12/31/10 – New Year’s Eve in Atlanta at the Tabernacle

September 20th, 2010


Fall Tour


You can still hit the afterparties!


12/30 – Big Gigantic w/ AmpLive
Doors at Midnight
show at 1:00

12/31 – Ana Sia with SuperDre and guest Epcot
Doors at 1:00
show at 1:30

Tickets on sale at: Masquerade Atlanta.

Conscious Alliance will be hosting a food drive for the Bassnectar New Year’s event at the Tabernacle on December 30th and 31st. Bring 10 non-perishable food items to either show and receive a FREE limited-edition event poster! All donations will benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Conscious Alliance always encourages food donations to be low-sodium and health oriented products. ORGANIC food donations are especially encouraged. RAMEN NOODLES will NOT be accepted for the free poster.


538 Responses to “12/31/10 – New Year’s Eve in Atlanta at the Tabernacle”
  1. willwatkins says:

    Lorin, we spoke about this a few months back and you asked me to remind you.I was listening to a very classy album released for the Civil Liberties Defense Center. If you don't already know about the album, not to insult you, I'd love to buy it for ya. Long story short, Ramona Africa lays down some pretty heavy truths on track 6. I know you used to drop that political stuff on us all the time, and I think that your rapidly growing fan base deserves some more truth with their BASS, especially for NYE, a time to reflect and make changes. So much love to you!!! I humbly submit this plea for a little lesson in reality at everyone's next Bassnectar show.

    P.S. Maybe that Goody Mob- “Dirty South Remix” would be better saved for the ATL, and maybe a little of those spottieottiedopalicious horns too!

    • LORIN says:

      will i love your attention to detail! 🙂
      i def appreciate ANY and all reccomendations like this
      as for political lyrics, i am not opposed, but i also do not find them as effective. it preaches well to a choir, but as for 'new minds' i think they are better reached in other ways.

      and for the most part, this is all uber complex, but of course i grapple with it all the time
      send over that mp3 if yu got it or i'll have lia dig it up!

      • willwatkins says:

        How can I get the mp3 to you? I feel you as far as not everyone in the crowd being on that wavelength, but I just remember the way you slowed things down and got real with us at ECHO PROJECT back in '07and it was just so right. I know you have sooo much on your plate getting ready to welcome in the new year, so i understand you have to pick and choose what you can spend time on. Its a lot easier for me to ask then for you to execute, but i just can't help but throw my ideas out there. REALLY I'll love whatever we get those nights, but a super special surprise would be to drop those spottieottiedopalicious horns while you're in the A. Much love and well wishes as we draw near the new year!

        Enjoy your studio time!

  2. ElAusterino says:

    Just found out my brother and I can't make the shows.

    So now we have 2 tickets to each night, and can't make it.

    I live north of Atlanta, so if you would like these tickets hit me up at elausterino@gmail.

    I paid scalper price for the NYE tickets, so I'm really at a loss here…

  3. Pgillis says:

    Looking for a new years miracle. If anyone wants to help a hurt soul, please lemme know! pgillis@mix.wvu.edu

  4. Gino says:

    Bassnectar crew: Will there be a shorter line for the tickets purchased through this website/inticketing similar to the one at the Aragon in Chicago? Is the Tabby much quicker at getting ppl in than the Aragon was?

    • Basscorsair says:

      G- They'd better be faster! We don't know exactly what the setup is yet. We're working on getting as efficient as possible. The Aragon was positively ridiculous, it's hardly ever THAT bad.

  5. Jordan says:

    Ok. The bass bath of a lifetime is 8 days away…almost brings tears to my eyes..fuck it..IT DOES! I ordered my tickets in advance for sure but I am starting to freak out since I don't have them in hand, does anybody else feel this way?! Also, how hard would ATL get down if Lorin remixed some PUTKAST! can't wait to get down with all my bassheads!

  6. Jordan says:

    I meant OUTKAST!

