and I could talk about ideas and how you see music, I mean I did the Basshead thing with your crew, and yourself.


        But perhaps you could make 5 minutes and think of something personal, custom, one of a kind to your style maybe the person looking does not see.

        If not… Hear are some songs for you and your crew to play with.

        1.)Walk with Des- Des All Stars.
        2.)Alberto Balsam- Aphex Twin.
        3.)One Man Flint- Augustus Pablo
        4.)Don't Bother Me- Bad Brains.
        5.)Tracy(Kid Loco Remix)Mogwai
        6.)Venus In Furs-Velvet Underground.
        7.)Jazz- A Tribe Called Quest.
        8.)Flute Loop- Beastie Boys.

        Hear You Around.
        Joshua Abraham

  12. SixpaqkCyBeR says:

    You should make song with vuvuzela noises.

  13. Twakarusa2126 says:

    time to stretch the nectar even a little further, much love for what you're doing lorin, but maybe try remixing “pure imagination”, you know from charlie and the chocolate factory?! KEEP the vibes whomping

  14. dubstepfrenzy says:

    Just wanted to say I'm SOOOO stoked that Isak won the power animal contest, and we can't wait to see you at BISCOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Props on the Massive Attack mix too…effing brilliant!!

  15. Also, I'm sure you have samples up the wazoo and tons of Theivery Corp. but I thought you might like these guys. Her voice just made my heart melt:

    Night – Midival PunditZ

  16. Kieron Riley says:

    hey at bonnaroo this year i believe you played a track that was a remix of sigur ros. any chance of a studio version of that remix surfacing? (your set bonnaroo this year was one of the best shows i've ever seen….comparable to radiohead's roo show in 06' in my mind as far as visual and audial stimuli go. loved all the samples esp sigur ros, 12th planet and even some less noticeable stuff like throwing the Tapper Zukie sample on top of timestretch/magical world. fuckin genius, u r)

  17. teardrop says:

    you go so FECKING hard. its incredible/ I love when you drop lauryn hill. fugee styleee. I get pushed to the next level. or the next beyond that. your shit is so , I LAAAFFFF it. I see so many videos that rock my brain. is it hard not to break down like an AniMal, when you drop yo?????
    post.scripts: freak beats is phunky

  18. joshulrich says:

    Remix Reading Rainbow

  19. danks says:

    Detroit misses you.

    • Lorin says:

      yah, i was told we had to skip a fest in michigan this summer cuz we were hitting detroit hard in the fall, but now it seems the forces that be want to wait till sping 2011… WTF?!!?!>!>!? i wanna come back and RAGE d-town!

  20. Kayakclay says:

    i really really really want to download this new bootleg and i put my email in there like 6 times and it won't work…PLEASE get this fixed this song is baller!

  21. Amber_marie21706 says:

    where can someone find the ninne inch nails mixes you do?

    • Lorin says:

      i took a bootleg of the original and cut up an instrumental, then i chopped that into loops and i just kind of grind it out with other loops of beats and basslines… its just kind of an on-the-fly 'jam' i do, but if i get time to make a podcast ill get it on there
      (as ive said before i honestly dont think its that amazing of a remix, its just loops)

  22. Tserena1990 says:

    Lorin, you gotta, gotta, gotta, get that harmonica song you played at all good onto my itunes. pretty please 🙂

    • Lorin says:


      well the original is here:

      its by Whammer Jammer

      and believe it or not the song is called “Magic Dick”
      not my song.

      i just cut it into loops and trigger it with bass frequencies…. the original is more folky and organic

  23. Andrew (AndroniX) says:

    I just got to your mixes yesterday man and you know what, you're my nr1 artist man 🙂 respect to tha music, respect to tha basses, respect to tha ppl and respect to you for melting tha faces ! 😀 btw i'd love to see you in Georgia(country) but i doubt it, because almost nobody visits it 🙁 though a good 1 night at Batumi(sea courort) would've been damn awesome !

    • Lorin says:

      my good friend Nino is from Georgia and has been trying to organize a fest over there with bassnectar & gogol bordelo…its just hard to get across the atlantic for me, but maybe one day
      much respect!

      • Andrew (AndroniX) says:

        Wow, now im also proud 😀 You have a Georgian friend… OMG xD btw, can i be ur personal designer ? xD That's the only thing i do good xDD

        • Lorin says:

          there is an ongoing open call to any designers who want to submit ideas…we LOVE it.
          thats how the Timestretch EP cover art was developed…a high school student sent us a concept and we loved it

          • Andrew (AndroniX) says:

            Wow, wow, wow 😀 so what can i do for you, or where can see the infos ? 🙂

  24. knobby_roots says:

    crossin my fingas for some epic Colorado action this fall!

  25. cant wait to see this Fall tour schedule looking forward to some southeast shows!!!

  26. Ryan says:

    Do you realize that in the midst of a festival of pretty much ALL dead heads (ironically very close minded people btw), the Furthur encore was interrupted by people chanting BASSNECTAR! BASSNECTAR! continuously until you came on stage. I think that speaks volumes about how you and your team run your whole operation. It’s a culmination of everything that you guys do, not just the music.

