02/11/2011 Bassnectar in Lake Tahoe, NV Night 1

November 24th, 2010


Fall Tour
Bassnectar’s 2010 Winter Tour is hitting the West Coast HARD.

This is an All Ages event, held at the Montbleu Casino.

Doors: 8:00 PM


Looking for accommodation or ski passes? Check these package deals!
(Note: packages DO NOT include a ticket to the show.)

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52 Responses to “02/11/2011 Bassnectar in Lake Tahoe, NV Night 1”
  1. How does one go about joining the fan club? I have ordered several things directly from your website, am I automatically registered?


    — Nicholas

  2. Tech Support says:

    Doctor Lorin Down in the lab And Mr Bassnectar causing dubstruction

  3. Vhsgolf07 says:

    yes but you will have to resubmit your email, They will send you a link in an email

  4. Symba Conlin says:

    duuude got to play some your old stuff for this !!! Mesmerizing the ultra Zigga Zigga ?! 😀 much love man probably going to see you both the days you are here :D!!!!

  5. basshead says:

    Do you know how big is the venue and how much presale tickets are going to be?

  6. RENOluvsDUB says:

    So stoked for this.

  7. CJ says:

    all ages?

  8. RENOluvsDUB says:

    The intro to your BBC mixtape is one dope fuckin beat. Can't fucking wait for this show!

  9. WhiRley BuRRp says:

    Are the 2 Lake Tahoe shows going to be different sets?

  10. Thetroden says:

    does any one know if there will be some kind of package deal like

    ski pass
    concert tickets

  11. Dummfers says:

    why is it 2 nights ? just play good music for 1 night and 1 price ! ? 80$ for a show with only 1 act ? wHAT …

    • lesliebooher says:

      good news dummfers!
      there will definitely be good music played both nights
      so you can choose either one and get 1 night of great music and 1 price

    • LORIN says:

      not sure what you are asking here holmz, but last spring we played this room and it oversold by 800 people (it is suppsoed to fit 2000)…this year we booked 2 nights to try and accomodate everyone…both nights are almost sold out

    • freckles1315 says:

      these tix are priceless homie. tahoe night 1 cozza frenzy lets go extra on the airhorn yeah?

    • Guest says:

      How much were tickets when they went on sale, $80? I'm trying to figure out what the scalpers bought them for on craigslist:( I missed out on the sale and don't really want to pay more than face

      • lesliebooher says:

        these were 31$ here on inticketing when they went on sale…36$ with tax and fees, per night. so a little under 80$ for the 2 nights combined.

  12. shortie1551 says:

    ive been to all of your shows in and around the reno/ lake tahoe area within the last year. i was even in LA on oct 9 and made it to your show at the wiltern and came back home the 10th to make it to your show at The Grand Sierra. your Double Whammy show is sold out is there any way you can help me out?!?!?


    • LORIN says:

      there are a few dozen tickets left for Night One i was told, other than announcing 2 months in advance, and working nonstop to spread the word, and make sure everyone knows, i can't think of how to make it easier or better.
      we fight off TicketMaster at every chance we get, and work to bring you the best possible experience every saaangle time.

      try signing up on the email list so you dont miss out and seriously, if you know you wanna go, then don't wait, we dont say “THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT” cuz we are trying to push people to buy tickets

      we say it becasue we dont want good people getting left out


  13. Zimmy says:

    sold out.

  14. bassTOMAHAWK says:

    sooo i definitely just bought a flight across the country from philly to see yo crazyyy ass throw down west coast style!!! caught you back at the EFactory in nov. && my ears're STILL bleedin the rainbow! now, i'm not one to normally do requests cause i imagine you already get a shit ton of them, but if you do feel like goin old school at any point, for any reason, leprechauns arise just might make my heart stop….or drop some of that zigga zigga sounddd like my mans below asked. i've also never heard maximum live & i definitely think thats 1 of your filthiest beats out there haha. i will not be disappointed in the slightest if i dont hear any of these cause everything you play is the SHIT & i know it'll be a facemelting show nonetheless. cant wait to see u on your own coast man!
    p.s. this “letter” came out longer than i thought lol but i hopefully it hasnt been a waste of your time..

