11/3/10: Bassnectar in Washington, DC at 9:30 Club

July 19th, 2010


falltourThe Bassnectar Fall Tour comes FULL ON to Washington, DC on November 3. This will be an all ages event.

Special Guest:


Get your ticket from the link below now to avoid high TicketMaster fees. EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE LIMITED, SO SNATCH THEM UP QUICKLY. We are expecting the most enthusiastic Bass Heads yet to pack these venues to the max!

Plus $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to a good cause; to be announced soon.

It’s going to be a full-fledged freakshow of madness – visit us on Facebook and RSVP on the events page to give your friends the heads up to JOIN US!!!!!!!

  • ness

    I am sooo there!!! Sooo excited!!!!!!

  • Foetaphagist


  • David Price

    coming all the way from Canada! Hell YAh

    • M.

      any relation to ben & matt?

  • David Price

    coming all the way from Canada! Hell YAh

  • Mariel

    You're coming for my Birthday!!!!! :)))))

    I can't think of a more fitting way to celebrate than have one of my favorite musicians create an evening of beauty, love, and badass bass celebration 😀 !!

    Thank you Lorin, you're the man!!!!

    • Alec McIntyre

      birthday miracle convergence, awesome! I might have to fight to get a ticket but if i cant i can probably just climb through the gaping hole that is going to be where the 930 club ceiling used to be.

  • BaSsHeAd!

    Summer Camp, and All Good was absolutely AMAZING!! I can't wait to see what kind of EPIC BaSsFrEEnZiEsSs and pure MAGIC that you create in DC at the most memorable 9:30 club, it is such an up close and personal environment to RAGE YOUR FACE at, I will purposely arrive there way to early just to be right front and center! Hmmm, I wonder if they will allow me to bring in a WHOMPstick into the 9:30 club..??.. Hahaha.

    • whompstick? prolly not.

  • Ian_VA

    ANYONE HAVE AN EXTRA TICKET???? I was dumb and waited to buy mine and now im missing out and do not want to miss this showw =/ if you do ill buy it for face and if you live in the Northern VA, Maryland, DC area i will provide a SOBER ride to and from the show and buy you a beer inside! Any takers?? Get at me at airziggy@gmail.com, Thanks, Ian.

  • mariemarie

    ordered my tickets in july? how do i make sure that they are going to be at will call? i called 930 club and they said that they wouldnt know until an hour before the show??!!!

    • Hey Marie,
      If you got a ticket confirmation email, you're all set!
      Don't forget to bring a copy of the email with you when you come down.

  • Supershagtastic1

    looking for 2xTickets to either the D.C. or Richmond VA show. supershagtastic1@gmail.com

  • Kahtty1

    I need tickets to the DC show. kahtty1@umbc.edu help me out!

  • NikR

    Does anybody know at what time does Bassnectar start playing on average? I know doors open at 8 for the Washington DC show but there are guests first. I'm just wondering because I'm probably going to take the metro there and back, the metro closes at 12… I don't want to miss any Bassnectar!! if anyone from the northern virginia area can give me a ride I can collaborate with gas and be forever thankful!!! I live in Manassas

    • usually ballpark 11pm, sometimes as early as 10, sometimes as late as 12

      but we have been having straight *MOB SCENES* lately cuz all the shows are slammed and people all show up at the same time, so if you come early, you beat the line
      we have wiiiiicked support acts so you can chill inside and check out new music, or you can wait out in line.
      i say show up early

  • Tperera89

    So freaking psyched for tonight…haven't got my bassnectar fix in months and have been dying haha….I dunno if it got taken off but I'm pretty sure I remember it saying Beats Antique is an opener for tonight? Is that still on?/If so, can I request you guys to play roustabout(that circus type tune you guys played together at the rock n' roll hotel years ago in dc)!? That would bring me back! I'll be front and center gettin downnn…see you tonight

  • Ian_VA

    ART OF REVOLUTION/Amorphous form/Killing in the name of!!!!!!!!