  27. SJL says:

    Lorin, this is super off-topic, but I just got finished sifting through some of your past interviews again…Do you have any literature that you would recommend?? I am always looking to expand my knowledge and grow as a person

  28. Fall tour announcement? waiting. See you in Chicago picked my tickets up the other day!

  29. Amoney says:

    cant wait for the fall dates! I hope Ashville,NC is still in the cards or anywhere in NC for that matter. if so I will personally buy 10 tix. im bringin the whole posse!!! the last time was @ theorangepeel and it was sold out by the time i got there:( that place holds almost 1000 people (legally) and there was at least 200 people outside. can somebody sat crowdbuilder?

  30. bassfreak says:

    holy shit you fucking MURDERED it at Bisco….its really a shame u got fucked over and couldnt play a little longer…the biscuits are so fucking greedy, they play 6 sets thruout 3 days and they cant let the without a doubt best set of the whole festie play foir 15-30 more minutes?

    did u happen to come out in the dance tent after? or was i just hallucinating lol?…cuz diplo was playing then he played like 2 or 3 of your songs in a row and i thought it sounded like you who was talking into the mic

    maybe u werent stressing about not being able to play music at the begining of the set, but everyone in the crowd was stressin hard

  31. bassfreak says:

    oh yeah and i saw ur fall tour schedule at bisco too…why no northeast shows except for the one in “NY State” and whats this “special bassnectar event”?

    • What are the southeast dates?

      • bassfreak says:

        all im gonna say is that there 7 southeast shows…dont wanna say the dates or locations cuz if nectar hasnt released the dates yet then theres probly a reason why…and theres more dates TBA, the ones im waiting on cuz theres none in new england where i live

  32. Squeaker says:

    OMG I cant wait to see you guys up at ShambhalaMusicFestival this summer

  33. jb says:

    Hey big fan here… when are we gonna here about the fall dates!? I am too excited to see you perform again. And I know I speak for a lot of the Bassheads out there that the coolest thing in the world would be for us to download the individual sets from the shows you play. I know you are working on a live production thing to release in the coming months, but what do you think of recording EVERY show you put on and having the complete sets become available for purchase on your website? I know I would buy the shows I go to because it's the best way to relive the nights.

    Thanks man, love all the work you do!!

  34. jb says:

    Hey big fan here… when are we gonna here about the fall dates!? I am too excited to see you perform again. And I know I speak for a lot of the Bassheads out there that the coolest thing in the world would be for us to download the individual sets from the shows you play. I know you are working on a live production thing to release in the coming months, but what do you think of recording EVERY show you put on and having the complete sets become available for purchase on your website? I know I would buy the shows I go to because it's the best way to relive the nights.

    Thanks man, love all the work you do!!

  35. rbkramer says:

    wooooooooooah man no ASHEVILLE??? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?!

  36. eb says:

    no denver?!?!?!! ah man disappointing…oh well you fucking killed it at bisco without a doubt best set of the festival

    • Dtrider says:

      Type your comment here.No question – Bassnectar's set was the highlight of Camp Bisco 9. Off the chain.

      • bassfreak says:

        nectars set at bisco is probly the craziest most epic fucking set i have ever seen in my entire life…just thinking about makes my spine tingle

  37. usernamehasbeendeleted says:

    No COLORADO?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT?!?!?

    …….This HAS to be a conspiracy or something…..

  38. bassfreak says:

    so when are you gonna announce the rest of the dates for the fall tour?…i will seriously be soooo disappointed if u dont do any mass or RI shows, after ur set at bisco i NEED to see more of you, even tho i will be seein u at electric zoo, but thats not enough lol

    please check out Lupo's in Providence RI…its a really nice venue and could get a pretty good sized crowd in there, one of the top 3 best club venues ive ever been to imo…or the paradise in boston even tho i know its never gonna happen again, love that venue

  39. Zo says:

    Oh my sweetnes…breathing it in and out right now.
    Thank you always!!

  40. mark says:

    so black rock city this year at all? please say yes!

  41. Sethnol says:

    i gotta agree with jb man it would be like a dream waking up the next day and downloading the exact set that changed your life the night before!!!!!

  42. Pripsiortega says:


  43. DJ Mü$t@Kr!$h says:


  44. Justin says:

    Absolutely slayed the playa @ BASSCAMP

  45. aimeearrgh says:

    damn school computer won't let me hear it :[

  46. aimeearrgh says:

    damn school computer won't let me hear it :[

  47. benJamin says:

    Tally show was sick!

  48. Brandon Warren says:

    Thank you, Lorin, for being you.  I was turned on to you less than a year ago, and you’ve blown my mind, You are the King!  I wish you all the best, and can’t wait til halloween.                                                                                                                                                              love you, man


  49. Alec says:

    How come I don’t see a download link or box for any of these songs?

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