02/19/2011 Bass Center 2

November 24th, 2010


Fall TourThe second Bass Center will be held in Asheville, NC at the Asheville Civic Center.

This is an All Ages event.

Doors: 7:00 PM

We are excited to welcome to the lineup for this event:

The Glitch Mob
Ana Sia

We don’t want you to fall victim to scalpers or miss out on tickets, so please purchase as soon as you can! These tickets are FLYING so fast they must be cheetahs with wings.


WIN AN EXCLUSIVE MEET & GREET with Bassnectar & The Glitch Mob, learn more here!

Or for info on our Asheville afterparty, click here.

  • Jsolomon823

    Two days, 18 hours at work, and 250 miles until ……………

  • Embasshead

    1 Extra ticket to Bass Center!!! Already going so able to meet at venue, send me a message with details if this applies to your needs!! LORIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Message me if interested: http://www.facebook.com/profil

  • Kridge213

    I need 2 tickets willing to pay 60 for each call me 864-354-6175 or email kridge213@gmail.com

  • Bsmetona

    2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Davidk3

    heard you cant take anything inside? that true?

    • It's a no backpack venue. You will probably have to buy water/fill your bottle once you get inside as well.
      And no bazookas. Please do not bring bazookas.

      • Funkadillic

        Aww.. I had my bazooka pre-loaded with awesome 🙁 I'll have to find a way to leave it at home, since it's usually attached to my body

  • Logan8_w

    2 tickets FOR SALE! Bassheads, 410-829-8644 txt me if interested. Maryalnd

  • yes david… ANYthing 🙂

  • TheGnome

    Lorin, I don't know if you have been following the posts closely or not, but so far I figure that there will be people at Bass Center 2 who are coming from Florida, Vermont, Colorado, Kentucky, Alabama, New Jersey, and all major points local!!!! You are a BASS MAGNET!!!!!!!!! Some sound systems can boast of having powerful enough magnets to zap credit cards, but YOU'RE BASS SYSTEM DRAWS PEOPLE FROM ALL CORNERS OF THE UNITED STATES!!! This is going to be so AWESOME!!

    • lesliebooher

      don't forget about the bassheads from the northeast…massachusetts and rhode island…and us from texassssssssssssss

      • Rcorriga


        • Karaelaine

          Don't forget the midwest. Indiana!

      • Yes thank you leslie! MASSACHUSETTS! But yeah good point Gnome. This isn't just a show….its a gathering. BASS HEADS UNITE! Can't wait to meet all of you

    • felix


    • Bsmetona

      B 4 L T 1 M 0 R E

    • OG Basshead

      SOUTH CAROLINA……HOOP HOOP! ooh yeah and texas leslie. Southern boy all twisted up in the BASS VORTEX! Leave out early. I live on the coast sooo…….well worth the drive to see another BASSNECTAR show! wwwowwee!

  • Bsmetona

    36 hours!

  • danksta


    n gnome u forgot cali (8


  • i need a ticket

  • Adrock

    Musical roadtrip Memphis… Blues. New Orleans.. Jazz Ending in Asheville for some BASS then back to ole VA.. See you soon…

  • Adrock

    Musical roadtrip Memphis… Blues. New Orleans.. Jazz Ending in Asheville for some BASS then back to ole VA.. See you soon…

  • basschronicles


  • guest

    we would love to hear your old stuff mixed with the new tomorrow! underground communication era all the way up baby! we love you + can't wait. Love & Light

    • imma go back way farther than UCO tomorrow night

      • maurerpower

        so butterfly… dubuasca… skin on the drum… just to mention a few 😉

        • Eric

          SO BUTTERFLY!!!! YES!

  • Bearmaceproductions

    The official after party is SOLD OUT!

    there will be NO tickets available at the door. If you do not have a ticket than please do not come to the venue we do not want a ton disappointed people. Thanks..

