9/25/10: Bassnectar in Nashville, TN at Limelight

July 19th, 2010


falltourThe Bassnectar Fall Tour comes FULL ON to Nashville on September 25 with special guests filastine and ESKMO. This will be an 18+ event.

Special Guests:
Dark Party

We are expecting the most enthusiastic Bass Heads yet to pack these venues to the max!

Plus $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to a good cause; to be announced soon.

It’s going to be a full-fledged freakshow of madness – visit us on Facebook and RSVP on the events page to give your friends the heads up to JOIN US!!!!!!!

SOLD OUT! Thank you Nashville!

  • O'Doyle

    This announcement just turned a bad day upside down. Bonnaroo and Forecastle were the bee's knees, can't wait to have you back in Nashville. I'll be the dude up front wearing copious amounts of neon throwing hand-fulls of glostix with every drop (AWAY from the stage of course)

  • Stretchyotime

    NNNnnnoooo!!! Play at Nocturnal festival this day!!! please!

  • Henley

    Womp Womp Womp Womp wub wub wub wub wub!

  • rbkramer

    take out the N, put in an E, we got so much love for thee.
    look in your heart, you can't even hate, come rage the 8-2-8!!!

  • cant wait!! you killed it as Camp Bisco this past weekend…. cannot wait for you to infiltrate my eardrums again very soon!!

  • chris

    WAKE UP AND RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trey

    Bonnaroo was amazing this year… And rolin balls at BASSNECTAR was a definate highlight

  • ben

    if you look at the people attending, you'll notice a large quantity of them are under 18, you should make the concert for all ages and you will make more money too

    • KD

      im pretty sure if youve seen BN u would know children should probably not attend.

  • Memphis465

    Definitely going.. Kicked ass at Waka! One of my favorites.

  • Angela Motley

    FUCK YES WE ARE GOING!!! Seen them at WMC this yr and it was sic!!!!!!!!

  • Dfgsdfg

    haha not for people under 18, but ill be there trippin face

  • Susie

    Can we come to 201 Woodland to purchase tickets without a handling fee?

    • Dunwody

      1604 8th Avenue South
      Nashville, TN 37203-5061
      (615) 254-4801

  • Morgan

    What do you get with VIP tix??

    • Hey Morgan. Looks like VIP tix are for a special VIP area in the venue, free shots, and more TBA…

  • sharawill

    i feel the strong need to express my input on these 18 and up shows. i understand the whole being a legal adult aspect,,,actually, i take that back, i feel my basshead exploding everytime i see a show i cant attend because i was not born 365 days before this year. ive seen you at bonnaroo and forecastle and i cant take having to wait a year to have the undescribable experiences that i have at your shows…untill i find a time machine or someone who looks like me whos understanding enough to give me their id,,its sad to say i wont be seeing you for a year.


    • hey there.
      i'm not exactly sure how it all works, but this letter is inspiring me to figure it out. a few years ago i worked really hard to stop doing the 21+ shows, as that was more of the norm. i kno we DO shows that are not just 18+. i dont know exactly when, but ill find out.
      (KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR OUR NEW YEARS SHOW, methinks you will be happy)

      but trust…i UNDERSTAND.

      i went to university studying cmmunity, education, youth culture, music, etc…i worked at many schools, group homes, juvenile hall, VERY viscerally aware of the neglected aspects of youth culture in our country.

      and as a youth i was deeply involved ina DIY underground…which was easier to cocreate in the bay area than many other places…but i know the pain of being shut out of the places you wanted to go.

      again, im inspired by your letter and ill do some research

      • i live in Kentucky, but i will definitely keep my eyes peeled like bananas. I'm also easily inspired that you replied, gives me motivation to know that you care about us younger ones just like everyone else. thank you for understanding, my new goal = try everything in my power to make it to Nashville, I'm ready to rage!!!!!!!!


  • Scheve

    Dear Bassnectar,

    I saw you at summer camp this year and it was by far the best show i have ever seen. I live in knoxville and have been waiting quite a long time to see you again. I would be much obliged if you would throw in “Churn of the Ceuntury” inot one of your shows in Knoxville or Nashville as i will be attending both.


    Andrew Scheve

    • YES! please remind me closer to the date!

  • YES! please remind me closer to the date!

  • Window Seat would be bad ass too!!!! But don't let us command your set. I want you to do YOU. Can't wait for the 25th!!!!!!!!

  • Jbrad630

    dude u have inspired me, found your music by accident, and now i can't stop. can't sleep/work/chill without some bassnectar beating in the background. If anyone in North Tampa picks up pizza from pizza hut after like 9, 9/10 times they have to wait an extra 5 minutes till i'm done jamming out in the back lol. i'm going to try to make the nashville show, if not, i will try to make another show.

