1st Bass Center Family Photo

October 25th, 2010


Thanks to Tobin Voggesser and to everyone who came out for this amazing shot!

We want to see YOUR 1st BASS PHOTOS!! Upload them to Flickr and tag them 1stBassCenter. (remember to make your photo public). Check back here to see all the photos!

You can check out Westword’s gallery from this event by clicking here.

And you can see Tobin Voggesser’s gallery by clicking here.

  • WOW, that looks bonkers!!

    Ok Lorin, listen up;

    Today I have achieved a personal goal: the release of my BRAND NEW full length LP “Toxicana Turnpike”. Since it was YOUR new years show (2009) that inspired this now near two year journey, I would love it if you gave it a listen. Download it for FREE here:


    Let me know what you think Bass Man!

  • usernamehasbeendeleted

    Best fucking night of the year in my book. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BASSTASTIC EVENING!!!!
    When you dropped Kyrian Bee Bop Saturday, I almost esploded! 😀

  • felt the magical energy that was coming from lori all night even teared up when he did. thank you for being so awesome and such a great person lorin we all love you as much as you love us 🙂 cant wai for ATL 8th show this year :))))

  • Lorinysus:

    O’ Wuduwasa the Wild! Causing such a frenzy in the hearts, minds, and bodies of the people of the world. Such ecstatic bliss you bequeath. I am always amazed at the extent of your far reach. 1st Bass success sends me into vicarious glee. And I am greatfully full of the grace of gratitude, though my body be here and you’all there in the orgiastic communion of musical madness…that, or it could be the Dionysian incense I am burning that I had the happy chance to co’create old-world-style with a bunch of witches in a speakeasy. Either way, the uninhibited release is sending me into vivacious giggles! And I understand now, why the god-of-the-vine was nursed by rain’nymphs. Such fruits of labor are worth the toil.

    Chaos lends such insights into Order. Madness into divine clarity. As all paths lead to the One. Undone, we are found, sound. And the story of our own glory becomes enraptured in the success of all creatures as equals.

    I’ve been musing over finding the right words to express the fantasmological world I am swept away into regarding your recent Wildstyle EP. ‘Tis an auditory launchpad for many an adventure. “Hot Right Now” makes me solar flare into a swarm of hungry bees pollinating our sun’s system into the sweet expansion of the goldilocks region so that more planets can sustain “life.” “Falling” transforms me into a moon meteor, weightless in the drift of gravity, destined to strike the Earth and alchemize into moldavite, a green gemstone bridging heart’healing from the otherworld. “808” is like a basshead’s 108 beads of a mala, rounds of japa to the bassgod within. And “Underwater”, o’ my! I don’t know if I can even emotional express the heart clinch that sends me zipping like sailfish through the waters of deep love. I literally tearup and fall on the forest floor, heaving rivers that feed the oceans like honeyed mead. My eyes, purified, see sweetness in a whole new way. I am touched beyond belief, and would willing drown myself if it meant to linger a moment more with my mer’mate. Alas! I am a hapless dreamer, ‘tis so hard to separate the relativity of reality for me, for it all becomes so personally real…but that is the kissed bliss of musical soundscapes, a doorway into an emotive land (or sea, or sky, or volcanic molten meanderings) that promises the rampant release of the wild. Welldone!

    I could carry on and on and on, but it seems trite to condense such feelings into words, ghastly limiting at best though it be.

    May you know that you are appreciated by me and all else that lend an ear to your unique sound.

    !Salancha Gavanaga! May the cause for the celebration of life never cease to be a breeze.


  • Synesthesia00

    Whats up with a live CD release for your set? I will buy it.

  • RivaSkier24

    That show was Bonkers!! Best night of my Life!! PLEASE Please PLEASE release a live cd of that show, that shitz was epic!!! Bring Back The BassFest! BooM!

  • corbett johnson

    slayed last night in lawrence!!!

