Family Photo Houston

October 2nd, 2010


  • JakeB@assCadet; FACE nectar

    this was the best Bassnectar show i have ever been too, he killed it compared to Nocturnal;Texas. The vibe and energy was absolutely amazing. If anyone remembers me… i was the kid who crowdsurfed across the whole god damn crowd was wearing a white tank top. one of the best nights of my life

  • @ the comment below ,dude….. lol…. i recorded you crowd surfing and i even caught the part where some one chunked you pretty far and fell through the crowd, lmao ,sorry there was a bunch or lulz going on when i played back that vid. i rememebr thinking i hope he's ok that fall was pretty nasty.

    but anyway bassnectar slaughtered us, i really hope he comes through Houston more,and ugggh i just misssed coming out on this photo,only my arm is showing but my girl got in barely cuz she was leaning over the railing where the elevated bar was.

    i have to say i enjoyed the nocturnal set better, maybe cuz the fact that it was my 1st festival ever of that size and i was watching my favorite artist throwdown…Lorin, either way, both times you wrecked it and didnt dissappoint, hope to see you back soon,your a true inspiration to this aspiring music maker. .

    • yah man, i was watching you cruise across the crowd thinking a few things at once:

      1. Holy shit look at that guy GO!
      2. that looks like fun
      3. oh no, he is straight kickin other people in the head! not good!
      4. oh shit he just got TOSSED! is he ok????
      5. #basshead

      im glad to know you are good!
      that show was bonkers.
      i am still recovering from these past 3 weeks, i feel like a frog


  • JakeB@assCadet; FACE nectar

    @ J Audio…! Bro can you send me the video that you have of me crowd surfing!?
    If yall have watched the latest wildstyle method video im on that shit! i couldnt believe it. My friends and i are even making the trip to ATL to see nectar for new years, good god i cant wait to get blown away. yet again.

  • Andrea_bode

    LORIN! I met you in Houston this night and I can't even begin to tell you how amazing your show was…! We talked about your Chicago halloween show and how FUCKING AMAZING it's going to be!! You are a musical God and I'm so damn happy I met you! Speaking with you again would be a dream come true…. your Milwaukee show and Chicago show will be my 7th and 8th time seeing you since Lollapolooza 2009. I LOVE YOUUUUU thank you for the amazing memories .. a response from you on here would also be a dream come true!
    WOMPPPP basssshead