11/16/10: Bassnectar in Sheffield at Tuesday Club

October 5th, 2010


Fall TourBassnectar crosses the pond to pound fresh ears at Sheffield’s Tuesday Club on the 16th of November!

  • Marc

    Oh shit… I'm so going to be there!!!!!!!!

    • hell yes! will b good to see yu again holmz

      • DutchMarc

        Still no tickets on sale? It's becoming increasingly harder to get a day off and transportation this way…

      • DutchMarc

        Gutted. Looks like I'm not coming. Catching a train in the UK is so much more bloody expensive! You should come to the Netherlands some time, y'know, visit that friend of yours in Amsterdam!

  • lau

    how can i get tickets to thisssssss??????? SICK new songz

  • lau

    when can we get tickets for this showwww????? loving the new album! thanks for making awesome music 🙂


    are gonna stop by Albany Ny, or somewhere relatively close, and bless us with you're musical presence??
    <3 Ny

  • Leola