  • John Curry

    You killed us in CO you need to come back SOOOON!! Bass Fest was my first show and the best show of my life im sure! CO loves you and you saw that so hurry up and throw down another SICK SHOW for us !

  • dave wein

    drove 20 hours from san fran non stop hopped out of the car rocked the whole show with my bass face hopped in the car n drove 20 hours back you fucking destroyed worlds thank you

  • Tawny6812

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for choosing CO for the 1stBassFest – it was BOOMTACULAR! Had a blast – PLEASE come back again soon!

  • Release the Hendrix Remix you played at the SHOW!!! Please it was so AMAZING you have to release it!!!!! Lorin its Fire!

  • Steven

    you need too come back to CO, I missed your concert and was extremely bumbed out to hear that it was amazing. id buy tickets instantly if you came back

  • Sarahinthesky

    Please please release your set you played at First Bass Center…I have been seeing you for years and it was seriously the sickest set yet!!!

    • Freeskier327

      yea, ive spent 40 hours straight trying to find it. please sell it or something, ill buy it

      • each tour, i basically put together about 3 hours of tunes for a 2 hour set, and i run through it all and mash it all up each night, and then when it comes time for another tour/run, i get another 3 hours together…so if there is a set you really loved, hit up a few shows in the same run, cuz they are often very similar vibe …then very different next time i come to town 🙂

        the set in denver will be remixed in chicago, and probably new york too

  • Dirtydubrat

    Sickest set I've seen you play, but my question is why haven't you headlined at red rocks amphitheater yet, thats what everyone is waiting for!


      Dirtydubrat raises an excellent point…its possibly the freshest venue in the entire world. And the fact that Colorado fucking loves you Lorin

  • Russiangorilla

    Dude your a genious when it comes down to good music. I understand your prolly busy as hell, but you should totally hit up Columbus, OH with one of your ballin ass sick nasty pimp slappin awesome shows.

  • Camilleharrelson

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! The Broomfield show was everything I hoped for and more!! You blew the ROOF off!!! Hendrix<deftones album.=”” and=”” back=”” colorado!!!!!!!!=”” come=”” it=”” keep=”” love=”” new=”” please=”” shit!!!!!=”” sick=”” some=”” the=”” to=”” up=”” was=””></deftones>

  • Kai074200

    this show was tight! any way to get a recording of it?

  • Bass addict

    I wish I was there… saw Lorin at coachella, ultra, bonnaroo, and electric zoo, but seeing him at his own festival would have topped it all.

    Can ANYONE from Lorin's crew tell me what this song from his awesome closing set at Electric Zoo is called – it starts at :20 seconds in this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3amRoWAw58

    Sounds like the whistle from Enrico Morricone's “the good, the bad and the ugly” mixed with a reggae backbeat. it is incredible, i've been trying to search for it and just can't find it anywhere.

  • al


    i wanna share with you guys some ballller videos that i took at basscenter. should i upload and tag on flickr or post on youtube?

  • Anelson56

    Came all the way out to 1st bass center from SLC. Glad we made the trip. The woman and I loved it! Keep it up!

  • You should remix Katy B- Katy on a Mission. Song is begging for some Nectar, her vocals are mesmerizing.

  • Clee12

    Lorin, the halloween show you put on at the Aragon was unbelievable.
    Hope you felt the love from all of us here at Chicago, because we felt it for sure.
    Thanks for a great fucking experience. More bass forever!

    • HELL YESSSSS!!!!! 🙂

  • Lorin, what is the name of that “ticky ticky” track that you've been spinnin this fall? I saw you three times last week and I can't get it out of my head!!

    • check the song “wildstyle” on the new wildstyle EP 🙂

    • Its called Wildstyle Method

  • and one more thing, how'd you like the little treat I gave you after the aragon show?!? Just tryin to send a little love from Michigan <3

  • Oh and everyone in the city of Detroit missed you this fall, see you there during the spring tour? Or maybe at DEMF?……..Please 🙂

  • GT

    I've seen you a few times now but nothing has compared to your show at the 1st Bass Center. That was by far the best set I've seen anyone play. EDC, Audiotistic, Coachella, and other music events don't even come close to how good of a night you gave us. I don't think seeing another DJ will ever be the same now, so you better come back next year! Or maybe coming down to San Diego/LA area over the summer. Also, your Wildstyle EP is fucking awesome, keep up the good work.