  • EastTNBasshead

    I should probably be getting some sleep in preparation for the glorious night that awaits, but its somewhat like Santa Claus. A Santa that rides into the neighborhood on a PK Audio sleigh and leaves dirty diapers and bedsheets instead of toys

  • Dylandeemo

    ….its like christmas eve….NO way im sleeping!

  • rbkramer

    to the bassnectar…
    asheville was brewing wildly tonight, there's quite the twitch

    welcome back

  • Gordy_kyle23

    I got 2 tickets I have to get rid of. Any takers?

    • Harri Webb

      yo u still got any extras

    • Maniacaljoker

      yes i'll take them…email: maniacaljoker@live.com

    • Katenewmankn

      Hi. have you sold them yet?

    • KarleebLoom

      I WILL TAKE THEM PLEASE! hsbclub1@yahoo.com

  • Beav

    Lorin- don't know how you handle requests for something like this, but it can't hurt to ask. The first time I saw you was back in '08 at a little fest in Georgia called Echo Project. You played set break for the Disco Biscuits and dropped a remix of Welcome to Jam Rock that literally knocked me on my ass. I spent your whole set laying flat on the ground laughing at the 'ridiculous wobble.' I'd never heard anything like it and it remains to this day one of the defining moments in my repertoire of live music experiences. If there's anyway you could drag that sucker out tonight I'd lose my mind in the best way possible. In any case, I'm beyond stoked. Glad to hear you plan to go back past Underground Communication. Let's get the Laughter Crescendo going!!

    • Beav

      Actually, that was in '07… man, time marches on, relentless as ever…

    • Eric

      oh god if he wants to throw some oldies, Alkher Iffa Doffer. i think it'd be appropriate with the western drums in the song and how Asheville has a “drum circle.” or if Lorin remembers last time he was in Asheville, he performed a remix of his own song “Bursting” and faded it into “When I Grow Up”

      Beav, i respect, like myself, another Bassnectar fan from way back. let's get rowdy tonight!!


    • Artmanpack16

      Can't wait to see what shenanigans will occur. We all know were in for a treat.

    • Ion1

      YES I!!!

      Goin' to get some breakfast at the Early Girl Eatery…then BassCenter DEUCE!!

      Be there or be square

    • LizTron

      Cannot wait!!! Melt our faces and rage all night long!!!!

  • Lnhscam1290

    I have a ticket for sale 7049294860

  • Lnhscam1290

    I have a ticket for sale 7049294860

  • Hickorydaniel@yahoo.com


    Is there any way you could give a birthday shout out to a good friend of mine tonight? It would mean the world to her as she and about 20 of her friends came from Raleigh for the show tonight. Her name is Stefanie and she turns 20 at midnight. I can't wait to see the show tonight, Atlanta was amazing and I'm sure tonight will be as well. I can't explain how much this would mean.but I'm sure people ask you this all the time…

    Keep up the conscious alliance,

    A very appreciative fan

  • Jsolomon823

    You sir, never cease to amaze.

    Thanks for last night.
    see ya next time

  • Eden


    thanks you so much for coming to asheville and rocking our worlds last night. That show was one of the best shows ive seen in a VERY long time. please come back soon!
    sincerely, Eden Reichardt
    p.s. brad and elizabeth say hello!

  • Osbornelee

    AGGRESIVE POSITIVITY!! Bass Center was So Amazing. 5+ hours of total entertainment and good, good vibes. My wife and I(both 39 yrs old) both went and remarked how after 18 years of going to shows together, this was the first time we've ever experienced a crowd cheering and carrying on AFTER the show was over. Asheville was definitely a good choice for this event. Been carrying that youthful, hopeful, positive, creative vibe with me all day. I challenge anyone reading this(especially all those who participated in this event) to get CREATIVE, get moving, and put your own cool thing out into the world to share and care about with others!

    • lesliebooher

      thumbs up

      • Osbornelee

        Right on, right on!

