Massive Attack

June 21st, 2010


Massive AttackHappy Solstice!!!

Today is the longest day of the year, and we are spending it deep in a whirlpool of brainstorming. So many exciting projects and concepts are being hatched, and while we are being Mad Scientists in the Labs, we wanted to share another little piece of music:

The Massive Attack Remix is here and ready for your ears and bodies to consume!!!

One of the most influential bands in the ‘trip hop’ universe (and well beyond), this remix has been unfinished for over 10 years. I first played it at Burning Man in 2000, and as many of my hybrid mashup creations, it has constantly evolved. As with any customized edit it has taken so many variations from uber-deep hypnotic eyes-closed moments to crazy jump-up 10 feet high bounce sessions. This version kind of goes both ways, and includes a sizzling lazer synth over loco 808 bass and an additional vocal dedicated to the heat of summer time. As with all these mash up edits, it is a gesture of respect to musicians who have inspired me, i hope you enjoy it at some moment in the future.

Thanks to Lia for splicing together some of the dopest video content of the past 3 weeks of mayhem! We really appreciate you guys sharing your photos and video with us, it gives me goosebumps to feel it from your perspective, and verse vica. As i said before every one of these last shows has been almost intolerably hot, i have left the stage soaked to the skin and headrushed off of boiling adrenaline, and somehow the energy is just building and getting more intense every time – THAT IS BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! It is like a live social experiment every time, and it is constantly blowing my mind.

Click here to view more family photos, and bring your bass face out in the future.

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Be safe, and love life!



79 Responses to “Massive Attack”
  1. Tserena1990 says:

    DUDE LORIN. me and my two roomates are big fans and we really want you to play at our house next year in carbondale illinois. I know we could pack the house whats it gonna take

    • Lorin says:

      haha thanks, but i prolly cant pull that.we got HELLA sick plans for iLL plus i can't really start doing house parties and weddings or i'd never have ANY free time
      wood be dope though;….

  2. Tserena1990 says:

    my names taylor by the way

  3. Amy G says:

    Loooving this remix! Wondering if you're planning to come over to the UK any time
    soon? Been looking at your tour page for too long without any UK dates
    man… we love you here!!!
    Keep it goin, hope to see you over here soon! Need a bitta that
    bassssss! x

    • Lorin says:

      hi amy!
      there is a chance i may be convinced to cancel my 1 week vacation after 2.5 months straigth touring, and come over to europe….

      should i?
      or should i relax for a week before canada?

      • Amy G says:

        Yeea man we’d love to see you over here!!! We’ve been missing out on the nectar for tooooo long we need your sweetsweet vibezz! 😛

        But if you dont come over then a wait is always worth it if it’s for a good thing. Just hope to see UK on that list some point soon 🙂 will make my day/week/month/year!

      • Sook and Destroyed... says:

        Listen…………..Lorin…………… are by all means are one of the best producers and innovators of the fucking century. I love all that is electronic, and have for sooo many years, but since using Ableton, I must say I have returned to my roots, hip hop. You produce the best, most groovy beats out there at the moment, and what I FUCKING LOVE are some of these beats are straight up DOPE main stream sounding ILLLNESSSZZZ (I usually hate on mainstream). Will you PLEASE SAVE everything that is real hip hop???…everything from KRS-One and Rakim to real Nas (ILLMATIC) and BIG L. With your talent, you can mix up anyone's acapella and have it sound like multiple eargsms. PLEASE PLEASE SAVE REAL HIP-HOP!!! It's a dying breed of musical taste and lyrical appreciation…but with your ability to remix anything and everything YOU CAN SAVE IT. Pleaseeee ponder on these ideas…. ….I secretly dream at night about what Bassnectar and Big L ( R.I.P.) could bring to the table….

  4. Ben Will says:

    Wish I could have been there! Come back to Michigan in your next tour lol. Michigan has a big electronic dance music movement going on right now and we can't wait for you to visit us again soon. Love the music, hope to see you in concert again sometime soon.

  5. Mikejenness says:

    keep doing your thing dont stop ever…. i never want nothing less than that sweet nectar pumping through my speakers…. and that massive attack remix is soooo sick i have it on repeat for hours now…….

  6. Simon says:

    I like this remix. It reminded of the other day when I was listening to the Nine Inch Nails song, Terrible Lie, and I thought it would be sick if you remixed it! I don't know if you're big on NIN, but I think it would sound really cool.

