Wildstyle Now Available!

September 20th, 2010


THE WILDSTYLE EP was officially released on October 19th! There are 6 brand new songs, plus remixes, available in CD & digital formats with vinyl to follow – just in time for the 1st BassFest in Colorado (we will have CD’s available at the event).

The crowd response to these tunes last week was bonkers and beautiful – i am so excited to share this with you!



  • Lorin I truly want to THANK YOU for those 5 shows in FLORIDA!!! I had an amazing time at everyone! they were all so perfect the energy at every show was incredible and I'm loving the new music! Thanks for the pics you took with me and my friends they all now love you ha ha!!! I also want to thank you for those five tickets you got me I gave every one away!!! 3 to my girls, and 2 I gave away to people outside that couldn't find a ticket! It goes without saying they were very very happy!

    Thanks again and good luck on the rest of the tour.

      much love to you and your crew!!!!!!!!!
      until next time!!!!

  • Rsg102791

    october 19th is too far away lorin! drop it crazy in baton rouge

  • Lorin,

    My boyfriend and I are HUGE Bassheads. I love your work; I respect all that you do. Your music, along with the music of all other great artists, has woken me up more than you will ever know. I work at the local radio station, 90.3, in Knoxville, TN. I waited on getting tickets, because I thought I might be able to swing some comp tickets through the station (or Midnight Voyage, with whom I'm very good friends). However, this did not work out. I would buy tickets to the Nashville show, but, alas, this is sold out as well. Will you help me share this wonderful experience with you and the other Bassheads in Knoxville? If not, I completely understand… Just keep doing what you do… And keep spreading the Truth and the Love…. I thank you for your commitment and dedication to your work. I don't want to come across as greedy or anything…. I was just wondering if you could feel in your heart how much I love music and love to resonate it into the universe.

    Once again, thank you… and good luck with your shows in the coming days! Rock Knoxville with or without me, Lorin! 😉

    Much love, peace, and unity,

    if you want to email me, my email is JBMchrysalis@gmail.com

    • hey jill!

      i wish i could. trust me…i am constantly working to accomadate everyone as best i can.

      when they stick me in 21+ venues i go ballistic till we get to 18+
      when its 18+ i make sure they arrange an all ages alternative
      when a show is announced i make sure my fanbass/mailing list has first access to cheapest tickets.
      when the venue has RIDICULOUSLY UNFAIR ticketmaster fees, i throw a fit and make sure my crew arranges ways for people to avoid the fees.
      when a show sells out i try my hardest to get people in, to squeeze or to add another show or to come back asap.
      when a floor sells out and all that is left is seating, i pulll out ALL THE STOPS to make the seating even cooler than the floor (like @ 1st Bass, the 'seating' is going to be a sicker dancefloor than the floor, with crazy views and TONS of flown bass up in the sky)

      i'm sorry about knoxx!! all i can say is we expanded Nashville to help out and then it went to 3400. Now we got New Years in the area, and will come back as soon as possible!!!!!

      it breaks my heart when enthusiastic people cannot get in


      • 🙂 Thank you for the response. I'm so glad to hear all that from you, but somehow I could tell most of that from your vibes. You have a great soul, though I know you don't need to hear that from me. I completely understand though, sometimes it just can't happen. But don't let it break your heart! You should be glad to know that you do all that you can! Just know that come Friday, I'll send a good bit of my energy your way, and I'll be there in spirit with all those other sound tribe folk. 😉 I just love watching you pull the strings… And letting you pull mine hahaha.

        But what's this about New Years in the area?! 😀

        Keep it up, Lorin! We appreciate everything you do. Just make sure you spin Knoxville. Dark Star Orchestra did it two weeks ago… I know you can too. 😉

        Much love right back to you!


  • Ar-kansasReppin

    yo homie is the palladium ballroom in dallas sold out or what? supposedly you all might be coming up with a few tix, that would be great…we'll def throw the fuck down

  • So, Lorin, I was just letting you know the Law of Attraction played out in my favor… 😉 Thank you, and see you tonight at the Valarium! much love to you and good luck. 🙂

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say your show in Nastyville was sick.
    The 808 Track had me flipping out with the Bass Head drop.
    Definitely gonna remember that night the rest of my life. Keep it up man

  • saw both shows in Knox and Nash. and i my favorite moment from each show had to be-
    Knox: whatever song you dropped after Bongo Bong at the very end. duuuuuurty

    Nash: …you got an 808 kick drum. an 808 hat. an 808 snare drum. an 808 clap. you got an 808 this and an 808 that. an 808 BOOM and an 808 bat!!!

    Being released just in time for me to drop at the official Rusko pre-party here in Knoxville oct 20! can't wait!!! Thank you Lorin for all the fat beats and incredible inspiration!!

    • stellar magnet

      who does the 808 track? what's it called?

  • Lorin- You are a genius.

  • alisha

    donde es wildstyle?!?!

  • Defish12792

    Where's the link to the wildstyle ep ey??

    gound demolishing shit right there LORIN

    congrats on making it to the top man

    and if you think you got a fanbase now……wait a few years and keep this shit up and you'll be in for a pleasant suprise.


    p.s.:you better still have that glowstick dasani bottle you acquired at you last trip to NOLA

  • Wes

    so, when i bought the deluxe pack it definitely said the poster was to be signed.
    now, i have an unsigned poster and it conveniently says regular tour poster.

    thats a bummer, as the “signed” aspect was the major selling point for me.

    • Wes – fear not. A signed poster is on the way to you / any of those who were among the first purchasers who got in that first few hours when there were signed posters to be had.

    • hey mang, thats wierd

      trust i fuckin gave myself hand cramps signing almost 1000 various posters and CD's and stuff in one night before i left on tour.

      ill make sure you get sorted!

  • I as well as the whole rest of Southern Washington and Northern Oregon are waiting on pins and needles to find out when you are coming out this way, because Portland needs to be a regular stop. No words can describe the absolute NEED for you to enlighten us with your delicious nectar. I need my brain shredded into pieces and to be panting on the floor from the Bass-gasm pumping through my body LIVE. I can guaruntee that show would sell out basically instantaneously, regardless of how big or small the venue was….. probably just from the people I know alone. This area is 100% FULL people who worship the beats you throw out Lorin. We have been spreading the beat up here for a while now, and there is a VERY loyal following of Bassheads who would sacrifice boxfuls of kittens for a chance to see you live…. PLEASE STOP BY PORTLAND!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Stanton

    was this ever released on vinyl?

    • Chris Basscrew

      It was not. CD and digital only.