10/30/10 Halloween: Bassnectar at The Aragon in Chicago

October 4th, 2010


Fall TourThe Bassnectar Fall Tour comes FULL ON to Chicago, IL on October 30. This is an 18+ event.

NEW VENUE! We are now at The Aragon!

All tickets purchased from Etix or Inticketing (Bassnectar fan club) for the Riviera will be honored at the Aragon.

Special Guest:

DJ Spooky

We are expecting the most enthusiastic Bass Heads yet to pack these venues to the max!

Plus $1 from each ticket sold will be donated to support Net Neutrality.

It’s going to be a full-fledged freakshow of madness – visit us on Facebook and RSVP on the events page to give your friends the heads up to JOIN US!!!!!!!

This event is SOLD OUT!

  • goldynvanillaface

    if i bought tix for milwaukees show the 29th, can i switch them to the aragon show in chicago the 30th???

  • Maryabeam

    im going to the show on the 30th and im debating on wearing a costume it is halloween what should i do

    • i say freak yourself OUT!
      but come prepared for a sweaty meltdown

      personally i love dressing up, but having to perform for 2 hours makes me gravitate toward low impact.

      do whatever makes you the most comfortable, enthusiastic, and ready to BLAST

  • Robby

    So the tickets we already bought for the Riviera will transfer over to the Aragon correct?

    • HELL YA

      • yourmothernude

        seriously fucked with my head all day today about the whole will-call ticket situation with the change of venue. thanks for the confirmation, you seriously made a good move changing to aragon. im so stoked dude come at ass harrrrrrdddddd!

  • PrettyLights

    If you wear a costume make it cool, I saw STS9 at the Aragon in August and it was one of the hottest sweatiest venues I've ever been at (and I've been to a few…) … drink lots of water and have a great time! I'm doing up MN on the 31st so I have a fun costume lined up 🙂

    • YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE HEAT AT THE ARAGON!!! we all had sweat dripping down us in august- it was the hottest venue i've ever been to!!! i'll def. be keeping that in mind when picking out my costume!!

  • Mnauss3

    I already had my ticket before the venue chance…is it safe to assume that I'll still be able to get in without making some sort of additional purchase?

    • Dunwody

      Yes! All Riveria tix will be honored,
      All tickets purchased from Etix or Inticketing (Bassnectar fan club) for the Riviera will be honored at the Aragon. There is no extra charge and you do not need a reissued ticket. We are simply looking to accommodate more friends. thanks guys

  • Aeplaya281

    i hope they change the tickets to the other venue cause i got mine for the riviera too

  • chicagobeatfreak

    Why the change to Aragon??? its a nice looking venue but the sound isnt too hot. Hopefully you and your guys change my mind. Knowing ure shows, it shouldnt b a problem. =D

    • have you ever been to a bassnectar show?

      we NEVER just use house sound. many times we turn it off completely.

      this tour we are travelling with a wall of sub bass 4 ft high by 24 ft across. with full line array fills.

      and we engineer it meticulously (THANK YOU TREVOR, WHIT, ARI & PK) to be as full & heavy as possible, without hurting your ears.

      we also give you free earplugs…unlimited, so you an swim in the bass soup

      as for the heat, i doubt anything will be as hot as the last week, each and every night i walked off the stage literally soaked. not wet. but SOAKED. like every hair dripping. even my shoes were soaked

      it was totally disgusting!!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      drink plenty of waters!!!!

      • chicagobeatfreak

        o yes, Ive been to four of ure shows. Good to know. You guys always do have the best sound. Cant wait. <3

        • word!

          there is one thing you can give the sound bwoyz too when they are working



      • AcSays10percent

        The last several concerts I have bought tickets to were suddenly moved to the Aragon. Many of us in Chicago strongly dislike the Aragon, not only for the sound and the heat, but also because they allow in far to many fans which, given the architecture, makes it difficult for most people to see the stage comfortably.

        I am starting to get the feeling that there is some sort of scheme going on, where the Aragon knows people dislike the venue so tickets are initially marketed at better venue, then the concert is moved to the Aragon.

        I'm still going because I love your music, concerts, and rapport with fans.

        • in our case it isn’t a scheme.

          1. we simply sold out too fast in chicago last time, as well as in many other places in the country on this tour.
          2. everything i have heard of the Aragon is that it is a totally epic, and beautiful room. Sound will be ZERO problem, and EVERY show of our tour has been murder hot. You will get VERY hot nomatter where we play.
          3. We are gonna bring the magic and pour our hearts into this, and would rather accomodate everyone who wants to go. We won’t oversell or overstuff a venue. We want it to be comfortable.

          if we didn’t move to the Aragon, we would have had several thousand people either upset or angry or both, and when we do move we have other people complaining.

