New Fall Dates and the Rumors Are True

August 17th, 2010



Summer is coming to a close and we have 3 more shows to go before Fall Tour hits with a boom: the late night mob scene @ Chicago’s House of Blues, another bananas Insomniac festival in Texas called “Nocturnal” and then the “Electric Zoo” in New York!!!!!
Then its off to full time roadshow tour:

RENO 10/10/10
After Wanderlust and our insane set in Tahoe last March (where someone manufactured over 1000 fake tickets to our already sold out show and made the venue feel like a Rocket Ship with a massive furnace inside of it where Sumo Wrestlers give back rubs to wild elephants and everyone’s face looks like they have multiple expressions at once), the ruckus will return to Reno for a big shabang on 10/10/10 at the Grand Theatre at The Grand Sierra Resort. Ten Ten Ten is an ancient spiritual holiday with tons of meaningful meaning. 😉 Or wait, no, it just kind of sounds cool. Especially if i go on at 10:10pm… Cuz then its 10/10/10/10/10! Either way, the freakshow is a guarantee!

Chicago Halloween 10/30/10
Next on the list is Chicago, filling in that 10/30 Halloween Saturday slot at the Riviera Theatre. This will be night 5 of 6 in our MIDWEST MADNESS run, and by that time the Freak Train will be fully loaded and bursting at the seams, so Heads Up: To all of you who waited to buy your tickets to this summer’s late night at House of Blues: DON’T WAIT. Our in-house psychics have predicted a sell-out crowd of 2,500 costumed bass fiends. We’re working on the rest of that line up, so stay tuned for more info and details, or perhaps just more of my ramblings!!! 😉

1st Bass Center Colorado 10/23/10
And finally, we have something very special for you. The rumors are true: the FIRST BASS CENTER will launch on October 23 in Broomfield, CO. This will be the first time in years that the Bassnectar Team has ever produced an original/unique/customized event, and this will definitely be the biggest and most insane to date. Joining us will be Dan Deacon, Brother Ali, Ott, Nosaj Thing, Emancipator, That 1 Guy, and much more. This is the first incarnation of the Bassnectar Festival, and when we consulted the magic 8 ball, it replied that the perfect place on earth to kick off would be Colorado!!! (Broomfield, CO is 18 miles close to Denver, 11 miles close to Boulder, 45 from Ft Collins, 71 from Vail, 105 from Aspen, 236 from Durango, 942 from San Francisco, only 4701 from Brazil, a mere 5780 from Tokyo, and a tender 6758 from Lebanon!!! So this is a ‘Come one, Come All!’ type of thing) …More info coming soon, as well as details on travel packages and how to get your body in front of the system we are going to build for this special night.

As a reminder, for every single one of your tickets we will be giving a dollar to your choice of 3 amazing charitable community organizations. This will happen at every Bassnectar show from now on until i stop touring, so as we develop this please get involved and plan on spending at least 5 minutes a night with the organizations, so you can learn more about who you are helping!!!! Get involved, give back from your deepest source of wild inspiration, and we will continue doing the same!!!

Much Love and THANK YOU!!!!!


338 Responses to “New Fall Dates and the Rumors Are True”
  1. Robert Dunn says:

    ayo Lorin whats good, i am really trying to promote for you however i can. I already do more than you could believe just by enthusiastic word of mouth and having people listen to your music that would never have heard it otherwise. Truly i can just tell by the way that people react to it the first time that your musical plethora of sounds can reach anyone, they just have to get the chance. Ill be front row at your wilmington show, half naked with a red bandanna and raging like i got no spine. For real please try to get back at me though i understand aswell if you dont have much to offer me. I go to college at Coastal Carolina in myrtle beach but travel a ton including once monthly trips to clemson so i could really get your sound and energy flowing through some new heads.

    you are the man that converted me to this scene and got me to appreciate more than just the music but rather the culture behind the sounds and creations. For real when i say that my life was changed during your set at bisco i am 100% serious because before i was a oc head with not much happiness and now my daily goal is to smile at someone that i made smile just because. Too much respect, much love, and ill see you tommorrow, haha and btw im giving out free pacifiers with honey in them at your show tomorrow so im tryna get you one….haha this circus

