10/27/10: Bassnectar in Bloomington, IN at Bluebird Nightclub

July 19th, 2010


falltourThe Bassnectar Fall Tour comes FULL ON to Bloomington on October 27. This is a 21+ Event.

Special Guests:



  • I am THERE.


  • been there and will be there again

  • Jacobywellssanders

    is there an age limit? dumb question because the venue name has night club in it but it doesn't say in the description.

    • Hey J,
      It does say in the 2nd sentence of the description.
      It's a 21+ event.

  • Long_live_CYCLING

    no age limit

  • Pkeyalcee

    21&up? That suckks. WHY????????? Please fix this.

    • hey trust, we are DEAD SET against 21+ shows
      but it is a fact of life in the entire state of Indiana. you'll have to take it up with them (and you SHOULD!)

      its ludicrous

      • Pkeyalcee

        totally ludicrous. I'll find my ways around the system, tis the way. See you in Nash for sure. 😀

  • Pkeyalcee

    totally ludicrous. I'll find my ways around the system, tis the way. See you in Nash for sure. 😀

  • Kbfosho

    super stoked i turn 21 three days before 🙂 theres absolutely no one id rather spend my 21st birthday with

  • For the Bloomington show on th 27th, it is at a nightclub that is 21 and over, im 20,is there any way that i could help you unload/set up so i can get in the show. Im willing to work for free im just dieing to rage, let me know if you can help me out

    • sorry!
      we have tried repeatedly to find good venues in Indiana, and they all seem t be 21+

      you should organize some kind of legal measure to give people 18, 19, and 20 years of age wholesome activities and access to music and entertainment!

      i will help, if you guys organize it.

      • Ya i know, miss so many good shows because of this law.. I do know the only way to go in is if you are a part of the Band. Thats why i was wondering if i could help you unload/setup.. im a recording arts major so i thnk i would be able to help. Is that even a possibility?

        • “I do know the only way to go in is if you are a part of the Band.”
          Take the names of anyone 18-20 beforehand and have a giant kazoo orchestra made up of the underager ragers as one of the openers?

      • I assume you've already tried the Murat Egyptian Room. You can't go very late there, IIRC, but I know they did Girl Talk all ages in March. It's a Live Nation venue, so maybe Saxton could work something out with Eric Pirritt. Who knows.

  • Trom301

    Blame The Bible for that…People are too much on their high horse…You also can't buy alcohol on Sundays

    • hahaha
      Trom i agree with ya
      wow…that is so silly, isn't it.

      maybe we should all pray for the Lord to allow Glen Beck to shampoo our hair. Some people in this country are ridiculous, eh? the new Family Guy did a good job of making fun of how ignorant so many people are, i think the main point is: THINK CRITICALLY AND THINK FOR YOURSELF 🙂

      • Jeff

        I am praying that you come slay Kentucky sometime in the near future!

        PLEASE come drop the bass on the Bluegrass next tour!

    • Jeff

      While some of the laws in Indiana are ridiculous, I don't think it is necessary to attack someone's entire belief system just because you can't buy a damn beer. Drinking is not that cool anyway…

      • thats actually a really good point!

        I think my original point is that 'youth culture' should be catered to and given a path to explore creativity and community, and a culture that demonizes alcohol (instead of teaching discipline and good health) is missing the point. Making every event only available to people over 21 when they have no problem letting 19 year olds stay home, watch TV, play video games, do drugs (or go to war) is crazy to me.

        So i encourage anyone living in a city or state with old lingering laws to get involved if they truly want to see a change. Those laws won't change themselves.

        (neither will the 'tea party' hahaha)


        • Jeff

          We are very “dumbed down” as a society, I agree completely. It is really sad that our kids can go fight our wars, but can't get into one of your incredible shows! Glenn Beck does needs a swift kick in the pants, or maybe a little Nectar himself! A bad apple spoils the bunch for sure… I can't even look at a tea packet without thinking of political and religious insanity anymore!

          On a more positive note, this will be my second year in a row seeing you in the tiny Bluebird Night Club. It is a sweaty but fun mess!!! I will try to say HELLO after the show if you have the time… I know you are a busy man.

  • Sarah Hungarland

    yeeeeeeeee! flying up from florida to show some old friends in cinci what real raging is……. can't wait! went to the tally show and have tix to the pre-nye and nye shows… i've turned into a bass monster!

  • im there with a bud. anybody accepting couchsurfers from cbus?

    • grace

      yo are you driving through cinci to get there and maybe want to take up some stragglers?

  • im there with a bud. anybody accepting couchsurfers from cbus?

  • Mccormicm14

    dude!!! seen bassnectar 4 times-hope this one is just as ragin!!!!!!


      • Sarah Hungarland

        can't freakin wait! i'm bringing you a homemade shirt Lorin! i never come back to my hometown, cinci, but you have convinced me! haha… what size tshirt do you wear? medium i'm guessing??

  • Robby

    Lorin I was wondering if you still wanted to see the Busnectar? Because if you do we will have it in Bloomington for your show. I figure it should be easier to set something up just at a concert than at a festival. Hit me up if your still interested revickery@gmail.com.

  • Eric

    15 mins ago BlueBird just sold out. HYPE HYPE HYPE!!! Cant WAIT!

  • Shane

    Lookin for a ticket! or maybe some equipment to haul in? Have ID and money but no tickets.

  • grace

    anybody coming up from/through cincinnati and have room for two people? have the tickets but could use a ride!

  • Really looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!! cause this is a birthday present to myself since today is it.

  • The_jon333

    I'm looking for tickets PLEASE HELP. I need 6. Call me at 812-552-6446

  • katie

    i have friends coming in for this and i dont have a ticket…..im very sad and desperately want to go. if anybody has a ticket please let me know, just name a price 🙁

  • clint anderson