  • Steven Hancock

    love the new tracks! can't wait 4 the new album! can i request a lil extra BASS at the nov 5 show? PHILLY LOVES BASSNECTAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Chrapla

    If we already had tickets to The Riviera venue do we need to switch tickets for The Aragon?

    • Dunwody

      from an earlier convo
      Yes! All Riveria tix will be honored,
      All tickets purchased from Etix or Inticketing (Bassnectar fan club) for the Riviera will be honored at the Aragon. There is no extra charge and you do not need a reissued ticket. We are simply looking to accommodate more friends. thanks guys

  • Michael Freitas

    I heard a lot of good things about the Riviera, and now a lot of bad things about the Aragon. I have faith the Bassnectar team will take care of any sound issues, however. Looking forward to this!

    • yah 2 b honest i heard a lot of good things about Nashville's LIMELIGHT and a lot of bad things about their parking lot, but when the show burst at the seams it was epic to have enough space for 4500 bass heads to frollick.

      we put tons of love and attention into making each room as comfortable as possible so that each experience can be as satisfying as possible

      we just can't shut out 2500 die hards on halloween! 🙂

  • basscase

    Will Chicago's own Lo Bounce be there again? Saw him at your HOB. Dope.

    • we have the infamous DJ SPOOOOOOKY for halloween @ the aragon!!!

  • Chelsea

    Soooo, just making sure, if we've got will call tickets, we'll pick them up at Aragon's will call?

  • Chassee

    the aragon is fantastic, umphreys did their new years run their last year (friggin wonderful show btw) and its an enormous trippy venue, STOKED AS ALL HELL. BASSNECTAR IS THE ONE AND ONLY WIZARD OF WHOMP!!!

  • Goldynvanillaface

    HEY LORIN :] Been trying to see you live for a year now…i bought tix for the show in milwaukee and would like to switch them to the aragon show in milwaukee is it possibe?!? i bought tickets like 3 months ago, before a CHICAGO one was posted…

  • Michael Freitas

    Any chance of a Monster Mash remix for Halloween? Also, love to hear Strawberry Fields Forever, Basshead, and Wildstyle!!

  • junt

    if our ticket says its for the riviera, will it be taken at the aragon?


    • Rtstctlf


  • Rtstctlf

    i bought a ticket but i never got the email confirmation my email is rtstctlf@yahoo.com

  • Mjcon520

    are the fan club tickets sold out? or are there more available now? “There is a new allotment of fan club tickets available now!”

    • Negative. We forgot to swap out that text. Doing it now!

  • Elcubsfan20

    you think itd be possible to get in if ur 17?

    • Sorry, buddy. It's an 18 plus event. Milwaukee's all ages, Road trip?

  • Aeplaya281

    Do you kno the time of the line ups

    • I'd recommend showing up around 10, never miss Emancipator.

      • Aeplaya281

        yea cause i wanna pregame before the show and i wanted to show up in time to see emancipators hole set and bassnectar of course

      • Anonymous

        i was under the impression that doors were at 8 and emancipator was at 9.

      • Anonymous

        i was under the impression that doors were at 8 and emancipator was at 9.

      • Anonymous

        i was under the impression that doors were at 8 and emancipator was at 9.

  • Tymaster388

    9 dayss!!! fuck yes, I can't wait for you to smash my face Lorin!!

  • Slybootz

    I know this has been asked before, but: if we bought our ticket from Inticketing when the show was still going to be at the Riviera, do we just need to show up at the Aragon with our Inticketing willcall email? It has an order confirmation number, but not an e-ticket barcode or anything like that.

    • Yes, bring your confirmation email to will call and you'll be all set!

  • broke

    45 bucks wow

    • save 12$ and buy from the box office

      our tickets are cheap, but ticketmaster controls all the big venues, and they tax like muthrfuckaz

      • Andrew Hart

        $12 per ticket?

  • Please, please, PUh-LEEEAASEE play enter the chamber!

  • Michael Freitas

    Lorin, do you know if glow sticks will be allowed in? Seeing all the glow sticks at All Good during your set was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I want to bring a bunch if they are allowed, but I've heard reports that they aren't. Let's make the Aragon rain glow sticks!

