11/5/10: Bassnectar in Philadelphia, PA at Electric Factory

July 19th, 2010


falltourThe Bassnectar Fall Tour comes FULL ON to Philadelphia on November 5. This will be an all ages event.

Special Guests:
Beats Antique (DJ Set)

We are expecting the most enthusiastic Bass Heads yet to pack these venues to the max!

Plus $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to a good cause; to be announced soon.

It’s going to be a full-fledged freakshow of madness – visit us on Facebook and RSVP on the events page to give your friends the heads up to JOIN US!!!!!!!

This event is SOLD OUT.

  • Michael Freitas

    No upstate NY dates?? 🙁

  • Amber Mueller

    Bassnectar for my 4th time <3 <3 <3

  • Vinny

    The past three years i have you seen DESTROY nyc but have yet to see you destory phili. friends of mine last year said you did an epic four hours? i hope this is true this year because i had a chance to go and passed it up cause nectar two nights in a row might have melted my eye balls haha. CANT WAIT!

  • Cory

    I saw you at the TLA in Philly last year for my 2nd Bassnectar show. You tore the place apart and I can't wait to see you at Electric Zoo and again in November!!!!

  • Cory

    I saw you at the TLA in Philly last year for my 2nd Bassnectar show. You tore the place apart and I can't wait to see you at Electric Zoo and again in November!!!!

  • DJ SeaBass

    4th year running seeing you kill it in PHL. This year I'm flying home from Auburn, AL to see you kill it PHL and then Terminal 5 in NYC

  • alisha

    hiiii you amazingly awesome man you! I'm not so sure what song this is or if you have been dropping it all tour but it makes my heart exxxxppppllloOdeee and i LOVE it! so pretty please play it at electric factory…and in nyc! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Will Watkins

      please play this song!

  • Blaise

    yooo let me just say that seeing you at Electric Zoo this year was completely outta control, mind bending to say the least. you brought it down soooo fuckin hard! after that i swore to go to all ur shows. unfortunately i cant make it to nyc but im sure philly will have my fix for womps haha. just one song request.. magical world. that song is just beautiful and would make my life haha. thank u. BASS<3

    • wicked!!!
      will u remind me here on this page day of the show?

  • Fsmid16

    You guys think this show will sell out???

    • alisha

      i do… especially now that new york is sold out!

  • Will Watkins

    Lorin! I'm gonna drop three names the need to be dressed up in some bass for Philly! Hendrix, Shpongle, and one i think we can all agree on, THE ROOTS!
    And while we're on the Philly thing, lets show some support to those Philly artists like Pattie Labelle, Maybe some Coltrane or some Sun Ra, maybe some Beanie Sigel, oh and you know you gotta turn up that danchall shit in Philly!

  • 14 Days!! Can't wait! 🙂 Saw you at Coachella earlier this year and Electric Zoo in September, Soo fucking epic!!!

  • Ajs5770

    i dont have a ticket and it now sold out wtf. i went to ultra electric zoo and countless other shows just to see this man now i cant see him in my home town. scums who bought all the tickets and are now trying to sell them need to be distroyed. they are 250 on stub hub.

  • Lazar

    where are the after parties for this show??? please let me!! aml4662@aol.com

  • 7 Daysss so pumped!

  • Ddrudul

    This is ridiculous that these assholes buy up all of the tix and then sell them for 250 a piece!!!!! And the people that actually want to see their favorite artist are forced to not see him or pay incredible proces for the show that should be 30 bux… Im so fucking over these fuckheads. they can eat shit and die… Way to kill the vibe…

    • i agree:


      Dead serious. if you know a solution that we don't then you win. you're on my personal guest list for one year.

      cuz at this point, trust me, we are doing *EVERYTHING* we can, and its just a sad fact that there are total ass holes out there.

      Do your part, and take care of each other, and the precious/rare vibe of underground music.

      keep it alive, play nicely, treat people how you want to be treated, dont be a dick

      • WzRlyGd

        Ask for a birthdate to go along with every ticket purchased via the internet to correspond with the person who is going to be using it. At the show, if your birthday on your ID doesn't match the ticket, you don't get to go in.

        That's the best I got right now, would make getting in slower but fair.

      • basstomahawk

        sooo this also might make getting in harder, however, at venues that are NOT all ages, make it so you have to get your name AND b-day on the ticket so that it'd have to match a photo ID (state preferrably). thats how they know who i am when i've gone to court in the past haha

        this prolly isnt possible but its the best i've got. propz to dude before me for the bday idea though.

      • pepino

        the way i see it you have a couple options. i guess if you have to keep dealing with ticketmaster then your only real option is to:

        1. go paperless and impose a 2-4 ticket limit per person, requiring ID to pick up the tickets the night of the show. the major downside to this is that lines will be massive getting into venues each night, as everyone's tickets are “will call.”

        2. if you decided to pull a pearl jam and stop dealing with ticketmaster all together, then you'd have some more options (i.e. custom tickets w/ each attendee's name & require ID at the door).

        3. you could consider musictoday as a ticketseller, who are known for investigating scalpers' posts on sites like ebay and canceling orders if things seem fishy.

        4. you could also try having all tickets be available for purchase only from the box office, and while this would inconvenience some fans, it would most certainly inconvenience scaplers from texas trying to sell tickets to a philly show.

        5. last thing that came to mind, though it'd prolly confuse the hell out of some people. you could essentially have a “double order” system. everyone purchases tickets through ticketmaster initially, but make it known that tickets purchased through ticketmaster are not valid. in order to receive valid tickets, they must contact you guys with the barcode # for the tickets, and then you guys would send out an email with a valid “e-ticket” providing entrance to the show (little hazy on this one, but you could try to mangle with the general idea).

        best of luck on this one lorin & co.