    • lesliebooher says:

      hey tomahawk
      if you haven't already
      throw your requests in to the request line on the righthand side of the “Tour” page here on the site
      to assure they are seen and seen at the right time

    • LORIN says:

      thanks so much for your words and your enthusiasm

      PLEASE put your requests in THE REQUEST LINE
      that way i can keep track

      also if u dont hear your request played on a certain night, dont take it eprsonally and dont lose hope…there are many reasons why i may or may not be able to play a certain track on a given night


      • bassTOMAHAWK says:

        request section = GENIUS! didnt even see it before so thanks for pointing it out for my blind ass 🙂 What you play you play man, its all great & i NEVER doubt that you'll put on a slammin show. i wont be upset or take it personally in the slightest if you play my request or not but what i do, however, take very personally is that you're the kind of artist who actually connects to & communicates with his fans and i cant even put in words how much i appreciate that & how much that means to me. thanks for doin what you do man and i CANNOT WAIT for what you have in store for your night 1 tahoe freakz!!!!

    • Ba$$aB says:

      Niiceeee bro! I am from the Philly area, i'll be at the show saturday night. You should rep some Phillies gear while ur at the show.

    • freckles1315 says:

      phiillyyyy loveee!!

  15. Kittychicalways says:

    TICKETS!!?!?! I NEED TWO TICKETS!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!! If anyone is giving any up please call of text me at (775)217-0839
    I would love you forever and ever. and ever.
    please. JUST got the day off JUST now, and SOLD OUT WTF WHY IS EVERYTHING ALWAYS SOLD OUT!!!!!
    Love, Alex (hulio)
    again: 7752170839

  16. Exille says:

    Cant wait to feel that bass!

  17. BaSsAdDiCt775 says:


  18. Jnizzle88 says:

    so stoked for this man, everyone is so pumped to witness you slay tahoe!!

  19. day says:

    just moved to tahoe from tn. lookin for one ticket. 731 571 8193

  20. Popnmoh says:

    lorin gonna smang da tahoe basin!!!! smash-bang fusion!!!

  21. Tahoe Nectar says:

    Keep Tahoe Bassnectar

  22. Drinkdanectar says:

    soooo fuggin stoked

  23. Lauren says:

    does anyone know who is opening for this show? 🙂

    • HarbingerofBass says:

      Friday Night features EL CIRCO DJs SHAWNA & LAURA (both purveyors of eclectic dance music with beat spectrums that span electro glitch hip hop world fusion house and everything in between), and Saturday Night features NEXUS DJs MR PROJECTILE & STRYDAH (both long term Bassnectar collaborators skilled in the science of deeply penetrating emotional sound).

  24. danksta says:


    backpack rehab please and thank you


  25. Oscar says:

    where do I request????

  26. Kirkish41 says:

    Lorin, please play Ready2Rage on one of the nights that you're gracing us in tahoe. we're ready2rage very hard

  27. Jmoe2472 says:

    What up kid. James here from your old school Santa Cruz dayz!!!! SoooOOOooo happy you're playing not one, but TWO nights in Tahoe!!!! Can't wait for you to rip face off……..again;)

  28. Michaelsmall707 says:

    After seeing you in Petaluma, I am so pumped for the Montbleu shows. The all ages aspect of the Phoenix is good and bad in a sense that 60% of the people there were under 18 and all trippin balls on drugs, now that the Montbleu is 18+ the show is gonna be fucking off the hook!

    • Bah, Whatever says:

      As an 'older' Bassnectar fan I'm sick of hearing people dissing the under-18 crowd just because they're finally old enough to get into an under-21 event and want it all to themselves. How would you feel if they didn't do under-21 shows? I'm sure there are plenty of over-21 fans who can't tell the difference between you and the under-18s you show such animosity towards. Shape up or grow up.

      • Lynn says:

        Well, we are over 50 and we are die hard Bassnectar fans! I would hope that no one judges anyone on the dance floor. We are all there for one reason…the music!!! Peace, love, music!!!

  29. AUNECHILD says:

    JUST A LITTLE INSPERATION 🙂 from the NECTAR FAIRY for anyone who is unable to get a ticket to these sold out shows or IF YOU JUST LOVE THE NECTAR AND COMMUNITY FEELING he will be playing WAKARUSA!!!!!!! tickets are only $139 right now!!!! I know a few people who paid more than that just to get in at Redwood Acres on the 2nd, but the price goes up this Saturday! Get 'em now while this allotment lasts! A great deal – over 70 bands!! BASSNECTAR INCLUDED 🙂 can't beat that plus four whole days of frolicking around a festival http://www.wakarusa.com

  30. zac says:

    does anyone know what time Bassnectar actually comes on?

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