    • In my opinion, Asheville was a horrible choice.. yeah the crowd was awesome, and amazing and so was the set, but that venue was god awful. And Asheville Civic Center was a letdown host

    • would you happen to be the guy whose wife took the picture of you with about 12 natural lady bass heads??

  • rachel

    This was the perfect way to spend my 20th birthday. THANK YOOUUUUUU. 🙂 Sooo happy.

  • lesliebooher

    thumbs up

  • OG Basshead

    Thank you Lorin and all Bassnectar crew for yet another breathtaking show. Well worth the drive, the show was well put together. I was third row from front right, and you literally melted our faces off! Our crew was soaking wet as we left the civic center. Please consider coming to Charleston South Carolina. We have several great venues that could suit your show well. We have the space, and appreciation warrant a visit. Pleeeeease! Thank you again for yet another wonderful evening. see you at BONNAROO!! we love you guys!

    • connor vanderhook

      yo OG im tryin to meet up at BONNAROO add me on facebook its you neighbor from the hotel. Connor Vanderhook

      • OG Basshead

        WORD? Is this the cool dude with the hat/steamroller? I hope so man. if so your whole crew was dope! all those college girls that came with you were cool too. Im glad you found ol' OG! Hit me up, we'll exchange #,s. dtrooke@att.net. If this is you (met alot of peeps and forgot alot of names) you are a strait up dude and hell yeah you can roll Bonnaroo w us! ffffuuukkkiiinnn aaay

      • guest

        can you please take this comment down

  • rexah

    Last night could have been one of the greatest concerts of my life so far… I'm incredibly sore from all the gettin down and couldn't be happier as I bask in the neon glow of fantastic memories. Seeya at 'roo and any time you come near Asheville again!

  • spaceylacey

    when do you sleep? i felt like i was dreaming the whole night. the bassnectar crew did an outstanding job. bravo peoples u rawk! loren.. i only hope that the next gregorian year is filled with ecstatic momentum like this last one. i know you realize the precious gift ur given and i hoped ur bassheads gave you a well deserved night. much love btw this freak was going nuts on the left even if im sick as shit. rain or shine! <3 xoxox ps the full moon was pulling at me and everyone else.

  • OG Basshead

    FUCKING COOL! Clear shot of my ugly mug in the BASS CENTER 2 family photo front row line up! We love you guys. Thanks for all the great shows!

  • omg SPACEYLACEY !!!! find me on facebook!!! i was right beside you for half the nite!!! <3

    • spaceylacey

      love u jamie!

  • tristan

    basscenter 2 was amazing! i was with grover and danced my face off. great show!!!

  • Irishdrunky90211

    Tore that shit up bro we came all the way from chiacgo and it was way more than worth it. When will your new EP be released?? that shit had me in a trance dood absolutely amazing <3

  • tristan

    i miss my mustache… someone spilled drank on it and i had to throw it away/.

  • Guest

    where did the acrobats come from? what company produced this event?

  • someone picked up my FAVORITE jacket @ bass center 2… if anyone can help return it i will reward you SOOO GOOOD! its a brown houndstooth blazer, very simple, 2 pockets and 2 buttons.. think the tag said slugger chic or something, some old clothing company.. will pay/trade for it!! please help, it means a lot to me!! my name is Smiley, reach me at smileystradinpost@yahoo.com

  • Codanksta420

    Well first off i wanna say that this was the best show i have ever been too.. and i hope you top it at bonnaroo. I lost my camera ass soon as Ana Sia started playing and i franticaly searched everywhere i couldnt find it. About half way through ” massive attack” i bumped into the guy who found my camera on the ground and he gave it back to me.. that is beastmode. I just wanna know the chances 1 out of 9000 people. Luckly he was honest enough to give it back to me or else i wouldnt have been able to remeber the show. Thanks you kick ass

  • spaceylacey

    love u jamie!