    • thanks so much
      it was from the heart, and hopefully will only get better and better.

      my standards for you all are VERY high

      • Synesthesia00


        What are the chances of releasing your live set from the 1st Bass Center?

        • i'll release it live by doing more shows

  • chris
  • Hey Lorin,
    Can you guys put a download of the “Up in the Club” remix you do? I thought it was sick when you mixed that with “So Whatcha Want” by the Beastie Boys…

  • Rajun Cajun Kickin' Wing Kayla

    First off. You MADE my Halloween weekend! (Chicago, Milwaukee). Thankyou thankyou thankyou.
    Second of all, who was your photographer at the Rave? And how do I get ahold of those photos? I've looked EVERYWHERE and the ones i'm looking for aren't the ones on the Rave's website.
    I LOVED that you had a moment for the short fuckers like myself, I hopped on my buddy Pod's shoulder's and literally had a moment I don't think I can ever top.
    In a nutshell, I've seen you a billion times live and it never gets old. Hope you can remember me one day like I'll always remember you!
    Thanks again, and let's see those shots!

  • Haley Wednesday

    Okay, while I know this is probably a stretch I'm going to ask anyways. I fucking love your music, it is the foundation for a shitload of crazy nights. My brother's birthday is the day of your Oakland concert (dec 11), he got me into your music and probably one of your biggest fans. If you could play Where Is My Mind – Pixies mix during the show it would mean more than you would believe to him and I want to make his 21st unforgettable. If you do, I'll definitely know it was you answering this favor (not just for him but i know atleast a good 400 people who agree with this request). Expect a great “thank you” gift in the mail 🙂

  • Walker

    I just gotta say that the show u did at the hat factory on 11/4 changed my life man. ive never been to any show b4 and u rocked my fuckin face off. i seriously cant wait till i can see you again.

  • newmanstreuban

    Mr. Bassnectar,

    There is no feeling that I have ever had that is comparable to The 1st Basscenter. You are the Beethoven of omnitempo maximalism. Holdin it down for BASSHEADS everywhere. Sometimes when I am in the zone I dry my close with your BASS frequencies

  • Burtoniak


    I'm currently doing a paper on “rave EDM whatever you wanna call it” culture and we need to interview a reliable source. In my eyes there is no more reliable source than you and just wanted to ask one quick question if you see this.

    What is the nature of a TRUE rave in your eyes and has the message been lost in translation or do you think our culture is where it should be at today?

    Seriously, it would blow me away if you could answer this and would really make my paper look legit. Again, its just your opinion, so don't hold anything back, because everything is appreciated.

    PS– I fucking love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for droppin that sigur ros song in Philly. Shit was bananas all night.

    -To start the show
    “I love my job”- Lorin
    -The response of the BassHead nation
    “We love you!!!”

    • i think the definition of a “rave” is totally amorphous and it varies from person to person, and from era to era.

      a rave in the sense of underground techno parties in the early 90's (industrial parties in the late 80's) and everything that ensued since, from the development of modern electronic music culture (and all the offshoots and subgenres) though the creepy Bush-era 'rave act' and all the clamp-downs of the early 2000's to the current resurgance (through the merging of festival culture, hip hop, and rock with electronic music) there is more than i could possibly put into a short quote.

      I love the thought of community merging with thought, consciousness and music.

      I am worried about the dangers of irresponsible drug abuse, and i hope to pour more energy into improving health and safety while simultaneously escalating the potential of human gatherings in the 21st century.

      • Burtoniak

        Would you mind divulging any of your ideas on how to combat the culture of drug abuse? U

        The way I look at it, unfortunately, moderation is simply not in a lot of people's vocabulary today and its kind of a complicated and fine line. If Im not mistaken, you have said that you have had your fun with drugs like many, but you still kept that whole brain thing intact which is truly the only way to do it in my opinion.

