02/05/2011 Bassnectar in Seattle, WA at the Paramount Theater

November 23rd, 2010


Fall Tour
Bassnectar’s 2010 Winter Tour is hitting the West Coast HARD.

We’re excited to welcome Filastine and Super Dre to the lineup for this event.

This is an All Ages event.

Doors: 7:00 PM
Ends: 12:00 AM


  • mike c


    i love you lorin, i'm so pumped for the new year!

    coming soon to seattle:
    [Downlink/Designer Drugs/Dieselboy/Skrillex/Bassnectar] +moar!

  • fartingemu

    steel samurai… ur gay

    • mike c

      HAHAHAHAH suck my dick puby

      • fartingemu


  • 808bitch

    Thank fucking god. Seattle needs you.

  • Hot Carl

    Fuck yes.

  • Chambs…. this ones for you

  • Greenbrittni

    been keeping an eye out for ticket prices for Seattle, Paramount has them posted for $290 for g/a…..please be a typo…I rrrrreaaalllly hope I don't have to take outta loan to see you!!!! fml…..we shall see tomorrow : (

  • Gjoneslivtel

    saettle what>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Casey

    Yea I hope that $291 each at paramount is a typo, damn thats insane!!!!

  • Banthroboothe

    I think that they are around $30 per ticket. just checked the “click here for tickets” button, up above, and thats what it said, soooooo…….That's fucking awesome compared to $290!

  • Greenbrittni

    yeah thank god that shit was wrong… $30 it is, I bought 4 : ) I only have one other person to go with, but who knows who I will meet in between now and to experience the bass!!!! lol….so excited!!!

    • Ericdavidnelson

      hey, can I buy one of those tickets off you?

    • Smartcart

      are you using all four??

  • lisa

    8:55 a.m.-9:00 a.m.———-the longest 5 minutes of my life

  • Kendahl0311

    Does anyone know if they are taking the seats out for this show? I went to deadmau5 at paramount and they didn't! πŸ™

  • Gtg186a

    On sale RIGHT NOW! πŸ™‚

  • derbass276

    Lorin ROCKED THE HOUSE in Vancouver! cant wait to see what amazing omnitemponess will occur in Seattle!

  • Darth Skater

    Face melter in Victoria!! Stoked for Seattle!!!!

  • SCFLaBelle

    This is gonna be wompin''. I'm so freaking excited for this. I'm also trying to get my girlfriend to be a Bass Head, and i think this concert should do the trick. Love the bizzer Lorin, cant wait to see you.

  • Dr.GoNzO :)

    See ya fellow bassheads at the party!! Gonna be sickness!!

  • yumDoll

    OH hell yeah!! Can't wait for it!

  • Sven444

    Sooooooooo pumped

  • Dr.GonZo

    Almost party time people! Teh countdown begins πŸ™‚

  • KB

    who is opening?

  • KB

    who is opening?

  • Tywellner35

    why the paramount? a bassnectar show at a sit down venue? thats why portland is sold out already.

    • Dunwody

      The Paramount has many different configurations. It is not seated for our show.
      1500 people standing ga on the floor
      1400 in the mezzanine and balcony which does have seats

      thank you for participating

      • KB

        if you have seats in the balcony but wanna get down to the bottom to stand, is that possible?

        • Teamchaos2010

          i would like to kno that too??????

          • razzers

            id like to know also someone answer please

          • Dunwody

            I feel like we have answered this a number of times. All of the seats on the Lower Level of the Paramount come out. This is not a seated show.

          • Hey guys- in addition to that answer, you CANNOT go onto the floor if you do not have floor tickets. If your ticket says “balcony” or “mezzanine” that is the area you must stay in.

    • S.jONEz

      the roseland isss a RIDICULOUS venue for that show

      • yes i feel yah buddd!
        last year at the same venue was one of the most beligerently hot evenings of my life, it was almost insufferable.
        but the 'vibe' of that night was off the HOOK, hopefully they got some AC by now

        • Trevor

          Last year was too hot. Paramount is one of the oldest and architecturally magnificent performance halls in Seattle. The combination of our energy mixed with this buildings amazing character will making for a memorable experience.

