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New Fall Dates and the Rumors Are True

August 17th, 2010



Summer is coming to a close and we have 3 more shows to go before Fall Tour hits with a boom: the late night mob scene @ Chicago’s House of Blues, another bananas Insomniac festival in Texas called “Nocturnal” and then the “Electric Zoo” in New York!!!!!
Then its off to full time roadshow tour:

RENO 10/10/10
After Wanderlust and our insane set in Tahoe last March (where someone manufactured over 1000 fake tickets to our already sold out show and made the venue feel like a Rocket Ship with a massive furnace inside of it where Sumo Wrestlers give back rubs to wild elephants and everyone’s face looks like they have multiple expressions at once), the ruckus will return to Reno for a big shabang on 10/10/10 at the Grand Theatre at The Grand Sierra Resort. Ten Ten Ten is an ancient spiritual holiday with tons of meaningful meaning. 😉 Or wait, no, it just kind of sounds cool. Especially if i go on at 10:10pm… Cuz then its 10/10/10/10/10! Either way, the freakshow is a guarantee!

Chicago Halloween 10/30/10
Next on the list is Chicago, filling in that 10/30 Halloween Saturday slot at the Riviera Theatre. This will be night 5 of 6 in our MIDWEST MADNESS run, and by that time the Freak Train will be fully loaded and bursting at the seams, so Heads Up: To all of you who waited to buy your tickets to this summer’s late night at House of Blues: DON’T WAIT. Our in-house psychics have predicted a sell-out crowd of 2,500 costumed bass fiends. We’re working on the rest of that line up, so stay tuned for more info and details, or perhaps just more of my ramblings!!! 😉

1st Bass Center Colorado 10/23/10
And finally, we have something very special for you. The rumors are true: the FIRST BASS CENTER will launch on October 23 in Broomfield, CO. This will be the first time in years that the Bassnectar Team has ever produced an original/unique/customized event, and this will definitely be the biggest and most insane to date. Joining us will be Dan Deacon, Brother Ali, Ott, Nosaj Thing, Emancipator, That 1 Guy, and much more. This is the first incarnation of the Bassnectar Festival, and when we consulted the magic 8 ball, it replied that the perfect place on earth to kick off would be Colorado!!! (Broomfield, CO is 18 miles close to Denver, 11 miles close to Boulder, 45 from Ft Collins, 71 from Vail, 105 from Aspen, 236 from Durango, 942 from San Francisco, only 4701 from Brazil, a mere 5780 from Tokyo, and a tender 6758 from Lebanon!!! So this is a ‘Come one, Come All!’ type of thing) …More info coming soon, as well as details on travel packages and how to get your body in front of the system we are going to build for this special night.

As a reminder, for every single one of your tickets we will be giving a dollar to your choice of 3 amazing charitable community organizations. This will happen at every Bassnectar show from now on until i stop touring, so as we develop this please get involved and plan on spending at least 5 minutes a night with the organizations, so you can learn more about who you are helping!!!! Get involved, give back from your deepest source of wild inspiration, and we will continue doing the same!!!

Much Love and THANK YOU!!!!!