        The question is, how do you stay in the middle(for the masses), not saying “drugs should have no place in here” or saying “drugs are fine, lets get fucked up!!!” (every time). I guess I am saying drugs are good if they are used responsibly, but not all drug users are responsible.

        Its quite the conundrum and again, I'd love if you could share your plans/opinions on the matter

  • Devin

    Rockkkked my world yet again this weekend Lorin! Everrrrrytime.Thanks for always killing it! That Jimi mash up you did blew my mind! Friday in “the city of love” was officially the 10th time I've seen you, and honestly I think one of my favorite sets I've seen (plus the fact that you recongnized me even though you have such a HUGE following 😉 You weren't feelin the crown in Richmond though were ya? Anywho, have a blast traveling the world and rage titss for us! And get some more tshirts for sale ey… I think I need one;) safe travels brotha.

    • thanks buddd
      happy TENTH POP
      fyi, i was FULLY feeelin tha richmond bass heads… i mean fahk i played over 3 hours at 2 separate parties for them freaks!!!! 🙂


      • Devin

        Forgot to add…. couldnt fins the request line but you should totally mash up something from the Gorillaz newest album. Feel like you could do something magical with one like Rock the House 🙂

  • Sma26ob1

    Heady stones for sale. Prices range from $5-$500. Copper wire wraps crafted by yours truly. Get them while they’re hot. In Chicago area only. Limited time. Will be gone by the time festie season rolls around. Select amount of authentic and NASA certified moon rocks still available. Will be willing to trade for tickets or rides to Coachella, Shambhala, or All Good. Limited time. Respond if your interested in HEADY STONES YALL!!

  • Bowriter

    Blowin brains in the CO come back soon. lovin it!

  • Burtoniak

    not sure if i helped spur that blog with my questions or if it was perfect timing but regardless, thank you, thank you… and oh yea, thank you. 😉

  • S Sweeney87


    I went to your October 9th show in LA at the Wiltern, and jammed my ass off at some of the tunes you dropped. There were a couple that had my friends and I wondering what was the name of the song you were playing since it was so sick and we never heard it before. I wanted to ask if you could post your set list for that show so we can run through it and listen to all the epic songs you dropped that night. Thanks Man


  • Bowriter

    PLEASE READ, MUCH LOVE! Your a beautiful person Lorin with a good soul and an obvious love for what you do. As a fan there is nothing more that you could ask for! you are the true meaning of an artist and i have never scene or heard anything compared to your Canvass, the way you lead a tribe of people through the depths of adventure (dear lord its godly). Continue to spread the love and harmony brother! Remember if you ever wanna get real nitty gritty come play in DENVER/CO. got those good drugs and good times up in The Mile High. keep it real homie and a big THANK YOU!

  • Lorin!
    Could you possibly give a tracklist for this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUc6P9ezxQM It's your show at the Intersection on the 28th of October. Which I couldn't attend due to the age limit from the previous year you played there for the Cozza Frenzy tour (17+) being changed to 18+ for this current one. Was there a specific reason why this happened? Thankfully in may I turn 18 so unless your shows become 19+ I think I'm good for the next time you come around haha

  • Gratefullove10

    Hey Lorin! you played a dirrtyy dirrtyy set this night! is it avaliable for download or could you possibly send it to me?? maybe even a track list? 🙂 it would make your biggest fans day!! -Kimberly


  • CA

    SUMMER CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Megan Reilly

    Can't wait for your show in Asheville!! so close yet so far away. Sure you'll deliver. Also i was wondering if i could get some DJ advice if you ever have a spare moment. Reach me at MeganReilly923@yahoo.com. Much love!

  • Checking out Zion I, loving what Ive found so far!

    Any recommendations to further expand my vision?

    • Coastin', Don't Lose Your Head, and Silly Puddy are my personal favorites