          Who could actually be worried.

    • Mikala

      its not sit down. i went there for deadmau5 and skrillex

  • SUN5H!N3

    I dont really care if it's standing or seated! because i know for a fact ill be dancing my fucking ass off all night! God bassnectar i love you so much! it will be a glorious gathering=] -SUN5H!N3{KANDIKID}

  • DP

    cant wait, been waiting for this since ultra!!

  • Oliver_Klosov

    I was at paramount for deadmau5 and there are seats if you have balcony. If you have GA tickets you get a floor spot but I assume they're sold out as I just purchased my tickets and there was no option for GA.

  • The Tim

    So stoked! No words can express how stoked I am for this show. Life is good.

  • Sabrinafortier

    do you need to be 19+ ??

  • bass

    Rebel Music: Tribute to BOB MARLEY Afterparty.

  • Teamchaos2010

    hey lorin i have a new tat for you to add to your pic collection. i met you last after the show but you didnt have time to talk for a min. should i show up a few hrs before the show so you can get your pic?

    • Teamchaos2010

      Nevermind its all good i understand your a busy guy.

  • Endthewarmachine

    Hell yes, see you bassheads at teh party!!

  • DrGOnZo :)

    Lorin please throw down some Magical world and some Where is my mind!!! Cant wait for the show!!!

    • HarbingerofBass

      Check out the request line and submit your requests there. It stores your request in a way that is more organized and accessible to Lorin. He can do his best to make it happen, but requests aren't guaranteed, as numerous things determine wether a track makes it in to the set or not.

  • Dusthestud

    Anyone know of any after party's after the show?

  • Chexfactory

    Does the show really end at 12?

    • Wolf Cam

      Why would they lie?

  • Patrick Connor

    Can't wait for my mind to melt! This'll be my first Dubstep concert ever, I know you'll rock it hard!
    Hey Lorin, give a shout out to my pregnant wife, Kelley! She'll be at the show too. Gotta start 'em on the good stuff while they're young you know! πŸ˜‰

  • The Paramount Theater! Are we going to be dancing in the isles? I saw hair there – it's all seating! Does anybody know if the chairs can be moved?

    • HarbingerofBass

      I'm Quoting Dunwoody here:
      “The Paramount has many different configurations. It is not seated for our show.
      1500 people standing ga on the floor
      1400 in the mezzanine and balcony which does have seats”

      but if you have mezzanine seats then you can't access the GA floor.

      • Fractal Eyez

        im bringing a climbing harness and rope and rapelling down to ga

  • Shorti_1991

    is it really sold out?

  • The Tim

    Lorin thanks so much for an absolutely amazing show. I was front row dead center wearing the blue shirt just going bat shit insane the whole time, I could not control myself. When you took a picture with me and my buddy you said you saw us raging the whole time. Once again thanks for putting on such an awesome show, no words can explain how epic of a night it was.

  • Surii17

    Awesome, beautiful show. πŸ˜€ Thank you so much for the best night I have had for a while.

  • Holy Eargasm Batman! Words cannot convey the gratitude for what you have done for us all Lorin. I posted about 6 minutes of the end of your set up on YouTube, I hope you don't mind. It was so good I had to share it just a little. My YouTube channel is “pmc122701” or here's the direct link to the HD goodness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Thanks Brother! Much love! Oh, and Super Dre & Filastine were off the hook too!

  • Randybooze

    That was bad to the bone yo the energy was priceless I had a really good night but you should have facked with that seek and destroy or some disposable heros but all in all I had a major blast

  • The Tim

    OK, so there was this song you played in Seattle that I am dying to know what it is. It is in this video around 4:53. Please tell me. PLEASE I AM DYING IT WAS SO EPIC