  • Sma26ob1

    I will be selling crystal wraps and moon rocks in the alley behind Kinetic Playground if anyone is interested. I have managed to cut some special Halloween-themed gems that will go perfect with most costumes. I personally mine most of my crystals myself on trips to Montana every year. My astronaut friend has also managed to hook me up with a select number of moon rocks straight from the NASA labs in Houston. Prices can be negotiated but you wont find a better selection of heady wraps and stones in Chicago!

  • Why is this 18+ as opposed to 17+ like every other late show in Chicago (including your House of Blues show last year)?

    Heads up, attendees are in for a special treat at this show. 😀 About 35 awesome liquid dancers will be converging at this show as part of the 2010 CHicago Liquid Conference. http://floasis.net/blog/2010/10/19/a-whole-lot-of-conference-details

  • cwoz


    • Hey cwoz, I believe we have doors at 8 PM.

  • TexasWOmp

    Coming all the way from houston, texas. Would love to hear some Alkher illa Doffor remix PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Aeplaya281

    play some dirty ass shit lorin like REAL dirty shit i wanna lose my mind at this show just like i did at summer camp this year where you made me puke and like the house of blues show you did this year!!!

    • haha!

      well, for every person begging me to make them puke, there is another person begging for the dreamy/melodic beauty.

      so, as usual, i am like goldilocks….riding that balance like a massive wave.

      Goldieloxxx the Surfing Lunatic


      • Aeplaya281

        4sho ill see you front row then bro

      • Michael Freitas

        I want to puke too, Lorin!!
        Pukers: 2
        Dreamers: 0

        • HAHAHAHAA!!!

          • Aeplaya281

            A bro do you kno if that after party at the kinetic is 21+

          • Anonymous

            it is.

          • Aeplaya281

            Damn that’s fuckin lame


    Sooo, whats official door time??? and wheres the club wompin after party!?!?!

  • dubfreak16

    are glowsticks alowed at the show ima bring a truck load!!! if so

  • Rick Ross

    Lorin can we get some old skool wompin, so,e kyrin be bop shit. Throw down the crazy shit for CHI_TOWN we love you everytime you come here (which is not enough) but throw dow some beamer benz a bentley remix. some of that old skool flavor ya dig. I know your booked with mad shows all the time but make this night a special one for chicago!!!!

    Mad love lorin,
    Womp dat shit

    • breakyoudoown

      SELECT FUCKIN FREQUENCY, pretty plese:)

  • Rachael Janssen

    Cannot wait for this show!!!! Saw you at Bonnarroooooo, EPIC ! Goin' straight HAM at the Aragon. BASSHEADS reunite (:

  • pq

    costumes required?

  • Chardo365

    Hey Lorin can u please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!! play that Remix of “I got 5 on it” you teased the fuck out of me at nocturnal festival in texas. I saw u in aug at the house of blues in chicago then your very next show in texas. I asked u to play that deftones prince remix in texas and u never did 🙁 So if u wanna make it up to me PLAY “I Got 5 On It” Pretty please with some BASS!!!!!!!!!!!! on top

    Thanks Lorin

    Ps: I second Rick Ross with his request for Kyrian Bee Bop That shit would be cold as ice. Make us BASSHEADS proud

  • Dumbfk88

    what time does the show end? im trying to figure out ride situation

  • arana

    shits gonna get dirrrrrrty

  • Hawk

    Just called Aragon…NO GLOWSTICKS ALLOWED! boooooo

    • YAY!

      • Sma26ob1

        Seriously, some of you dudes need to cool it with all the glowstick crap. What is the obsession with these? If you want to play with toys do it at home.

        • no doubt.

          i do NOT mean to be disrespectful (NOR would i ever wanna rain on anyone's parade of enthusiasm, becuaase it is clear that people who love glow sticks truley see it as an act of wild release and color, thats all good by me)


          not only is it wasteful as hell, it is just downright lame to have hard things flying through the air hitting me (and anyone else)

          glow sticks were cool in the early 90;s

          they got reaallllly lame in the late 90's….i can't understand why people think they are cool now

          BUT PLEASE stop bringing them

          DONT STOP BEING WILD FREAKS! just find some new ways of expressing it!

          • Koolkatmcghee

            what made glowsticks go from being cool in the early 90s to uncool by the late 90s? just curious, and totally understand where you’re coming from…

            also, why not have a no throwing glowsticks rule as to a no glowsticks period rule?