    • LORIN says:

      HA i liked PUTKAST!!! 🙂

      • Jordan says:

        I mean, you can call it whatever you want Lorin, but real talk…NYE has become bigger than any holiday of the year and I am not even sure I consider it a holiday anymore, with the Bassnectar Massacre occuring in ATL this year I look at it as more of a life changing, refreshing, best start ever to a new year! Can't wait, honestly 🙂

  7. Jordan says:

    If anybody is going to this show alone, DONT! I am more than welcome you to rage with my bass crew, just hit me back with a reply and I will shoot you an email about meeting up! Nobody, and I mean nobody damnitt, is going to this show “ALONE”! Bassnectar fans aren't just a group of people, we're a family 🙂

  8. Rpkern says:

    I hope there is a “Welcome to Altanta” By: Ludacris SMASHUP in the works for the NYE show… That would be fantastic, and it would be fairly easy to mix in with your set considering its a catchy hip hop beat…

    • aaahhhhKAY!
      “BIG BEATS hit streets see gangstas roamin, and the parties dont stop til 8 in the mornin”
      i like at the end of ludacris' verse whens he says “chillin-nin-nin-nin-nin-ninn-a (cant really spell it) whaaaaaat”

      • Rpkern says:

        Haha I know what your talking about! I love that too…it would be a cool song for Lorin to chop up and have his way with it…

        Correction –> “Welcome to Atlanta where the Bassheads play, and we blast that BASS every single day, BIG BEATS hit streets see Bassheads roamin, and Nectar parties dont stop til 8 in the mornin”
        haha I love it!

    • BrittanyNicole says:

      Ah that would be so badass! Luda came and played at my school (Georgia Southern) recently and rocked it hard.

  9. mwenix says:

    can't wait to see the show i know you going to rock everybody's socks off !!!! I also cant wait to see what kinda light show your team has planned….. The tabernacle is such a premier venue in the south… I can't wait to bring in the NEW YEAR with a bunch of raging bassnectar fans.

  10. tforch says:

    I need a Christmas miracle!!! 1-2 tickets to NYE PLEASE!!! I'll be there Dec 30 & can meet up anytime after that. HIT ME UP IF YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN : socrcat27@aol.com THANKS & MUCH LOVE MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE <3

  11. Bsmetona says:

    EXPLODING WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B.4.L.T.1.M.0.R.E IS ON IT'S WAY!

  12. check it tabernacle vets….
    they gots coat check or no?
    and if they do….will they check a whole snow suit?
    es cooold outside

    apprec any replies

  13. Jordan says:

    I was at thy show as well no line..but not this kind of build up so it might be hit or miss..I have to wait for sure for advanced ticket sales 🙁

  14. gbuyck says:

    So , I don't know about all you other Bassheads out there but, my 20 person crew from KNOX-VEGAS and I haven't been thinking about anything but NYE for like 3 months + now… And its fucking 5 DAYS AWAY!!! I'm so pumped… We're gonna get the ATL hyphy as hell…

    Thank you SO much for everything you put into your music (which is alot)… I never seen a Southern Baptist groove like that until they hear the orgasmic wompage hit their ears… Knoxville-CHECK… Nashville-CHECK… ATL NYE-CHECK… Bass Center 2-UPCOMING… Lorin you're the fucking man!
    P.S. I was reading your Music Ninja interview and you were saying you need to get your Amorphous Music up and running. I would LOVE to help with this in ANY way and it would make all of my childhood/middle-agehood/adulthood dreams come true…

    Keep it KRUNCHY and keep our PROSTATES VIBRATIN'
    greg buyck

    • Greg B, you already know that a bunch of knoxville fucks are headed down to Atlanta! its fucking on..only 4 days!!! haha but you got a crew of 20 knoxville people heading down, i got a crew of bout 20 knoxville people heading down…..Lorin, Knoxville fucking loves you!!!!!

