02/04/2011 Bassnectar in Portland, OR at the Roseland Theater

November 23rd, 2010


Fall Tour
Bassnectar’s 2010 Winter Tour is hitting the West Coast HARD.

This is an All Ages event.

We’re excited to welcome Filastine and Super Dre to the lineup for this event!

Doors: 8:00 PM


  • Kaicrown

    Feels like its been forever since you were last here. Even longer since I saw you. CAN'T WAIT!! Going to be epic!!

  • I hope you all have fun, thanks for partying for my birthday! 😀

  • julie

    any live dancers?

  • Cheddarale

    Unst son sold out show and im in. From Bend to P-town here come.

  • Landyachtzb52

    Can't wait to go its my first bassnectar show.

    • Gino

      Awesooome. You're life will never be the same after

  • Daveking800

    I saw you last year and it changed my life!
    I know your going to bring the rage this year man.

    If song requests are put into any consideration, I would love it if you played Ready 2 Rage, Boombox, or Massive Attack remix.

    I love when the beat drops on rage, The lyrics “There's nothing in life I cant achieve” make me go apesh*t with happiness, and massive attack is just bomb!!!

    Much love,
    David King

  • i know you guys are sold out for the portland show, but if anyone is willing to sell their ticket for under 100 bucks let me know! i have a very eager twin sister who wants to go.

    • Hey Crystal! I do have some tickets for sale if you're interested. Let me know because they are going fast!

  • Seagoddess

    Oh sold OUT! Looking for a single tix.

  • Matt

    Counting down the days to my first bassnectar show! this is gunna be amazing

  • Janna

    someone have 2 tickets theyre selling??? please please please!!
    alguien esta vendiendo 2 tickets?? PORFAVOR!!

  • KY traveljunkie

    Does anybody know of an official afterparty yet? is that what filastine and Super Dre are lined up for or are they opening the night?

    • lesliebooher

      don't know about any afterparty stuff
      but ya, filastine and super dre are openers!

    • Headyworks

      After party At Refuge- Bounce Birgade-,russ liquid-lafataylor snd 5 more artist cant remeber all there names

  • KY traveljunkie

    Does anybody know of an official afterparty yet? is that what filastine and Super Dre are lined up for or are they opening the night?

  • rhoodtay

    I have 3-4 bassnectar tickets for sale, shoot me a line and we can work something out.

    • sexxxy raver

      u still have 3 tix?

  • Interested in buying 4-5 tickets.
    Email dan80555@gmail.com and we can talk about it

  • Or message my facebook

  • Jason

    Need three tickets and will be downtown all day today … hoping to stay for Bassnectar tonight. jaynseattle@gmail.com

  • Amyperadotta

    I need just 1 lonely ticket to tonight's show in Portland! Anyone? Please hit me up! 618-534-0905. Thanks!

  • daveking


  • Bsharpdsharp

    Just got the night off arggg, any chance anyone has two tickets for sale. Need to get my Nectar fix.
    Email: bsharpdsharp@yahoo.com

  • Jillianmoehle

    I am selling one ticket for tonight's show

    lemme know!

  • Dyaudas

    Anyone know if cameras are allowed in tonight?

    • Ed Basscrew

      Hi Dyaudas – I tried calling the venue to ask but couldn't get a response. My guess is that you will be OK. Perhaps take a bag and then you can check the camera if there are restrictions? Sorry I couldn't be more help. Enjoy the show!

  • Lost my camera at this show (purple sony cybershot). Please give a shout if you found it: 541-490-6406 ~StaceyAnanda~

  • Robleon123

    please please please – i need 1 ticket for the portland show!!!!!!!!! 503.901.8868 text or call please please

  • Sara E Carson

    NEED a ticket so badly – please please – 5419903334 – Portland show – will sell myself to the devil!


  • *69

    Die scalper scum bags. I hope you all rot in the deepest darkest corners of hell.