New Site, New Store

September 7th, 2010


The ENTIRE Bassnectar catalog is now available for you right here. Every Track and all the releases have been added along with some brand new merch.

All the music is shareable! Look for the link on any music player to take the Bass to your home online.

We’ve also made free music – bootlegs and podcasts easier to find along with family photos videos easier to find along with tour dates.

Thanks for your support, everything purchased through the ‘lil shop here at Bassnectar helps keep the music alive and is also opening the way for us to bring in new artists, new music and madness! Click here and go to the store.

PLEASE! If you notice anything not working just right- head over to Contact and let us know.


17 Responses to “New Site, New Store”
  1. bianca says:

    Lorin! I went to your show at Fillmore last night in Miami and allthough you've been my absolute favorite even before the show, I just wanted to say that you were incredible last night :)! and totally confirmed why your the fucking best.You're music can get me through any day, whether I'm happy or just having one of those days. Thank you for taking the time to produce such amazing creations, I will keep continuing the spread the word about what an awesome artisit you are. I'm going to try my hardest to get a backstage pass someday so I can personally thank you for your inspiration. Peace love and bass forever<33333 -Bianca

  2. Erin says:

    Lorin and crew,

    Out of all the great music you've blessed my ears with, possibly the sweetest thing I've heard was the Labs' “grand hopes” of starting a nonprofit. I know giving back is of huge importance to all of you, and am so excited to see the community outreach side of Bassnectar in full swing. Forming a nonprofit organization is my ultimate goal, and it's thrilling to see you are playing with the idea as well.

    Your music and your mission are indistinguishable. I can't wait to hear what you've got to say on WILDSTYLIN.

    See you in Charlotte!

  3. So, if all goes well, I'll be backstage yet again for the Wiltern and we can go banannerz! And I finally got a nice set of speakers so as to give the music justice… makin for a more fun time promoting 😀

    But um, until all the madness begins, I have a few mysteries that need clearing:

    1. Did you ever make an album called “World Beat Juice”?

    2. Were any of your songs ever on a “Mystic Groove Compilation”?

    3. I've done some digging and I also found a song called “Zealots Slow Down (Remix)” which has the same ending as “Arf” but doesn't seem to fit in the album… What's that all about?

    4. What do you think about Infected Mushroom? (Ok, this one's random)

    See you soon!
    – Jess

  4. petrapixipan says:


    I found fertile land, a home in the heartwood of a tree, to nest a nurturance of protection for the spirit within me. Where the pitch of my personality can flow thick in the sappy syrup of my skin; a temple of unification, my trunk tempers above and below in a noble affair.

    Kith and kin round the circle, the hearth of the earth a mantle of care, burning in the center an effigy of community aware. A mouthfull of water, a dollar to hollar a cause to concern, effective communication blows on the wind.

    The ethers are sum'moaning, omens beware, a chance to turn the tides of luck and laughter, to robinhood the green lord and master, to redhand the mistress, lady of the mysterious, into playfull rites of passage.

    Stars shoot into the night a glory dance of transformation. Once here. Once gone. Existence blinks, opens its eyes, smiling at the smell of gracious offerings.

    I slide through the veil of wafting smoke, ring the bell of determination, and eat of the fruits of the harvest I share, as I sit in the waning light of equal day and night, balancing gods and daemons upon my shoulders bare. The face of the equinox haunts man and woman in the hunt of the hare where stag and wolf stare at the scales of abraxas.

    Justice is a relative estate between two pillars of perception. Cultivate the piece that brings the greatest peace and fate will weave you here, where trueheart finds its destiny shaped in an apple and pear.

    So come ride this seasonal current, drink deep of the pomegranate seed's currant, as plump vine drips its juice into your veins, where blood turns wine into courage and commits its roots to live on the alter of the sacred and profane.

    We are walkers of the sky, land, and sea, simultaneously dreaming reality into being as it too dreams us to be. Choose wisely. Live fully. Love completely free.

    'Till the next crossing of consciousness!

    In salutations of good cheer,

    ~Pix Picea

  5. odoyle says:

    It's, like, 125 hours till Nashville re-experiences BASSpocalypse ahhh!! Literally everyone from my hippie chicks to my frat buddies is READY2RAAAAGE

  6. I think it would be tight to do Cozza frenzy and Timestretch themed slipmats…Just saying…OR Custom Timecoded vinyl….that would be even more BA! Those things would go faster than when serato put out all white timecoded vinyl!

  7. Megan Holstein says:

    Cool shirts! Please give Vibesquad credit for using his Bass Love logo on your bass cleff t-shirt; that image is copyrighted. Thanks!

  8. Jacob Moon says:


    I wanna start by thanking you and the crew for wrecking every show the way you did for us down here. I was glad to be a part of a the fam for the Nola show and the Tallanasty show was moving.

    I've really been on a Neil Young kick lately and really think you should take a good listen to the track “Heart of Gold” and see what you think about doing a mix with it. It's a nice heavy bassline throughout, some great emotional lyrics, some killer harmonica, and some other nice elements I would love to hear you incorporate. haha different…. but I think it could be dope

    diggin the land of the lupes btw!

  9. Grnybro says:

    How about a snapback hat? That'd be bomb as hell.

  10. Daveking800 says:

    Any idea when you'll get some more Small Red Timestretch Shirts. I wanted to get that Timestretch Deluxe deal but no matter what combination I try its sold out.

    Thanks Labs,
    David King

  11. I dont wanna spam you, but I legitimately want u to hear my music.. and more at my soundcloud .. I've been doin this shit for a long time, I just need a break. I wouldnt wanna work with any1 more than I do you. I have a Demo and presskit in hand. Please, at least give me an email address so I could inquire on a collaboration or something.

  12. Jonathanleffler says:

    Hey Bassnecter crew,

    Love the wildstyle Ep, got the deluxe package and it says bonus tracks…but i downloaded the ep, listened to the cd, and also purchased on itunes…all 3 have 7 tracks…..did i miss something or is there no bonus tracks available?



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