10/29/10: Bassnectar in Milwaukee, WI at The Rave

July 19th, 2010


falltourThe Bassnectar Fall Tour comes FULL ON to Milwaukee on October 29. This will be an all ages event.

Special Guests:

Dark Party

We are expecting the most enthusiastic Bass Heads yet to pack these venues to the max!

Plus $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to support Net Neutrality.

It’s going to be a full-fledged freakshow of madness – visit us on Facebook and RSVP on the events page to give your friends the heads up to JOIN US!!!!!!!

This event is SOLD OUT.

  • Sean

    I was thinking how excited I was to come see you at the house of blues in Chicago, then today I heard even better news, that you were coming to Milwaukee!1! thanks for coming back.

  • Ezrabehrends

    Hey I notice ya have a Illinois tba on yer tour schedual. Yall should shoot ta the Quad Cities and Rage it with us at the Bent River Brewery in Moline, Il all day and then play at the Red Stone Room just across the river in Davenport, Ia that evening. Plus, youll knock off 2 hours from yer drive to the Minneapolis show. Itll be EPIC!! Just a thought . Thanks – The Q.C.A. Crew

  • Thchehehe15

    no come to chicago somewhere ticket are already sold out for the house of blues =[

  • Thchehehe15

    no come to chicago somewhere ticket are already sold out for the house of blues =[

  • Gbpackerparkers

    I get to catch you every year back at home in Black Rock City…cant wait to you come to my default home in Milwaukee…see you there!

  • UncleMikeGIZZY

    My first concert ever in my life. i am not 19…..and no i don't live under a rock lol. i can't wait SEE YOU THERE!

    • Squad

      bassnectar virgin

    • ryan

      your life is about to change. i promise you.

  • Farrhttrck11

    what time does the show start?

  • Farrhttrck11

    and can i buy tickets at the door?

    • If it doesn't sell out! We always recommend getting tickets in advance.

  • Kookoo1989

    Dj Lorin should totally give a shout out to that bassnectar virgin when he's at the show. it'd be sick.

  • Itsa me a mario!

    you should definitively drop that super Mario remix. that'd be so hype

  • Adam

    Dear Lorin, if at all possible, come in with some hard Cozza Frenzy. Nothing wakes your Bassheads up more than some 20-20 double bins up front! hahahaha Loved you last year as I enjoyed front row @ Turner Ballroom. 🙂

  • kyoreader

    can you bring camel pacs and cameras in to the show?