  15. gbuyck says:

    P.S. All you BASSHEADS staying at the Marriott across the parking lot, we need to collaborate…

  16. Jordan says:

    We should have an organized basshead takeover of the CNN center, for anybody looking for a cheap adult beverage before the show they sell big beers for 5 dollars, 32 oz I believe..I go there often when going to events at the tabernacle, phillips arena, or georgia dome! Also anybody staying at the Holiday Inn centennial park, hit me up through an email!

  17. Terry Forch says:

    anyone know of any thrift stores in atlanta for some good throw away jackets??? I'm not trying to freeze either!!

    • Gino says:

      just get one at a thrift store where you live b4 u go?

    • LORIN says:

      ha! im not even sure where this is comin from, but i would probably just grab a thrift coat from wherever you live, some kind of old-man brown pleated professor style coat or somethin easy, and then just cruise around the ATL reppppppping that shiiiiiiit! 🙂 then you will be warm.

      again, i have no idea where this thrift thing came from but it sounds fun

      • Jordan says:

        Lorin, its because we plan on waiting to get in to see the most epic bass blastoff ever and no one wants to hang on to jackets! It is going to look like 80's jump suites with 90's blazers let's thrift it up!

    • Tk says:

      Hit up Rag-o-rama over at Little Five Points for one man. good ass thrift store and not too far from tab.

  18. Alisha says:

    slayer it up? maybe? 😀

  19. Ianz says:

    OW OWWWWWWWWWW 3 DAYS TIL BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An AMAZING opener NYE would be a heavy, crunchy, blow your face off B-B-B-B-B-BASS CANNON!!!!!!!!!! please pleas pleaseeeeee

    Much love Lorin!!!

  20. Teh says:

    any tickets left anywhere?



  22. projectpat says:

    To Lorin,

    First off, THANK YOU for blessing ATLANTA with the opportunity of a lifetime this New Years Eve… if it's one event that people always remember every calendar year it's always reminiscing about what we did for NYE!~!! Second, I witnessed you rage face outside at Forecastle festival and another HUGE outside extravaganza this year in NASHVILLE… awesome. The night of the Nashville show I came here and requested the 808 track before the Wildstyle EP was EVEN released and I was screaming ‘808!” upfront the entire show and you dropped it for the FIRST TIME EVER that night… dream come true. But I digress, I have returned to make one final request for slightest possible chance of making another dream come true. If you can find it in your BASS-infused heart to unleash the power of “READY 2 RAGE” on this ATL crowd I will forever be in debt. Most BASSHeads know how hard that song goes and I know you definitely comprehend the type of damage that song can cause. Whether this miracle occurs or not, I will still be completely satisfied with what you have in store for us because that will probably be enough to cause my eardrums and brain to self-implode. I will be at the 30th and 31st show because I would never sacrifice an opportunity to miss a ‘Nectar performance.


    Kind Regards,



  23. Tcg5023 says:

    The bass gods heard my plea!! Boombox was my favorite Christmas present! In fact the entire set was exceptionally dank.
    Thank you Lorin

  24. BASSnectarHead says:

    Happy New Years EVE to ALL of the Crew and Lorin Who make Bassnectar The hottest under the sun. See you guys at the BEST NYE event …soon

  25. willwatkins says:

    Both shows were beyond epic! Thanks for bringing it hard to Atl and thanks so much for the Spottieottie drop! Enjoy your studio time, have a great new year and we'll see you at Basscenter!

  26. Teresa says:

    I doubt you remember me from last night (NEW YEARS EVE :D) but while you were taking pictures with people I yelled that “you changed my life!” and I'm pretty sure you told me, “Thank you!” Even though I know that you must hear that all the time, I just wanted you to know it means so much to me that you appreciate your fans (I also more than appreciate how you gave my shocked tall black boyfriend with dreads a high five – you must remember that!). I love that you realize how much we look up to you, and that you thank us for it. I am forever a basshead, next stop (my 5th show in 6 months!!) ASHEVILLE! Thank you again, you really are a life changer.

  27. Bsmetona says:

    the whole set.. was just… well…. perfect…. couldnt have asked for anything more… blew me away nyet again, happy new years everybody!

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