  7. Loved this remix!! Massive Attack is spooky but unresistable, definitely in need of nectar.

    So I found out today that there are scientists creating sounds via the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and there's a site with samples of what particle smashing sounds like…
    perfect for sampling

  8. Kylepoisson says:

    Thats an intense remix! Throw down some old mesmerizing the ultra at mile high. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or better yet throw down some new, innovative music with the mesmerizing vibe along side. I know your busy but that would spark my soul once again…. hell yeah!!!!!! The complexity of sound from the mesmerizing album is fuckin' sweet. I like the new shit but i love the complex yet simple/ heavy yet soft. Don't give up the production side of things, you have an incredible way with thought!!!! see you at mile high, peace!!

  9. DJDesertStorm says:

    SWEET SHIT this mix just blew my mind, made me infinitely more excited for camp bisco. can't wait to see you again Lorin keep it dirty keep it loud

  10. Sunflower says:

    Greetings to you my Lovers of Love,
    I haven't been to see you since All Good 2008. At that show I was hypnotised & all of my chakras were awake & vibrating to your omnipotent grooves. It is my desire to be in the presence of your dynamic awakening musical force. Unfortunately I lack funds this year. I entered all the contests to win tix to Camp Bisco. I sincerely feel it, I desire to Trance Dance, for me it is necessary, like breathing. Sunnyflower wants goosebumps & mayhem with you in person & not just from video. xoxo find me on facebook

  11. Brittani says:


    Killed it in B-lo on 4/20, and of course at Summercamp! Hoping you'll be headed out this way again very soon. this new mix is epic, keep em comin amigo, always impressed with your work. Love you!


  12. Megan says:

    Bassnectar please will you come to EARTHDANCe this year PLease PLEASEE

  13. Megan says:

    It would be the best day ever if u came to Earthdance 🙂 Lorin u r soo awesome. the most epic show was Sea of Dreams to start of this year then u came to lovely arcata and rocked my ears off on a Wednesday….. U know Earthdance would be soo complete if only u were there it is my 21st bday on that saterday and i would die and go to heaven if u would womp my ears off on the 18th of September….u kno theres lots of harvest dankity up my way during that time im surre i could hoook up upp fatty cause ur my herro keep womping forever and coming out with sick beats for me to rock to. I love u! and PLLEase come To earthdance!! hope ur summers goinnn awesome Lorin safe travels see u there!!!

  14. Steve owens says:

    your the shit man thank you for melting my face all year long many more shows to come!!! i didnt get to see you in detroit unfortunately due to the bouncers at the door but Wakarusa was insane!! and im sure ill be loving your set in Chi-town with STS9!!! When are you gonna drop some of your tracks from Mesmerizing The Ultra?? pleasee let me hear leprachaun's arise!! or laughter crescendo!!!! much love from all your fans in MI trust me when i say we can't get enough of the womp!! please come back!! late brah

  15. Jake DeAnda says:

    Lorin whats up man my names Jake I think I can message you this way, not really sure.. I love your music and I wanna start making music like you, I was wondering if you could give me some starter tips, beginner software, any information really.. I think I have a good taste in music and would be good at making it. I live in Southern California I'm gonna see you at Audiotistic I can't wait but ya man if you could e-mail me that would be sweet or call me that would be real cool 909-528-7856

    • LORIN says:

      hey, i gotta get a FAQ up here, cuz i’ve written about this a bunch

      id love to help personally, i LOVE TEACHING MUSIC! and i used to do remix workshops a lot…i cant find the time these days, so i am working on tutorials.

      for now, several things:

      1. COLLABORATE! dont go it alone, team up with buddies and learn together
      2. FOCUS! dont learn everything, just learn 1 thing well (you learn to make the illest beats, your buddy learns the best synth/bass, etc etc)
      3. i reccomend Ableton Live as your sequencer, use the Drum Racks to place cool beat noises in and sequence out beats in the sequencer

      you can add from there


  16. cops-scatter says:

    w with the music blasting. I love that shit.

  17. alisha says:

    massive attack & lil wayne…
    who would of thunk it? you make everything sound amazing!

  18. Mattbovard says:

    music is the source of all reality. it is the deep vibrations that raise us to this physical existence. dance is one of the ultimate forms of freedom. I am the founder of a magazine Knew rEvolution. I have the first issue out it is all poetry and prose but is expanding in the next issue. It will cover the whole mind body integrated experience. I was just at Sonic Bloom over the weekend and met many amazing artists. I met Dylan, Dillon? ill.gates gave him a copy. If you would like a pdf. version of the magazine hit me up at Keep spreading the energy!!! This is our magazine. It is a place for forward thinking individuals to place there thoughts. What I see it becoming is a place for people to read about what is going on behind the music. It will provide reading lists and get the fans to educate themselves not that they are not already doing that. I hope that you do not think I am out of my mind.

