12/30/10 Bassnectar in Atlanta at the Tabernacle

October 12th, 2010


Fall Tour


You can still hit the afterparties!


12/30 – Big Gigantic w/ AmpLive
Doors at Midnight
show at 1:00

12/31 – Ana Sia with SuperDre and guest Epcot
Doors at 1:00
show at 1:30

Tickets on sale at: Masquerade Atlanta.

Conscious Alliance will be hosting a food drive for the Bassnectar New Year’s event at the Tabernacle on December 30th and 31st. Bring 10 non-perishable food items to either show and receive a FREE limited-edition event poster! All donations will benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Conscious Alliance always encourages food donations to be low-sodium and health oriented products. ORGANIC food donations are especially encouraged. RAMEN NOODLES will NOT be accepted for the free poster.

  • ChattFunk

    Im traveling from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, a place that has never felt the rumble of Bassnectar. You need to come up here and make lake superior fucking jiggle from your vibes. See you in ATL! And do some research about the U.P. it would be a dream come true for you to play here.

  • A-money

    SUPPLY and DEMAND!!! I got the first 100 bucks on research money to figure out how to make clones of Lorin! whos with me?? little bassnectars runnin all over the place and live bassnectar shows in every town, every night, all year long:)

    • could get really hairy…

      • Will

        Only one way to find out. I think its worth the risk. Of the thousands of doomsday scenarios available, basstastic Armageddon doesn't sounds half bad.

      • haha.. i was instantly reminded of the movie critters.

  • Dirtysowthwhompin420

    to tha “pebble” aka little rock, please come back round these parts…. in need of some fresh bass love… from tha witchdoctorwompninja mucho love..

  • Mrdavis8888

    If anyone needs tickets for 12/30/10 ive got 4 extra ill sell them for 60 a piece ive gotta pay rent

    I live in Atlanta and cane meet you




    • Sea3e

      if you haven't sold those tkts yet I'LL BUY ALL 4 @ $60 each….PLZZZZZ e-mail me either way

      sea3e@mtmail.mtsu.edu. We stumbled on the sweetnector @ Limelite in Nashville,TN and had the best time of our lives. I would absolutely LOVE to surprise my people w/ some NY tkts.

  • BassHeadWill


    I know most artists dont want requests but this is different so hear me out, I was thinking this show is probly going to be filled with all the BASSHEADS that that want to RAGE their pants off cause they missed out on the NYE buy out, so I think we should theme it out….. Masquerade party or costumes.. glow sticks are a given but I've got a feeling ATL's gunna bring the heat.. lets see how weird us BASSCADETS can be.

    let me know,


    (P.S.- BASSHEADS dont throw glowsticks at Lorin, you'll mess up his basspounding, facemelting, brainwomping mindframe, i know your loosing your mind but hold on for the ride!)

  • Emssn

    So this night is my boyfriends 21st birthday and I bought us two tickets to rage it!! Can't wait to check you out at the tabby!! You really should add the 29th! For some reason I feel it's safe to say guarantee it will sell out in one day!! Sense STS9 always did a four night run for New Years in Atlanta, you should treat the ATL to the same for loving ya so damn much! Bring it on!

  • willwatkins

    So is this still lined up to be a night to let all that delicious dreamy melodic music out of the stash. MAybe at least the first half of the show? You could bring some fun melodic openers as well. We all know you're gonna blow the roof off the Tab on NYE, please bring out that MeSmErIzInG snake charmer stuff. I know you have to rep that hardcore bass to keep your shows rocking but I think its safe to say you'll have a house full of truly devoted fans, the fans that have begging for dubuasca and laughter crescendo and the like.

    • except a lot of people coming on 12-30 are bass heads who didnt get tix for 12-31, so i'm prolly gonna give them what they want which is tha durty raaage face.

      like i said before, i have DEEP ROOTS in magical/melodic music and have been trying to find time (since last spring) to remix the older tunes and modernize them a bit for shows and stuff. that has not happened. yet.

      so hopefully i will get some time this winter so in spring 2011 or summer 2011 i can start pulling those out. it will defffffffff happen. that much i promise.
      just don't know when.

      12-30 will be a new years eve eve


      • willwatkins

        Word! You're right about that. Don't get me wrong. I have HUGE respect for the ragging bass and welcome it with open arms. I don't think there could be a disappointing moment at a Bassnectar show. It would still be killer if you could pepper a couple dream sequences in there! Any chance you'll have time to bring those legendary sunrise/sunset sets to the east coast? Goodluck getting back to the roots man, i feel ya, when you're constantly growing, changing, and evolving its not always easy to integrate past with present! Can't wait to see you in Philly next week and then in ATL both nights. Much love boss!

        • max

          I'd totally buy tickets to another show or even 2! DO ITTTT

  • Acbeatty199

    I have 4 tickets to the 30th of december show, i would like to trade with someone who has 2 31st tickets. These 4 tickets are for sale, call me or txt me at 615-973-8177 hope to hear from you soon.

