Family Photo New Orleans

October 1st, 2010


For more awesome shots from the night, check out Josh Brasted’s gallery:

  • Jmgriffing0368

    Where can i get that cranberries zombie remix from the NOLA show?, i have to have this in my life, it was too sick. A podcast of that entire show would be probably the greatest thing since individually wrapped cheese slices actually. GREAT show, great show!

    • thats just a live mash-up (for now)

      i had that cranberries remix ready last february but some people convinced me to save it for later, then in Florida it just kind of happened accidentally

      “whats in your head? what's i your heaaaaaaaad?”

      “BASS HEAD!!!!”

      • Morgan

        PLEASE oh please release it soon, you played it at Term 5 last year and I’ve been scouring the internet for it ever since.