    Peace and Love for all
    Matt Bovard

  19. Give me back my Face!!! says:

    This is just one more fan pleading for an upload of the Wakarusa set that was mind altering on it's own accord. Please share the love, I'd gladly pay for it if ever it was on sale. Thanks for the time and talent you and your dedicated crew share with us =)

  20. rob aka ARdub says:

    lorin, random question… where can i get a GIANT die-cut Bassnectar sticker for my truck??? i'll pay top dolla. word up.

  21. hotabay says:

    can't fucking wait to see what you have cooked up for the mountaintop. SHIVVERRRRRRRRR.

  22. Natalie says:

    Lorin- I beg of you with all my heart and soul and every fiber of my being:
    PLEASE drop Fuzzy Slipperz' Big Five at Allgood…………. they gave you another half hour for a reason!!!!! do your thing, i cannot WAIT to see you… FOUR DAYS! =)

  23. Littleprettyautomatique says:

    Hey Lorin…. Just played a couple of your tracks at my set on Saturday in Madrid and it was crazy! Love them all!!
    If you could get in contact for a possible show in Spain in October it'd be great.
    Take care!
    Estefania /

  24. Anthony says:

    Love this Massive Attack remix!! Loved the show at Stubb's! Just loving some summertime and some Bassnectar right now.
    would LOVEEEE to hear you add some womp womp to Fulton Read-
    If you like what you hear, we've got some new material I'd love to send your way.

  25. Kylecampeau900 says:

    PLEASE play Seek-and-Destroy at your House of Blues show in Chicago. It is genius and it blows my head off my shoulders every time. I already can't wait until August.

  26. Kylecampeau900 says:

    I would also love to hear your Pixies remix, because I am yet to hear it live. It is hard to follow you around for festival season so I am excited to hear you make the House of Blues wobble.

  27. matt87 says:

    Come back to Dallas and drop Ridiculous Wobble – The vuvuzelas will have the place rowdier than a world cup goal celebration.

  28. Falloftroyfan123 says:

    Hey man I know you dont know me but I just wanted to say that while I have been deployed in Iraq for the last 9 months your music has been the saving grace for my musical taste. Thank you so much for making fantastic tracks that give me and my buddies minds something to process that hasn't been corrupted by the mainstream media and radio. Also I heard via youtube interview with moboogie in 2007 that you dont mind people suggesting quotations to throw into your tracks, i thought how great some Terence Mckenna speech on culture would be a great idea, you've probably already had people say that to you or you've probably already used him in your music but I thought I would suggest it anyways. In conclusion thanks again for your music.

    • Lorin says:

      thats deep! thanks for saying hey!
      I remember loosing my mind to Mckenna back in 1996, he did a dope collab with Space Time Continum, you should check that one out


  29. austin says:

    lorin!!! LOVVVE this track and the vid is NUTS!! you should think about remixin animal collectives graze sometime! it could maby the best thing anyones ever heard!

    looking foward to seeing you at bisco!! and keep havin a blast!!

  30. lara says:

    YOU ROCKED ALL GOOD!!! Best set ever that i've seen yet.. SO much energy in that crowd I heard everyone talking about it all weekend.. saw you last at Summer Camp and in Charlottesville on my birthday- always an awesome time but I wasn't expecting so many new beats.. thank you!!

  31. hotabay says:

    Haha oh man, you absolutely slayed face @ allgood. It was so packed I actually had to sit up the hill with my friends and just observe the nuttiness — not something I'm bound to do at one of your shows but it was a cool perspective. Please release all that new shit soon, it was soooooo bangin'.

    Also LOL at two guys on the Allgood facebook — one of em said you had no energy and disappointed him (WHAT?!), the other said you suck because you sound like a cd skipping and don't these kids know real music anymore… still lollin' at that one.

  32. dtown23 says:

    YOU ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT AT ALLGOOD! i waited at the front for like three and a half hours. I know your doing your fall tour plan right now, you HAVE to come through dallas tx!!! it will get soo rowdy.

