11/12/10: Bassnectar in London at Fabric

October 5th, 2010


Fall TourBassnectar crosses the pond to pound fresh ears at London’s Fabric on the 12th of November!

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Stay tuned for more info on this taste of what’s to come in 2011!


18 Responses to “11/12/10: Bassnectar in London at Fabric”
  1. tuono_r says:

    Any idea what room you're playing yet?

    • Lorin says:

      no info yet

      its the Scratch Pervert's night, and i am sure we will get crammed in early or late, but are just hyped to be on that bill!!!!

      i've got SOOOO MUCH PENT UP NOISE for the UK, i cannot fuckin WAIIIIIT!!!!

      • Virus_projectxiii says:

        You can't wait?! I've practically soiled myself with excitement!! Road trip to london for me!

      • Tuonor says:

        I'm crossing my fingers for 1-2ish, room 1.

      • Ted says:

        you gotta go on for at least an hour (preferably 3 hours haha). let the owners know I said so.

      • Beatroxx says:

        not trying to be negative here….but I called up fabric, they've got no record of you on the bill. Just the Scratch Pervert's and a whole lot of others. I really wanted to come see ya play over here, saw you in ATL and now I'm in UK + your music is THE SHIT, LEGIT.

        Any way to confirm or deny? Enjoy your tour! Hope you can make it!

        • Beatroxx says:

          Nevermind…I guess the guy I talked to from Fabric was an idiot. It's clearly under the listings section on their site.

          Tickets bought! RAGE TIME.

  2. Bee says:

    anyone know if the tickets are on sales yet?

    • Virus_projectxiii says:

      Not yet, I'll let you know when they are though. I'm watching the ticket listing page like a hawk!

  3. Ted says:

    put the tickets up already. jeez

  4. patrickk says:

    OK, so I've been doing some hard googlin' searching to no prevail. So I figured I'd come here and ask the master himself! So here it goes… The weekend before last you were at The Rave in Milwaukee, you dropped a really sick tune that went something like “I'm a ninja.” You then proceeded to karate chop the air like the badass that you are, then it said sumfin sumfin sumfin COWABUNGA. Then a huuuuge explosive bass line that basically melted my body. If you could help me listen to this track again I'd greatly appreciate it so I can just relive it one more time. I can't even find a live youtube video where you drop it If it's some sort of secret ninja track that you can't release yet I fully understand, I'll just have to hope you drop it the next show I see you at. (btw I've now seen you 10 times live and you never cease to amaze me!!!) I reaaaallly wish I could go see you at this show in London because it's on my birthdayyyyy, but alas it's a whole ocean away!

    Thanks Lorin, and the rest of the Bassnectar crew for doin whatchu do!

    • LORIN says:

      man yu have an amazing memory

      yeah that is just some shit i am mashing up live… there is a sample from a Blokhe4d song, a bass beat i cut and pasted together into a monster loop, and some gangster acapella, i dont even know who it is, but my favorite line is when she says “beat with a flow so sick like twista, so sweet book a beat col-like a mystique” or something like that… wacky!
      but yeah, thats why i use ABELTON LIVE, cuz its just a big squishy sound collage of loops and samples and tracks and bits

      • patrickk says:

        thank you! my most amazing memories always involve being at a bassnectar show.. it's too bad I'm unable to hear that mash-up again, but luckily I have the memory of it that I can replay in my head!

        Ableton is sick, I've been tinkering with it doing tutorials and such. Trying to learn as much as I can, so I can play some parties for friends. I used to spin psytrance on vinyl for my friends years back. But, learning this software is soooo overwhelming! I feel like I could never actually finish a track, and that it was ready for people to hear. I don't know how you do it, you truly are a creative mastermind!

      • Jdjggg says:

        haha I just spent forever trying to find a download of the song with that line in it, I heard it at Electric Forest. It’s from Shawty Get Loose by Lil’ Mama… didn’t expect that! It’s so so sick. I want a download of it! There’s also a guy’s voice repeating that line… who’s that?

      • Ill sit and look through all their songs if I have to

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