02/12/2011 Bassnectar in Lake Tahoe, NV Night 2

November 24th, 2010


Fall Tour
Bassnectar’s 2010 Winter Tour is hitting the West Coast HARD.

This is an All Ages event, held at the Montbleu Casino.

Doors: 8:00 PM


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  • Mischief

    Any clue who the supporting acts will be at both nights in Tahoe? I'm hoping to go both nights, just wondering. Thanks!

    • We're still figuring it out. Will update the event when we have it nailed down 🙂

  • just bought my tickets for both days should be galactic 😀 Dude you need to go way back an play some old stuff for this!! its Tahoe man :D!!! som freak beat for the beatfreaks!!! maybe som mystic groove compllation?!?! or just maybe some wicked twitch of the west?!?! much love an cant wait to see you in tahoe. an oakland was insane that cranberries mix was insane

    • thats the plan

  • WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! 😀 ugghhhh dude so stoked !!!!!

  • alexelizabeth

    This is going to be my fourth Bassnectar show of 2011!!! Thanks for being as magical as you are man! much love from the west coast!! 🙂

  • Alienateshafer

    Ya Caught the show last year! FAZZZIZZLE

  • Fer_martinez_7

    why aren't tickets selling anymore on ticketmaster ? I've been trying to buy 3 tickets for the past 4 days and it's not working. Someone please help me.

    • Dunwody

      Can i suggest calling the montbleu casino and ordering over the phone with their box office. We just found out that you can do this and there is no extra fee.

  • Jacob835

    Lorin, this is gonna be my sixth time seeing you, and every time has been a fucking life changing experience. The one song I have never heard which is definitely one of my tops right now is Heads Up (California Style). Play this song and I'm for sure naming one of my kids after you.

    • you are very freakin psychic my man, i am remixing that one as we speak (err…as i type and render)

  • Tonyraykelly

    im looking for two tickets to the show on the 11th in tahoe please call 707 533 7484 ill buy

  • Ba$$aB

    Yo Lorin, when i saw you down in San Diego you played a track with The Cranberries Zombie mixed into it. That shit was tight as hell and i can't find it anywhere. My buddy comin with has never heard it, so that would be sick. Other than that i really wanna here When I Grow up again, havent heard it since Mezzanine last year..peace

    • bassfiend

      This is a recording I took of it at first bass center.

      • Ba$$aB

        Nice man, I really hope he plays that shit in Tahoe next saturday. Yo Lorin you need to lay that Zombie track down and let us download that shit! I wanna blast it at home!!

        • whch one? the white zombie? or the cranberries/bass head mash “in your head in your bass head”?


          • Ba$$aB

            The Cranberries Zombie mix. If you put that up thanks a million Lorin! See you on saturday bro.

  • wompdewomp


    My friends and I will be at this show and it would mean the world to us if you could play your remix of Run the Heart by Fever Ray. We saw you in Oakland it what had to be the best show ever! Cant wait for you to blow our brains round two 🙂

    • wompdewomp

      I meant When I Grow Up….fail!

    • thanks!
      hit The Request Line
      (yu got about a 50% shot because of the intricacies of how i improvise my sets, but its better than not mentioning it at all….hit it up!!!!)

      • wompdewomp

        I found the song request link! Thanks Lorin and cant wait for this weekend!!

      • rozet

        Lorin, You probly dont remember but I gave you a pair of shades with one lens in San Diego after your show. You played the Seek and Destroy mix. That'd be sick if you could play it in Tahoe. Thx!!

  • looking for 4 tix 2/12 will buy any tix available though contact chris 845 548 2052

  • day

    need one tickt. just moved to tahoe from tennessee. tryna hava good time. 731 571 8193

  • Michaelsmall707

    Cannot wait for this show after seeing you at the Phoenix, 18+ is the way to go, way too many kids under 18 trippin balls in Petaluma, so stoked for Montbleu!

  • Michaelsmall707

    Cannot wait for this show after seeing you at the Phoenix, 18+ is the way to go, way too many kids under 18 trippin balls in Petaluma, so stoked for Montbleu!

  • if ur lookin for tickets go to stubhub.com they ar lik 90 bucks but if u really want to go, go to the website

  • bRainbow

    well I am ready, rainbow suit and all