  33. erik says:

    lorin man louisville loves you and your forecastle set blew my mind (as it always does)!!!! come back anytime and everytime!! nothin but love, keep doin what you're doin… attack remix is great, so glad you played it in ky…see you next time -erik

  34. Loved your Forecastle set! I made it my mission to get into the family photo on my sister Amy's behalf. She tried to make it to Wakarusa with me just to see you but it sold out so she couldn't go and then she suddenly got sick later that week and died of Toxic Shock Syndrome 1 month ago today. She had a Bassnectar CD in her car when she died. I'm an event planner, so I'm coordinating an awareness concert in her name for her 21st birthday, October 16th. I can't think of a better way to celebrate for her than to have Bassnectar at her birthday bash. My question for you is… What's it going to take for me to make that happen?

    • Lorin says:

      wow that story is so crazy tragic. im so sorry to hear that….what a horrendous and sad experience
      currently we are booked solid the entire fall through to new years, so i won't be able to make that personally.

      tell me about the “awareness” ….what will you be promoting or sharing?


      • Well, to make a long story short, toxic shock syndrome has been happening more frequently, but people are unaware of it due to some unfortunate politics. Amy contracted it from a tampon and I want to spread the message that there are safe alternatives and also just to get people thinking about it. Her doctors didn't catch it soon enough to save her because they were taught that it just doesn't happen anymore. If we can educate people enough about what to look for, maybe they will be able to ask questions and catch it soon enough to save someone that they know!

        • Lorin says:

          Sara do you have a good clean link with some bullet point information you would like to pass on?

          THANK YOU

          • Hi Lorin,I just saw that you had responded to my message again, so I thought I would send you another message! While this is not the link you asked for, here is a little bit of what we’re trying to do:

            We are working on setting up a non-profit organization that will have a website with all kinds of information about the cause. Seeing as you have expressed an interest in helping out, I wanted to give you another opportunity!

            Every April, I produce a music festival in Indiana that is closely tied to a different charity organization or mission. Last year, we contributed to Playing for Change. This year, we will continue working with them, but we will be adding festival safety and Toxic Shock Syndrome awareness to our bill. In Amy’s honor, we would like to have you as one of our headliners. I feel like having you perform (on her half-birthday, nonetheless!) would be the best way to pay tribute to her at our event. Your performance would be followed by a community sky-lantern release led by our organizing team and you and it will surely be a moment to be remembered by all in attendance.

            Every year, our attendance has grown by 100%. Last year, we had over 3,000 people in attendance. This year’s festival is scheduled to take place April 14-16. Last year’s website can be found here:

            If you are interested, you can reply here, contact our booking agent (Nick Armogida ), or we could talk in person next Wednesday, when Nick and I will be attending your Bloomington show.

            I hope that you will consider supporting our cause with your presence at our festival!

      • I kind of expected that you would be booked, but figured it didn't hurt to see. Thats one more person who knows, right?

  35. Djaweeeezy says:

    Hey Lorin, my friend Austin and I were experimenting with our consciousness and spending good quality time with Beatfreak Bohemia and Breakbeats for the Beatfreaks. You've inspired us as musicans to create music unfiltered in areas unexplored. You've also inspired us as members of the human race to give back to the lifestyle we all know and love by developing a kick ass music fest that we want you to play at!!! (this is. of course, highly fantastical at this point) but i just thought you should be aware of the awesome impact you have on individuals across the country.


    p.s. you were slammin at All Good…the best show ive seen yet! -Austin

    • Lorin says:

      thanks man. Yeah, sometimes i wonder if people are looking past the music, to the ideals (the basic principles of how humanity is interconnected, and how important it is to strengthen that connection… as well as the importance of standing up for what you believe in… i think it is SO VITAL to actively remember how lucky we are, but i hope that triggers a reflex to give back to others, out of gratitude

  36. Bdandrews7490 says:

    yo lorin, i love what you did at allgood 2010…just makes me appreciate the smaller venues so much more.u comin back to charleston this fall??

  37. Alice_37 says:

    Man, I love that remix….
    I dunno if you read this stuff, but I'd love to hear a remix of jolene (dolly parton) when DJing one of my mates used it and it sounded sick mixed with a heavy bassline. Just throwing that out there.
    Keep up the good work! Also, come to the UK!!!!

  38. Ben says:

    hey i caught you in omaha this past spring, will you be back in town for your fall tour? i wanna rage!

  39. I was the lone photographer at Bassnectars set. I have some sick shots of the man himself and of the crowd. Where can I send/post them?