  • Whitney

    Thank you so much for bringing all the light warriors together. Orlando was my best bud's 21st and you facilitated an astounding experience. I thought the HOB was going to take off into space. Can't wait to see you again in Nash. ATL is waiting for you. Thanks again

  • Warren

    Hey I'm sooooo excited for this show!!! I'm driving to Nashville from Louisville and can't wait! Is there anyway that tellaport massive remix from the cozza frenzy remix pack v1 could be played at the show?? I would love you forever!!!! Peace -Warren Englert

    • Dunwody


  • Filthy McNasty

    If me and my buddy drive to Nashville Saturday the 25th will we be able to buy tickets at the door?

    • Dunwody


  • Arioncrystaline

    Hey quick question, do you know where you will be performing in the June 2011 area? Thats my birthday and Im saving up to come see ya wherever you may be! Ive wanted to for years and I'll finally have enough money on the side to! I also would like to be right front stage, do you have an estimate of how early I would have to be to get there?


    • Dunwody

      We are working on the 2011 schedule now, should be out in the next couple months. June is festival season so its hard now to tell where we will be. All i can say is keep checking back, and make sure you are signed up to receive fan mail so you know right away.
      As far as getting up front, it also varies. If its a venue show id say get there an hour before doors. If its a festival it depends on too many factors to give you a definitive answer. This knowledge comes with experience. keep going to shows and you will learn the ropes

      • alisha

        think you could ever make RI happen? I’m sure your fitting Boston in the spring and you have to drive through RI to get there! If not, it’s gravy! I’m a traveling basshead. 🙂 thanks for making Bassnectar shows happen Dunwody!

      • alisha

        think you could ever make RI happen? I’m sure your fitting Boston in the spring and you have to drive through RI to get there! If not, it’s gravy! I’m a traveling basshead. 🙂 thanks for making Bassnectar shows happen Dunwody!

  • wow.. 2600 SOLD OUT? this is going to be NASTY!!

  • Computersatan

    Is the nashville event completly sold out. will there not be any tickets for sale when doors open????????

    • Guest

      No the event its completely sold out, and there will be no tickets at the door.

  • Emg2008

    please someone sale me their ticket!!!!!!!!!


    Can't express my EXCITEMENT!!!! probably failed my exam this week thinking about Saturday!


    • 🙂
      we had fuunnn at the forcastle event! we shall be back to KY sooon!

  • Ianz

    yo lorin!!!! this'll be lucky number 7 for me!!! cant wait for my face to be blasted off with massive basssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OW OW OWWWWWWWWWWWW

    • my 2 favorite numbers:
      7 and 23

      • Ianz

        i’ll make sure that there is DEF a number 23!!!!!

      • Ianz

        i’ll make sure that there is DEF a number 23!!!!!

  • Hey Lorin, please open with I Am a Laser. I've never heard it live and it's the bomb, so I'd love you even more for it 😛 I think I may wear adult diapers to the show, just in case..

    • yah diapers are probably going to be necessary in nashville!
      i am laser isnt really an opener for me…it seems to work best like 2/3 of the way through when everyone is melted into one big hypnotic trance, and then that song can carry us awayyyy
      i played it a LOT last fall, and i kind of have a new set of tunes im focusing on this fall, but i will see what i can do!

      • alex dotson

        COZZY FRENZY!!

      • awesome.. i know whatever you decide to do will be sick!

  • projectpat

    Driving up from ATL for this epic show!! cant wait till NYE either so pumped!!
    SO EXCITED to hear the new wildstyle material LIVE, especially the 808 track is SICK!! haha

    • projectpat

      oh and “Here We Go” is definitely the essential opener song.. i mean the name says it all

  • Kann_runner

    Lorin me and my friend are counting down til our first bass head experience!!!!!!!! i cant wait to finally hear your music live! we are gonna try and get front row so look for 2 girls in crazy outfits and sequin cat masks haha. when i was watching a pretty recent show you did in ttown at alabama you did a beat with Twilights “eyes on fire” that amazed me, can you try and squeeze that track in the show somewhere? regardless were looking forward to an insane night 🙂

  • Videotech

    You can still get Tickets @ “Grimey's Music” in Nashville !!!!
    Just called and they still have tickets….!!!!

  • JamesRoten

    Cant wait until Tonight! Im gonna rage my little basshead crazy. Please play Bongo Bong, Rage Against the Machine, and i realy love the Let me clear my throat mix, and pretty much anything from SMASHERS AND MASHERS. ahhhh im so pumped. Do you still have stage dancers, because if i can get up there, I would dance my heart and soul content. See YOU TONIGHT! 😀

    • hey James!
      just did Bongo last night, thought about Rage (but wanted to save it for NYE) and you are SOOOOOpsychic about the other part

  • Scoady

    does anyone know the setlist?