11/19/10: Bassnectar in Dublin at Crawdaddy

October 5th, 2010


Fall Tour

Bassnectar crosses the pond to pound fresh ears at Dublin’s Crawdaddy on the 19th of November!


12 Responses to “11/19/10: Bassnectar in Dublin at Crawdaddy”
  1. Niallermoran says:

    Can't wait Dude…..see ya at shambhala,seen ya in calgary,vancouver ,Nelson and now your coming to my home town this is going to be sick

  2. Gav says:

    Will be there on my own like a loser coz none of mates are into dubstep/breaks but I couldn't give a shit.
    Cannot wait for this gig!!!

  3. Jonny Baxter says:

    Been waiting for this man, pity it's not in the Twisted Pepper though. Like most of your fans I'd be up for a smoke if you have time dude. Long shot no doubt but don't think it'll be too often bnectar comes to town. Any interest my email is the above username @gmail.com.

    Peace man, whatever happens I'll be kicking it with the clan in the front.

  4. Wafflehaulic says:

    UM Whomp! super pumped. I was upset I missed the 1st Bassfest in Denver, but this should make up for it. I'll be the guy in the front by himself rockin the bassface

  5. Johnny Cat says:

    Wish i was home to see you play Dublin, rip it up Lorin!!

  6. Sarah2boo says:

    hey lorin, cant wait for some of your master bass

  7. seannasty says:

    oh lorin..

    so i missed your show on halloween in Chicago, and serendipitously found out the day after that youd be playing here (while talking to my friends about you raging the Aragon to the floor). i happen to be studying here until Christmas (and ive been DYING for some of your extra-unique, live bass brouhaha), so this could not be more perfect. ill be bringing the combined energy of your all good 2010 show, your previous two chicago house of blues shoes, and your summercamp 2010 show to the crawdaddy; and ill be right up front. fuck. yes. i love you. please rage this city to pieces.

  8. seannasty says:

    Whoaaaaaaaa I just discovered your “bonkers” mix.. SO NASTYYY!!!


  9. Jkutz says:

    Yo, ana sia for NYE?! ooouuuuffff….

    RAAADDD i remember her from the punatic days at kalani on BIG I….

    have been super blessed to see you whomp in pahoa and off the Eli's porch in waimanalo….random treat at the blue note, and now Crawdaddy?


    leaving london tomorrow on a train and ferry to dublin just in time for friday's show….hope there'll be tickets at the door cause i'm operating on cash…

    much respect lorin, and until next time keep those eyes dilated and let that positivity percolate,

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