10/31/10: Bassnectar in Minneapolis, MN at The Epic

July 19th, 2010


falltourThe Bassnectar Fall Tour comes FULL ON to Minneapolis on October 31. This will be an 18+ event.

Special Guests:


We are expecting the most enthusiastic Bass Heads yet to pack these venues to the max!

Plus $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to a good cause; to be announced soon.

It’s going to be a full-fledged freakshow of madness – visit us on Facebook and RSVP on the events page to give your friends the heads up to JOIN US!!!!!!!

This event is SOLD OUT. Thank you Minneapolis!

  • Patrick Kispert


  • Strutz87

    Thank You For Picking US for the Halloween Show. Greatest day of my LIFE

  • Torge

    Shouldn't that picture be a picture of Bassnectar pressing play instead of using knobs like real DJs do?

    • haha, you are a fool.

    • Patrick0803

      obviously u dont watch what bassenctar does onstage, dipshit, he has a mixer & controller, hes constantly working faders and tweaking knobs. Ableton djs are capable of creating so much more musically. AND I SPIN TECHNICS(WAX) AND CDJS(CDS) SO QUIT HATIN U CHUMP!!!

  • Byarsad01

    i was going to mad town for halloween, but now that bassnectar is making an appearance in the cities… BASS HEAD all the way!~!~~!~

  • BASSche

    All I can say is thanks.

  • Geneticdesigns

    any insight to what the price will be for this?

  • Is this show 18+?

  • Turtle

    So what costume will you be wearing to the EPIC Halloween show?? I will be probably be in a glowman costume

    • PrettyLights

      Glowman sounds awesome! I will be a female Frank the rabbit from Donnie Darko

  • Jessicadornbusch

    I got my tickets for this show yesterday & I am hyped! I get the oppertunity of going back to an amazing city that I recently spent a year in, and go to this show with two of my most amazing friends! I CAN NOT wait! GET READY! GET READY! CAUZZZZZZ HERE WE GOOOOOOOOO!

  • Jessicadornbusch

    I got my tickets for this show yesterday & I am hyped! I get the oppertunity of going back to an amazing city that I recently spent a year in, and go to this show with two of my most amazing friends! I CAN NOT wait! GET READY! GET READY! CAUZZZZZZ HERE WE GOOOOOOOOO!

  • BFunk

    Lorin, please please play some Laughter Crescendo at this show … I've been hoping for it since I first saw you last August, and Halloween will be my 5th show (I'm addicted…) Thanks for being you from an avid Bass Head 🙂

    PS Can't wait for some fun halloween dance party shenanigans… thanks for showing the Midwest so much love!

  • Leland

    can you get tix at the door?

    • i would get them in advance at the box office.

      the box office avoids stupid ass Ticketmaster fees, and it also guarantees your tickets.

      i have honestly seen SO MANY amazing people getting shut out because shows sell out.

      it seems times are changing and the shift is to buying presale ….i wouldn't wait until the night of.

  • Jordan

    Can't wait for the show it's on my girlfriends birthday so I am pumped to take her to the best show around!!

  • Drobin987

    anyone have extra tickets?

  • Monkeys

    Is everyone wearing costumes for Halloween!?

    • Absolutely! Wear a costume! It's Halloween!

  • Karliabuck

    Hi, I need two tickets for the halloween show at the epic, if anyone could help me out…. KarliABuck@gmail.com and or 7014910303

  • Jennay

    Is there anyway to sell a will call ticket? can I transfer it into someone else's name?

    • Heidijten

      Hey Jennay,

      Where did you buy your ticket? ticketmaster, inticketing, vitalculture? You can usually do a one time name change, if you are interested in selling that ticket please let me know… heidijten@yahoo.com


  • A_meyer214

    I NEED 2 TICKETS & WILL PAY ANYTHING TO GET THEM. Please Email me if you have extra a_meyer214@yahoo.com!!!!

    • Amanda

      (636)485-2853 call/txt

  • Rebel12457

    sold out

  • joel

    One GA ticket to the show on Sunday. I would hate to go without my lovely fiance…… please let me know if there is anyway I could get one more ticket. ONE LOVE joelverschay@gmail.com

    • sturd

      I might be able to get you one more ticket


    WOuld love to hear some READY 2 RAGE. last show in town at varsity was silly WELCOME BACK MY FRIEND


      PLZ keep security of my back for my harmless little herbs

  • Dmb2028

    I have one ticket for sale for halloween. Its going for $40 or highest bidder. Contact me at dmb2028@gmail.com

    • dood just sell it for 40 to the first person who hits you up

      be cool. just like you'd want them to be cool to you. you dont want someone else treating you like a sucker.

      • Cozman44

        i need a ticket!! please help

    • Sarah : )

      Hey could I get that ticket? That would be sooooper awesome 🙂
      horni035@umn.edu -lemme know if it's available still

  • Drobin987

    Need a ticket for Sunday! contact me at drobin987@gmail.com

  • Alejfabian11

    I need one ticket!!!!! please if anyone knows of a ticket contact me, i'm willing to pay higher than necessary but i guess i gotta do what i have to, im trying to make this a good night for a friend thats going through some rough patches and would love to just be able to take him to this show on me, so please contact me. alejfabian11@gmail.com

  • Mn721Me

    Fools should have got your tickets earlier. Knew this show was going to be off the hook.


  • Courtneysmsn2

    i need of bassnectar ticket for the Epic in Minneapolis, MN on halloween oct. 31st sunday…..i need of two tix if at all possible….plz contact me asap if you can or perhaps know of someone who can help me out…..thanks so much……email me at courtneysmsn2@hotmail.com

  • sarah

    So.. I really love the song you play that sings everyone get down like animmmals. If that song was played on Halloween my year would be made 🙂 Saw you a few times this summer in arkansas but didn't hear any animal get down.
    eeek. this is going to be one heck of a show!!

  • I can't believe people have the audacity to scalp tickets to the show, on BASSNECTARS event page.

    It's makes me disappointed.

  • Green Willow

    Just remember, we're not only rocking out with each other, the spirits of the dead and beyond are reaching through the veil and they are so ready to RAGE with us in our bodies! So please invite spirits of the Cosmic-Booty-Bumpin-Get-Down-Realm to join you tonight!

  • I ran into a guy named Jeff tonight I believe at the show at Epic in Minneapolis. I'm pretty sure he had blond buzzed hair, a red polo, and jeans w/ some skater shoes on. I only danced w/ him, didn't talk much. I had an AMAZING time dancing w/ him though! He was an awesome dancer! I would really like to get in contact w/ him, so if anyone has any information (or you think you're this guy) please look me up on Facebook. Austin Bresina. I'm the only one.

  • Djsreview2169

    the show was great lorin! cant wait to see you again!!!!