  40. Scott says:

    First of all i just want to say that i've been to a couple of your shows. The first was the most outrageous experience of my life. The second brought pieces of the roof down in Milwaukee, which only seems appropriate haha. I started listening to your podcasts and studio albums as a whole more and regardless of some people having an automatic lack of respect for you just because you're a DJ (dumb right?) I honestly think your music is some of the most thought provoking and inspiring out there, not to mention UNIQUE. If i'm feeling bassnectar music, there's nothing anywhere close to replace, especially since it's you making this music. I watched a couple interviews concerning your political views and views on life in general, and that's when I realized you are a very legit person, not just some ass who makes dope music for the money. International terrorist is beyond true, dear god. As Kat williams says, what the FUCK have we been doing letting Bush run out country into turmoil for too many years. I don't know you personally, but i can just say that you're a man of sex, drugs, rock and roll, but you have a much better understanding of how life works and a broader sense of the concerns of the world as a whole. For example, all clothing merchandise from the bassnectar online store is sweatshop free. That might be a simple act, but it's important to note because I fully believe that was completely you who made sure that's the case and many bands don't support that. When you're up on stage, I can tell you're completely into it, but at the same time you seem to have great companionship for all your fans and people in need in the world. Some people are too centralized on America, and don't know anything about other countries, which i think is a huge problem in today's society. Don't get me started on media these days…. We need more people like you. Some people don't see through your music, which we both know, but for those who do, it truly inspires them and makes them think. It's also great that you enjoy what you do so much. I am in love with the Timestretch album as well as all your other albums, but when I read your blog post about why you titled it “Timestretch”, that just brought me happiness. It's exactly how I feel about life, regardless of the dumb shit that happens. It's also quite mind blowing that you can layer so many loops so well. My favorite live mix was one you did with the bass line of teleport massive and the song FSOF. Right when you busted that out, you said, “Milwaukee, if you love your life, make some fucking noise”. I can't explain to you how into the music I was, but the meaning along with it by that comment just completely fulfilled how I was feeling at that point in time. If you're ever feeling generous, please mix that again and release it or send it to me as a secret 😉 haha. This is not a hippie rant or any shit like that, it's my personal thoughts about you and your music, which i've wanted to share with you for some time. Hopefully you'll get around to reading this, as i Imagine you would really like to see that people DO see past the music. I'm looking forward to seeing you at house of blues in Chicago for the second time in august, and I hope by some means i meat you personally at that show just to shake your hand. I do some photoshoping, so I'm planning on making a bassnectar-themed wallpaper soon enough. Also, if you ever want some serious speed for your at home-mixing needs with a desktop computer, hit me up and I'll build you a liquid cooled one, so we can max that baby out past double it's initial potential speed. It's a little hobby of mine. Your music is down right dirty, heavy, uber bassy, emotional, and raw and mesmerizing all at once. Such a great genre you've created for yourself. Thanks for listening and take care.

  41. Kime says:

    I heard you the 1st time in Nelson BC in a small bar and instantly became addicted to your sound. And then I had the chance to experience Shambhala Music Festival… Thanx Shambhala for existing!! But I moved back to Montreal and I am soooooo excited that you are going to be at the Pic Nik Electronik this Sunday July18!! I CAN'T wait to hear you again!! I hope you're gonna enjoy your time here and that you're gonna have a blast, just like we will!

  42. tr says:

    Can't wait to see the fall lineup. Hopefully more shows in the south this time! I'm from Tuscaloosa and I STILL missed the last one…

  43. Richard says:

    please play the drop at 7:20 in the IDJ mixtape at Audiotistic!!!!!

  44. Vinny says:

    Yo man, thank you so much for killing it at Bisco this year, even tho you had some electronic difficulties you still destroyed my mind in a VERY good way. you were one of my main selling points for going to that fest, as well as rusko and tipper obviously. Too bad the guys in bisco are beat and didnt give you a full set because they knew you would have stole the show for sure. hahahah kidding…kind of, not really, i didnt even stay to see them i was too pissed at their selfishness. ANYWAY i hope you had fun either way cause my friends and i sure did and i hope to catch you in Philly or NYC depending on what you have in store. much love, thanks for everything.

  45. Lee Boutwell says:

    Amazing remix of an awesome song by a legendary artist Lorin! And I use none of those adjectives lightly! Bonnaroo was stunning btw! Please come to Huntsville the Fall! Emails sent to the proper folks. (I hope!)

  46. Ned says:

    I love what you do. That is all.


  47. Ned says:

    I love what you do. That is all.


  48. alex Gray says:

    You! talent down to your toes. The Bass you create in your mind and electrify through your finger tips and onto the turn tables turns my brain to Nectar and then it is rebuilt again with the high pitched swriling sounds i call art. I will see you in Avila Beach CA. I will be right up front having my brain rebuilt at Bassnectar Beach Party. I love your masterpieces, keep up the good work!

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