02/01/2011 Bassnectar in Petaluma CA at the Phoenix Theater

November 23rd, 2010


Fall Tour
Bassnectar’s 2010 Winter Tour is hitting the West Coast HARD.

This is an All Ages event.

We’re excited to welcome Filastine and Super Dre to the lineup for this event!

Doors: 8:00 pm


  • Koolsuccess

    Hell yea. Just got the Local Fan Club ticket !! see you there!!

  • Hey lorin. I am a DJ/producer and My friends and I played the first dubstep show at the phoenix and it was a huge hit. I would love to see if I could be on the bill for this show!! If you respond to this post it will email me! thanks.

    • NICK

      @ Bleep Bloop I WAS THERE. That shit was sooo cash bro, going to this too, hope to see you play!

  • Mrogers707

    Wow! Right on my doorstep! Amazing

  • Womp womp wubb wubb

    is this 18+ or what??

  • Nataleramatici

    its all ages but on a tuesday

  • TamaraRenee

    How much are tickets?

  • Jessyz182

    they should make it 18+ 😛

  • Lil_pinto

    How much does it cost???

  • Hey Lorin, can I open for you? Here's a political/revolutionary dubstep mix I made: http://soundcloud.com/djbrokenrecord/the-dirty-rebel-dub

    and here's a more general mix http://soundcloud.com/djbrokenrecord/the-zombies-want-dicaprio

    If you end up listening, thank you!!!

  • Paige

    all ages?

  • Jimmy D.

    Wow this is totally epic. I love Mr. Bass n I never thought he'd play in this old ass, graffiti-filled, awesome punk venue. I've seen local high school bands here and now this…

  • Nikolaihansen

    All ages is asking for trouble…..

  • Kerensa Doss

    So I can bring my 12 year old nectar lovin son?

    • Estella


    • Jora

      Fuck yes.

  • Lindsey B

    Hi Lorin, I was really hoping to contact you about 2-3 gogo dancers for this event in Petaluma! I've been in contact with Tom (pheonix owner) and he was open to the idea, but would have to contact the group first. Please contact me directly for more information! Thank you for your time, Lindsey B.

  • Gino


    I have been a fan for awhile now but wanted to mention this. I just read your post under the blog section of your site for the first time regarding health and safety. I believe you should post that on your facebook wall where more ppl will view it. I saw where you mentioned a person passing away after the show at the Aragon.

    I, as well as many others I know, lost a great friend this past Friday afternoon. He went to your 12/30 show and was super pumped for NYE. However, due to incidences occurring Thursday night and not being able to make it out of ICU on Friday, he passed away. I'm not posting a name or details out of respect to his family and others.

    Party responsibly everyone. One friend didn't get to see 2011.

    Let's be smart and educate ourselves more on every aspect of life and partying.

  • questionit


    Do you feel the people at your shows are becoming more and more irresponsible?
    Not trying to be a downer or anything like that.. But, do you think your shows are becoming more of a “rave”?

    maybe it's just not as clean anymore? ya know?

    • DankSta

      question it, i agree dependin at what part of the country u watchn from, but if u dont like it dont go. i wud much rather there b less ppl at da shows

    • not a moron

      No shit people take Nectar concerts as a rave now.

  • Jimmybeam211

    Get us a second show!!

  • AmandaPanda33

    Aww.. sold out…..

  • Anthony Ruiz

    If you set up another show, I gurantee it will sell out. Do it!

  • Anthony Ruiz

    If you set up another show, I gurantee it will sell out. Do it!

  • TrovareAmore

    you really should do another show!! it will sell out!! PLZ!!!

    • i wish we could!!!!!
      the whole schedule is rammed, and id reccomend a road trip to Santa Cruz, i think theres still about 100 tickets left for that, and maybe the same for tahoe


  • Alex 93

    when would he do another show… hes playing in eureka the next day…
    cant wait to see you live lorin
    all the bay area bassheads snatched up those tickets quiiick!
    Should be crazy in such a small venue.. bring the grime



  • Maxxedout

    Wow, this was a great show!

  • Cali91man

    Where can I get a copy of the set from that night? it was my favorite set ive seen you spin yet!

  • Cali91man

    Where can I get a copy of the set from that night? it was my favorite set ive seen you spin yet!

  • Jason Bert

    @Lorin / Bassnectar – Who can I talk to in regards to a refund for this event? It wasn't stated anywhere on the sales or facebook page that the main floor would be shut down and my girlfriend and I were thrown out when we inquired on where we could get our money back. I don't see anything about sales being final, either.

    We really wanted to see you play, but after security had forced us to go uptop we didn't want to sit up there like lamers while everybody else had a good time on the floor. I'd appreciate it if you helped us out, as I was taken out of the phoenix in a full nelson for being upset that I couldnt enjoy YOUR set the same way everybody else was able to. We paid $70 to be there.


    • Hey man
      Of course i'll forward you on to management. I am not clear what your deal was, this was in Petaluma? anyhow, sounds like you were not getting along with the venue if you wound up in a full nelson, i would begin by writing them. NOBODY in my crew would ever put you in a full lesson. Unless you deserved it. And i doubt you did.

      As for your issue, if there is a problem with the ticket or anything like that, i will make sure to bring them to justice for ya

  • cuhcah

    Is there a soundcloud set from that night? it was sooo good i wanna relive it!

  • Brenda_trstn

    i went to the one in sacramento last nigh..well FUCKING FANTASTIIC , I WAS SMACKING MY HEAD SO HARD . MY NECKS SORE :> plur BS