Family Photo Dallas

October 3rd, 2010


More photos from Jennifer Cokeley


4 Responses to “Family Photo Dallas”
  1. Mike Womack says:

    omfg!!!!! lol im right there in the front! thank you so much lorin! i need the setlist, got a set of drumstix and idk who that guy was but he killed it! brilliantly! thank you sooo much for coming to dallas!

  2. Mike Womack says:

    LORIN! man who was that band that went on before you. i got the drummers sticks and i dont even know his name! or thebands!? ive asked like twice thru the request then saw that fans cant ask questions there wtfe but yea, thanks for putting those shots of us from dallas in the new vid! thats awesome! cuz im in it! hahahaha yor awesome,a nd being a dubstep dj in east tx is hard, but we are gettin it done, thanks for rockin the fuck out of dallas….now who the hell was that band bro? lol

    cheers! ~mike~

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