  • Dancewithjoyinlife

    I need two bassnectar tickets for the show on either 12/30 or 12/31, I'm willing to pay a lot for them, text if you have any to sell 678-662-1383

  • Jill

    I NEED 2 tickets for the 12/30 show. Pleeeeease, Iet me know if you have any extras…email me @ jmp4p@mtmail.mtsu.edu

  • jade

    damn yet again i cant find tickets……you should make the show on 12/30 at a bigger venue so everyone who wants to go can at least try…..!!!!!!

    • willwatkins

      This conversation has been had. The Tab is one of the sickest venues in the southeast both in the aura and most certainly in the acoustics. Nothing left but arenas in ATL for a winter venue, the amphitheaters are shut down. Now another night at the Tab could never hurt!

  • jade

    if you look at your comments you can obviously see that more people want to go see you bassnectar+atl+new years eve= THE SHIT!!! so if you could add another night or make it at a bigger venue that way all your favorite people from nashville can come!!!

    • knox

      no kidding! i am so pissed tickets were gone so fast.

      • we have a REALLY wicked special event in the works for the South/Central/East, info comin soon

  • SeeingMusic

    Hey, I need 3 tickets for 12/30 or 12/31 show. I'm willing to pay a lot for them! I reallyyy want to go 😀
    email me @ lateria1@yahoo.com

  • Camelflauge

    Aftershows?? Yes yes?

    • big gigantic is playing the aftershow for the 30th, but i have no clue whose playing/if there is one the 31st. im sure there will be but i wanna knowwwww!!!

      • i wish there wouldn't be an afterparty on the 31st.. just lorin playing until like 3-4 am

      • ames

        ana sia!

  • Justin

    costumes or no?

    • willwatkins

      WHY the hell not?!?!?!

  • RadassBadass

    I need tickets. Contact me at aguabella.services@gmail.com

  • I have one extra ticket to the show on the 30th. First come first serve. email me jeredmarburger@rocketmail.com

  • willwatkins


    • hey will!
      is it not listed?
      i thought they listed the support? ill check

  • willwatkins

    Have you heard the track “Patience” by Nas and Damien Marley? I was thinking you could tear it up on NYEE with a sick remix of that track, the bass lines would need to be boosted but those vocals seem right up your alley!

    • sweeet! ill check it out 🙂

    • OH YAH…that was my favorite tune from their set at bonarroooooo

      • willwatkins

        Ok well i know you have so much greatness planned for us already, but I heard the track and immediately thought “Bassnectar Remix” and would love to hear it NYEE if you feel like dropping it. Much love and respect Lorin. Hope you're having fun over there!

  • baacehead

    few extra tickets. contact me

  • Jwarriach

    i have 2 tickets if anyone is interested for 12/30

  • guest

    so who are the openers?

    • willwatkins

      So I see Zion I, which will be dope! I know Lorin said there is an early curtain call this night, any one know if there is a second opening act?

  • Autumn

    Lorin, I know you addressed this already… but seriously – you HAVE to go back to Ultra this year. Who gives a shit about deadmau5 – we want LORIN! You are, without a doubt, the perfect end to a day filled with house music. Who do we contact to tell them to get off their asses and get you there!??!?! Australia? psh. Miami is gonna be where it's at that weekend 🙂

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii canttttttttttt waittttttttttttttttt for the 30 and 31. I've been mentally preparing my mind to absolutely lose my motherfucking mind!!!!!!!!!!!!! mad love.

    • ^ i like her

    • eRiN

      mentally preparing..i should probably start doing that. ahhhhhhhhh!!! i'm sooooo READY FOR THIS SHIT!!!!

    • Wedoitlikethis311

      i give a shit about Deadmau5

  • Ike

    ADD MIGHTY HIGH COUP TO THE NEW YEARS EVE LINEUP!!!! Considering the track on the new album had the most sales/plays, it only makes sense to have them on stage with you Lorin. Let's make this happen for the ATL masses!!!!

  • Two tickets for the 30th for sale. $95 a piece.

  • tforch

    I'm looking for 2 NYE tickets. I already got screwed by some asshole on craigslist for $300 & just never sent the tickets 🙁 soooo if anyone could hook it up for a reasonable price, I'd be soooo grateful!

  • Itsbeendiscovered

    Looking to score 2 tickets. Will pay plenty, and then some. I have a bag of blue dolphins and yellow monkeys ready to blast some people off at the show. Email me itsbeendiscovered@yahoo.com

    • dirty rolls. eww…. not the place to post this bro…

    • agreed, not the place.
      this post does not make you look cool.
      move your mindless gabbing elsewhere, please.

  • derek

    I have one ticket to sell for the 30th. Unfortunately I cant go :(. Looking to sell at retail value (52 dollars). Email me if interested. djaworski2@gmail.com

  • Patrick

    need 2 tickets for the 30th…

  • Imran

    looking for a ticket for the 30th. email zoso5511@gmail.com or call or text 404 713 6438

  • ElAusterino

    Just found out my brother and I can't make the shows.