  2. Tommy Peters says:

    Hey Lorin…First off I cant wait for u to blow my brain at the 1st Bass Center. Second I wanted to see if you guys needed someone to street team for you. I live in Fort Collins and I know I could help bring some more people from your ever growing fan base in Fort Collins

  3. bassface says:

    are there any pre parties or after parties for Bass Center?? :-p

  4. Lisa Lis says:

    LORIN! Your bass explosions vibrate my soul and melt my face! The last show I caught was in Chicago at the House of Blues. It was two days before my college classes started again, and what a ridiculous way to end my summer! A week into school, I was assigned a paper that was to be a descriptive profile of a person, place or event. I chose to write about the show, and my professor LOVED it! It was so amazing to be able to write about something I was so passionate about, and I wanted to share it with you, but it's too long to post on here… I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me so much, and thanks for the “A”! I CANNOT wait for Halloween weekend in Chicago!

  5. Lorin!! First off, I want to say I am a huge fan from the metro detroit area. The first song I ever heard was Cozza Frenzy and ever since I have been a dedicated supporter of your music. I am an up and coming dj myself and I have recently made a mashup of basshead. I am in no way trying to infringe on copywrite, so I thought I'd ask you first before I released it. I can send you it before anyone else if you want to hear it!! Let me know!! please and thanks!!
    p.s Ill be traveling 2 hours to see you live for the first time in grand rapids!! can't wait!!

  6. Jared says:


    i just wanted to let you know that you made my year last saturday in nashville. not only was your set perfect and amazing. but meeting you before the show REALLY did it. i felt like a little school girl at a justin beiber show!

    After going through so many phases i finally feel like i have found who i really am this year, with some help from you of course.

    so i just wanted to say thank you. thank you for everything. The friends ive made, the memories i have, and the music that keeps me going. you are a hero of mine, and definitely the most inspiring person ive ever met! btw, thanks for the ear plug suggestion. BASS SOUP! 🙂

    until next time.


  7. Janeesha says:

    Bassnectar, come & visit Ashinah in the Slocan Valley when you come to Castlegar. Go with Janeesha, she'll take you to a supremely magical place & bake you treats & take you for a ride on her dragon!! Come & see us, we Love You!!! Bassheads rocking out in the Koots!!!

  8. Daveking800 says:

    I unfortunately cannot attend and its killing me, so please please tell me there will be a crew recording the event cause the only thing that is making me feel better is the hope that i can live the experience through your video.

  9. Teck says:

    PLZ PLZ PLZ come to Fayetteville, Ark. The dub scene here is legit. Just ask your friend OTT who will be performing here this Sunday. Dont use Georges or the Amp. We have plenty of other outdoor venues.

  10. K.diggity says:

    lorin — a question — you drop the 808 track in the middle of the BBC mixtape, the release the winter tour dates with a painful lack of any 808 show. are you teasing us bass-faces out in the islands ? maui would implode if you bumped that track at a show here. HAWAII MISSES YOU!! pllllleeeeeaaasasseeeee grace the islands with your epic vibrations

  11. Russo660 says:

    sorry man but it looks like u forgot about chicago on ur spring tour. what ever. now i get to take a trip to madison and kalamazoo

  12. Russo660 says:

    and i forgot to mention, i just got some better speakers and it sound like land of the lupes references longboarding. is this correct and do u skate? i can only image the rush that can be achieved from the hills out west. i love the wobble but hate the speed induced variety

  13. Dangthius says:

    Lorin! Desmond and I are so looking forward to your upcoming tour!! Thank you for coming back to the Midwest! You should consider coming even farther up to the UP (Marquette to be exact we all love you up here) where we are at, and come play by Lake Superior some summer. We can't offer a whole lotta money, but we definitely have a whole lotta LOVE!!! Anyway, can't wait to break it down to you again. Thank you for always coming back!

    Sincerely your “Halloween Crazyness”

    Desmond and Dakota **

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