        • Vinny

          HEY ROOMMATE i didnt realize you posted ha i just hit the load more comments button lol. SEE AT HOME hahaha.

      • Vinny

        Paperless tickets and you can only by them online? or the at the box office before show. Basically all will call. I mean its kinda rough i think cause i love having hard tickets for memories sake and for you to sign 🙂 however a paperless show i feel is the best option. On the plus it saves paper and ink and liter that people carelessly throw on the show room floor or outside the venue. My concern is that a paperless show would probably sell out super fast but i also think it will help stop the insane prices because the tickets would be in that persons name so they would have to be at the show to get people in or go out of their way to call the box office and have the name changed. This could also help fake tickets that i was a victim of a few years ago during the white stripes. We got in anyway but it still sucked. Think about it!!!! love love love see you in philly!!!!

  • WzRlyGd

    Lorin! Is there any way you could potentially mix in “Lines in Wax” by Flux Pavillion in Philly next friday? That would blow my face out of my brain-hole if you know what I mean bro.

  • cory

    My first time seeing you 3 years ago was also with Beats Antique opening and it was incredible. I've seen you 4 times since and it always blows my mind! I can't wait for the philly show. I bought my tix when electric factory had a ticket sale and now they're all sold out and lots of my friends are debating buying tix for $100+ :/ Please play your fever ray when I grow up remix!!! Can't wait

  • hay

    I wanted to go to this but I can't afford the prices the resellers are selling them for. 🙁
    What is wrong with people?

    • torie

      i know! im in the same boat my fellow basshead…you would think people would want to share the love&womp for face value!

  • 2 more days!!! rollin 11 deep from Pittsburgh to come see the show! i'm so excited!!! I can't wait for my energy field to be rocked!!!!!!!!

  • carli

    does anyone know about when this concert will end?

  • Allison

    Soooo stoked for your Philly show this Friday! I already got my BASS FACE on I'm READY2RAGE!

    Please Please Please play this song (I dunno what it's called) on Friday. Blew my mind at All Good! Definitely would love to hear it again!


    • willwatkins

      second that motion!

    • willwatkins

      allison, we need to meet up at ATL

  • Garrydowse

    bassnectar so i have to give you some heads up you shouldnt allow people to sell your tickets for above the retail price because it just messes every thing up want to find a ticket to the e factory but every one want from 100 to 250 for a single ticket when it costs 22.50 with the fee so its like 33 flat and yet the tack on more than 100 percent of the ticket value i dont know how you can let them do that to your fans i mean it is kinda messed up bu tjust expressing my fellings scince they are hurting your live fan base

    • Aalmeida26

      Hey Garrydowse…. if you were Lorin would you know how to stop it from happening? it's not even close to his fault, mister. Try talking to the people who sell them for crazy amounts and make them better people. It truly sucks and i'm sure they have thought of everything, buttttt it happens with every artist everywhere… chaaa know?

    • 🙂 Garry what do you suggest as a solution?

      It has been a rude awakening lately for me, since none of this is remotely in my control. I find it as frustrating as you do.

      All the right venues are owned and controlled by Ticket Master (who tacks on 10-16$ fees on top of all tickets) and only allows us to sell 8% of the tickets to our fan club

      When we sell tickets to our fanclub they are the lowest possible price and the earliest available. They always sell out the fastest.

      That leaves 92% of the tickets controlled by TicketMaster (unless you avoid those fees and go to the venue's box office and buy the tickets direct, WHICH WE RECCOMEND)

      The next problem arises when people buy tickets in larger quantity, wait for the show to sell out, and then jack up the ticket price on stbu hub.

      I have even been told Ticket Master employees do this (buy their own tickets, then hold on to them and sell them for hundreds of dollars)…of course i have no proof of this, its just hearsay.

      Anyhow, we are open to your suggestions, but please understand it is incredibly naive to think that we have any control here…it is out of our control

      My roots are in free underground events. This is a new frontier for me, using these large, legal spaces. But we need to do that to accomodate the growing number of amazing bass heads.

      One of my missions is to continue building community and networks in part by creating magnetic events that bring people together from far and wide to safe spaces. This can get expensive just in the venue rentals and security alone.

      Anyhow, all of this is much more complex than you give it credit for.

      Hit us with any solutions you have

  • WzRlyGd?

    Reminder! You told Blaise below that you would play magical world tonight if someone posted it here the day of, so here it is. Time to start my 6 hour drive down to Philly!

    • heya
      i dropped the ball and made a plan to switch out timestretch in philly & MagicalWorld in nYc
      i also goofed buddy's request….i been sliiiipppin?

      • willwatkins

        Can I just say Lorin, that I think that was the magic balance between the melodic and that SERIOUS womp! I really really enjoyed the show! Thanks for the love. Have fun across the pond, we'll see you in ATL!

        P.S. Lorin despite all the shameless begging I do for your melodic magic, I also love the hell out of the BASS! I'm 1000% for raging hard at every show I go to, but I think there is an important distinction between a good rage and the violence I've seen at your shows this tour. I am all about getting ramped up and having a good time, but I have always associated your shows with the lovely lovely Bassheads that come together as a cohesive unit to help each other and take care of each other during the raging bass storm you throw at us. Recently there has been a flagrant selfishness and all out violence occurring in your crowds ( to the point where fights were literally breaking out at Philly). Maybe you could use your basspulpit to encourage your army to remember that BASSNECTAR is a fan of peace and love between all people, but especially between his devoted followers. I don't mean to come off as complaining, but it kills me to see people getting injured and thrashed by other bassheads. It seems contrary to the cause…

        Much love to you sir, so much love!