    So now we have 2 tickets to each night, and can't make it.

    I live north of Atlanta, so if you would like these tickets hit me up at elausterino@gmail.

    I paid scalper price for the NYE tickets, so I'm really at a loss here…

  • Tcg5023

    Dear Lorin, this year you've already given me so much at Bonnaroo, Nashville and Chicago, but what I really want for Christmas is to hear Boombox (illGates/Datsik/something new and exciting?). It was the song that got me hooked and although it might make my head explode if you played it on NYEE, it would be totally worth it. Love, Basshead

    • thanks buddy!
      ive been droppin the pogostick mix like a madman all fall, ill see if i can loop it back in

      if not, then maybe bass center 2, ill try though

      • Tcg5023

        pogostick mix? Not sure what that is but it sounds awesome. See you on Thusday. I’ll be the bald dude with BASSHEAD painted on my head!!!

  • Wceason

    extra ticket for the 30th text me 7706341467

    • Phatfarm2892

      Hey man its Christian from Nashville, add me on facebook(if u have 1?) my phone could possibly be turned off before the night of the show. I dont wana get there and have no way to contact you..

  • Kann_runner

    Here's a question to Lorin and fellow bassheads—-

    I bought 2 tickets (that are will call) for this show and they were bought on my dads credit card so now are under his name. How do i change it?!? I checked my email but cant find any thing concerning this show and cant find any thing on this site about how to change it. The only paper i have is the print out of when i originally bought them saying 2 tickets, my dads name, and the conformation code. Please help!!!! i think today may be the last day ii have a chance to change the will call name.

    you can email me at kann_runner@yahoo.com

  • Phatfarm2892


  • bsnyde

    Dear Lorin, I have not been listening to you for too long (probably about a year) but I must say you really take the initiative to reach out to fans and make concerts something to truly remember. My friend saw you in Charlotte and said you mixed in some Dr. Dre over one of your mixes. If you do that in ATL, I'm going to go ape shit. Peaceee

  • willwatkins

    Lorin, I see you're grooving on them nasty melodic vibes! Don't forget to bring those with you to the A! Safe travels and so much love! Cannot wait to see the Tab get blown the fuck up!

    P.S. Nas and Damien Marley – Patience (Bassnectar Remix)!

  • odoyle

    Aight I tried the #bassrequest line but I really have no idea how Twitter works; would love to hear Out For Blood – ZD and SPIT VENOM if it's not too late!! And ditto on my buddy's BoomBox request, that's one of our favorites! Get puuuuuumped ATLiens

    • Tcg5023


  • Justin

    play blow
    play blow
    play blow play blow play blow play blow play blow play blow

  • projectpat

    To Lorin,

    First off, THANK YOU for blessing ATLANTA with the opportunity of a lifetime this New Years Eve… if it's one event that people always remember every calendar year it's always reminiscing about what we did for NYE!~!! Second, I witnessed you rage face outside at Forecastle festival and another HUGE outside extravaganza this year in NASHVILLE… awesome. The night of the Nashville show I came here and requested the 808 track before the Wildstyle EP was EVEN released and I was screaming ‘808!” upfront the entire show and you dropped it for the FIRST TIME EVER that night… dream come true. But I digress, I have returned to make one final request for slightest possible chance of making another dream come true. If you can find it in your BASS-infused heart to unleash the power of “READY 2 RAGE” on this ATL crowd I will forever be in debt. Most BASSHeads know how hard that song goes and I know you definitely comprehend the type of damage that song can cause. Whether this miracle occurs or not, I will still be completely satisfied with what you have in store for us because that will probably be enough to cause my eardrums and brain to self-implode. I will be at the 30th and 31st show because I would never sacrifice an opportunity to miss a ‘Nectar performance.


    Kind Regards,



    • Max


  • Austerino


    To all those who bought 8+ tickets to NYE looking to scalp; SUCK MY DICK!


    Everyone be safe, LET'S GET SOME FUCKING BASS!!!

  • mattA

    Anyone need tix to tonights show? The 30th. I got 2 tix, my friend canceled on me. Txt me @ 904-525-2724

  • BassnectarHead

    Best Show EVER…untill Tomorrow night………………………Thanks Lorin

  • Phillip Irwin

    This show was something else!!!! Lorin your only getting better!!! Thankyou thankyou seeyou tomorrow I can't wait to see what you have in store for us at Round 2!!!

  • Sboyer823

    Fuck you Tabernacle for ruining me and my girlfriend's NYE. I will never again buy tickets for a show here due to the way you handled the ticket scam. Getting turned away after standing in line for an hour and a half in the freezing cold? Fuck you cocksuckers, I'll promote anything besides your shows.

  • Kyle

    I met God at this show. Most spiritual experience I’ve ever had. Changed my life forever. Thank you Lorin. I don’t know whats up with your shows and your presence, but it baffles me, and forever will!

    • thanks kyle!
      id love to know why 🙂