          • Anonymous

            who’s gonna be the no glowstick throwing police?

            people obviously don’t follow this “rule” at request because the bassnectar team has repeatedly asked for them not to be thrown, yet they still get hurled at lorins mug at lots of shows

  • Maperry15

    thats probably a good thing! when my friends and i went to rusko a few weeks ago someone got chemicals from the glowsticks in their eyes and was blinded! what time do the doors close?

  • nickkymarie

    two fingers- fools rhythm. ive always wanted to hear that song at a live show and yesterday at the Aragon it finally happened! EPIC!!! Thank you for such an amazing night. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate halloween weekend.


    FUCK ARAGON!!! I ILL NEVER GO TO ANOTHER EVENT AT THE ARAGON!! Ya, only have 2 people give out tickets for over 2000 will call individuals. I didn't get into the fucking aragon until 11:20 when bassnectar had already started. FUCK YOU!!!!

    • HONESTLY, i agree with you completely, alex.

      that line was HORRENDOUS. you should have seen me bitching like a princess right before my set…my whole crew was SCREAAAAAAMING at the promoters.

      that line was HORRENDOUS and fully unnacceptable. it was 100% not our fault, and we busted our asssssss to try and fix it

      tell the aragon, just know it wasn't our fault


      • DontStopRAMBO

        i was in will call as well and i know that the rave has a smaller ballroom and it has like 5 windows for willcall.

    • Slybootz

      however, the inticketing fan club ticket side entrance was a breeze and took all of 15 seconds to get through. definitely glad i bought those tickets in august

  • Blain Peckmann


    little dance sesh before Aragon

  • Danielle

    Lorin you made me get nasty halloween night…if you didn't notice the two girls making out while on people's shoulders, that was me and my friend getting the freak show started…GET NASTY WOMP WOMP WOMP!!!!! only for you bassnectar

  • magellanmusic



    (recshare video from halloween in chi)…

    you blew our minds that night my man!

    thanks for the pretzel too…

    any chance you could ID the song playing in the video?

    keep it up, keep it real (like you did with your health and safety post – i was at the aragon for sts9 this summer and shit's no joke)…

    see you on the other side brother

  • ^^^

    I should have posted on here sooner…I purchased tickets WAY ahead of time printed them out and then when I got to the show security pointed me in the wrong direction (regardless of the fact that I showed him my ticket..) and had to wait in line for over 30 min. until some one pointed my group in the right direction. We finally just ended up sneaking our way past the un intelligent individual who was in charge of security. Once we got in the show we had missed Emancipator (THE ONLY REASON WHY I WENT TO BASSNECTAR). It's fucked up that I had to even pay $50 for an electronic act…Then to top things off Bassnectar stopped in the middle of the show, yelled and cursed at his LOYAL fans for throwing glow stick's at him and then threatened to end the show if one more glow stick was thrown at him. BASSNECTAR READ THIS: If your performing in front of thousand's of people (let alone on Halloween night) knowing that about 99% of the crowd uses substance EXPECT TO GET SHIT THROWN AT YOU- it's true you can't deny it. He even did that at Summer Camp music fest. 2010. It's a buzz kill knowing that the first two time I saw Bassnectar were a total drop. But then again if I was making a decent amount of cash and had an ego the size of your his tour bus I guess it's ok.

    • ^^^

      I'm not here to be a negative nancy but this really was a disappointment.

      • you didn't do a very good job of not being negative nancy

        the majority of the comment was pretty negative, but i will address this in particular WTF :

        i don't care if im on the street minding my own business i don't expect to get shit thrown at me just because people choose to get high/drunk whatever (i also don't give a damn what day it is..halloween, june 17th, tax day, your birthday, jesus' birthday, 12/12/2012, i don't care), so why should an ARTIST who is GIVING YOU something expect to get anything but a listening ear/onlooking eyes/an open mind thrown at them. its only “true you can't deny it” because people are disrespectful/ignorant/rude/oblivious/etc. i don't consider any of these qualities to be good and something that should be harbored and continued in the future. you have some fucked up ideas about the musician/fan relationship.

      • Without a doubt, if i knew you personally i would tell you to never come to another Bassnectar event again.

        You appear to be a total ass hole.

    • Hey sk8flip135, usually i would delete idiotic comments like yours, but i am going to leave it up here so you can feel embarrassed by yourself for weeks to come.

  • Xalcatrazz22x

    Feed Off Of Haters!!

    • whitneyferris

      opposite of krypton. give me more power now i’m fit to get my sip on.