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October 1st, 2010


Greetings Bassheads!

We’re on a hunt for a special species of Bass Cadet- the AmBASSador.

Do you make friends easily? Do you have special skills? Do you like helping people? Do you want to get behind the scenes at a show? Then you might just fit the ticket.

Bassnectar Labs is seeking AmBASSadors for the 1st Bass Center in Colorado on Oct 23rd to create a special crew for greeting and ambiance. We’re looking for dance troupes, contact jugglers, saxophone players, tapdancers, the over-friendly, people who can shoot arrows into bulls eyes with their toes, etc. to come an be a special part of the first ever Bassnectar-produced arena show!

At the event, AmBASSadors will wear all white to be easily recognizable, have special laminates with maps to direct people, know the set times, hand out water, spontaneously burst into song and dance, grab fans and take them on adventures, and generally create a playful, unique, vibrant atmosphere.

The AmBASSadors are a WORKING crew, so there would be a large amount of commitment to keeping your head in order to qualify. Everyone would have to arrive early and work in one of two four hour shifts, with a break for the Bassnectar Set. AmBASSadors would receive a free ticket (depending on the completion of their hours), a signed event poster, an AmBASSador family photo with Lorin, in addition to other perks TBD.

Sold yet?

Here’s how to audition to be an AmBASSador:

Show us what you do!

Post up your content to the Facebook wall of who you are and what you do. Let’s get videos, photos, friend testimonials, etc.

Everything you/your friends post needs to have your Facebook profile name and the words AMBASSADOR AUDITION in them, so we know you’re for real.

[Example: Lia Holland (AMBASSADOR AUDITION)]

We’re very excited to have your talent as a part of our event, let’s get shaken’!

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16 Responses to “Be an AmBASSador”
  1. spaceylacey says:

    happy navratri!! the goddess in me sends you love and bliss. how interesting that the last day of the cleansing part of navratri is the newest spike in terrence mckennas time wave zero theory. i just hope its a leap towards spacetime. cant wait to see you in DC and VA just got my tickets so theres no doubt ill be shaking it! <3

  2. Devin says:

    Hey brother! I missed out on tickets for the Pittsburgh show… since you now sell out a whole month in advance. Do you have amBASSadors for this show?? And if so, how do I sign up?! I'd love to work with yalll and have plenty of volunteering experience 🙂 pleeeeaaase let me know! Havent missed a tour since '08 xoxox

  3. Daniel says:

    I’d love to be an AmBASSador :DDD But since this post is from last year, how do you become one now?

    • Anonymous says:

      send an email to:
      bassteam (at) bassnectar (dot) net
      with an explanation of how being an ambassador would benefit
      both you and your community as well as any qualifications or experience that makes you suitable to help out. include the show/region you would like to help at. please be clear and concise

  4. Alibama says:

    How would I apply to be an AmBASSador during the VAVA VOOM tour?

  5. Coaster )'( says:

    What is the current email taking applications? #BASSCENTER VII STL was amazing and love love a chance to hop on board for the next tour <3

  6. Nick Stanton says:

    How would my brother and i apply to be AmBASSador’s for bassnectars winter,spring, or summer tours. The summer tour is what im most interested in. LOVE the BNF

  7. Lance Love says:

    AMBASSODOR AUDITION !!!! I know you need a photographer who is equally passionate about bass !!!! Check out some of my work at @lovestep7_photography !!!!!! You are and always will be the king of bass

  8. Nick Lane says:

    Are these going to be necessary for any other shows i dont live near colarado!!!?:(

  9. Julia Coooer says:

    Just a little preview of what I can do.. To audition for the AmBASSador team. I would love to be a part of this experience!!

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